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Re: Lay Report x 2: And the beat goes on...

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: Lay Report x 2: And the beat goes on...
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, July 7, 2005

On 7/7/05 2:45:00 AM, linguinator wrote:
>My game needs help.
>Double damn.

Oh yeah?

>My guess on the acronym
>"AJGAC": All Japanese Girls
>Act Coy.

Pretty damn close. That one'd be pretty good too.

>And Dimitri, you said, ". . .
>but I refuse to believe that
>there's a woman alive who
>couldn't be charmed and bedded
>and really enjoy being bedded
>by a guy with the right
>attitudes and execution."
>DOOOD, there's a class of
>mean-faced, clipped-haired
>dykes out there in whose veins
>flows triple-distilled hatred
>of men. There are several of
>them where I work, and they
>are just plain fucking
>UNpleasant people to be
>around. Never smile; no sense
>of humor; just a big fucking
>wet blanket on the party that
>is life. I finally figured
>out why these hard-core butch
>dykes loathe us so much: we
>actually have REAL penises,
>which they grudgingly
>recognize as far more useful
>than their IMAGINARY penises.
>It's not just "penis envy;"
>it's "penis ANGER." But don't
>misinterpret what I'm saying
>here. I have nothing against
>a woman liking women
>(especially if she and her
>girlfriend(s) are face-down
>and ass-up on my bed), but a
>woman trying to look like, act
>like and actually BE a man is
>a pretty vomitous spectacle.
>And I don't care for humorless
>assholes regardless of their
>gender or sexual orientation.
>Y'know . . . who does?
>Unfortunately, Dan, they are
>out there.

True. Yuck.

Still could prolly seduce them if you had some sick fantasy for it, though...

>Prepare to be inseminated.
>Resistance is futile.
>BOYDNAR: Bend Over, You DNA

Grandmaster Dimitri, Swashbuckling Pick-Up Artist-The World's Finest

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