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My problem with cocky and funny

mASF post by Gunwitch

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My problem with cocky and funny
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mASF post by "Gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Puts YOU off when guys act cocky!? Try being able to pull more ass, beat the
shit out of, not working 9-5 like a sucker and having cooler clothes than any
guy who acts cocky, then tell me about how annoying they are!

Just kidding sort of.

All seriousness:

1. Do not be paying enough attention to other guys that their behavior is even
capable of annoying you. When out to get laid, focus on your women and your
friends, other men do not exist unless they are trying to get punched.

2. Certain chicks enjoy a cocky and funny, or busting balls style of rapport.
I usually find these to be women who have older brothers who busted on em like

Most chicks though more than about 10 seconds of cocky and funny and they grow
tired of it, unless the guy is so good looking they are willing to tolerate it.

Basically if a chick busts your balls, shit on her back in a fun way, and she
will get a sense of rapport with you, then move on to more productive

3. Don't focus on methods or techniques that you just can't see working for
you. Even if they are good techniques, I don't care if it is my own "sexual and
persistent" brand, if you can not see YOU doing it, then it is not for you.

Move on to something positive and proactive for your game. Don't struggle with
a long overhand right you seen someone get knocked out with once, when you have
short stumpy arms more suited to inside hook shots.

Or like PS said, if you are the great kazoo don't try to act like wanna be
pick up artist frat boys. Work the angles you can already see working, and you
won't feel like you are betraying yourself, and will not project to women that
you are.

The absence of any given technique from your game, is far less important than
a woman not getting the sense you are betraying yourself just for her benefit.

Get laid not just liked!
"make the ho say no"

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