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Field Report: From Russia with Love Part I

mASF post by Outrageous

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Field Report: From Russia with Love Part I
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mASF post by "Outrageous"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, June 6, 2005

June 9th 2005

I’m in Moscow. Overall, gaming girls is so simple and easy. Getting numbers is
like turning on a faucet and letting the water flow from it. It is often
difficult to overcome the language barrier, but once I find a girl who can
speak manageable English, it is pretty much easy stuff. I don’t think you need
much game at all to succeed with women in Moscow.

I have been here about 2 days and I have about 4 left. I know that if I had
more time here, I would easily develop numerous FBs. It is so easy. You take
them to coffee, you go on a walk, you blah blah blah and after a couple of
dates you wrap it up. Two girls number closed me with barely no effort but
“hello I’m from Texas.” And like 2 minutes of fluff. I started chatting up one
two set and one lone wolf, barely managing with their broken English and both
of them venue changed me numerous times.

It is somewhat trying and unsuccessful to try and bust on the girl or tease
them very much. Their weak English skills, provides some difficulty conveying
the funny teasing mindset yet it works at times. The women here are so fine. I
thought Italy had the hottest women in the world, but now I’m not so sure. It
is difficult to walk 10 feet without seeing a stunning beauty. The ratio of
women to men is like 3 to 1, and 20% of those men are drunks. This makes any
normal guy who can stand up and be a man a rare commodity. I think this is even
more powerful for applies for foreigners (and especially Americans?) you have
SUCH higher value in most cases right off the bat. I have gone into sets with
so much high value already built in, that the calibration (and lack of better
Russian/English) pointed to asking and answering completely boring (what do you
do? Where you from? ) questions seems like the way to go.

One set I needed work with, was earlier today, and was one of the girls who
venue changed me. I was walking out of the post office which did not sell the
much wanted phone cards, and I immediately see this pretty blond walking into
the place. I ask her if she knows where I can get a phone card. She immediately
drops what ever she was doing, and walks me back into the post office, asks the
ladies in Russian, and finds what I already knew. Then she takes me from store
to store asking for the same thing. In the meanwhile, we are doing the whole
get to know you thing with the normal boring questions I hate talking about
(but they seem to work here.) We’re holding hands, walking arm and arm, and
playing with light kino. She takes me around for like half an hour just to find
the card, and afterwards we do more get to know you stuff.

After about an hour and a half of flirting and laughing, she says something
like she needs to get going to her house, so I’m like “Ok, lets go.” She kind
of likes this and we are starting to head downwards to the subway. She started
to join me as I took her by the hand and an almost unperceivable smidgen of
hesitation on my part made this great idea fizzle. Anyway, we stopped at the
top of the stairs, I mentioned she seemed worried about something. She said
yeah kind of and how there was nothing much at her house. After a couple
seconds of pacing, she thinks and says something along the lines of

“Now that I think about it, I do have a bottle of champagne at my house.”

I took this as an IOI, but through further persistence we still budged to
nowhere. After a while, I thought I might just be wasting my time. So I decided
that it would be better for me to move onto another set. I told her “it was
nice meeting you….this and that.” And she realized I was actually about to

She stopped me and said she had a better idea, and that is to go get some tea
and food over at this great place she knows about. I figured she wanted to have
sex, but did not have enough comfort or rapport developed, so I was willing to
go with it, but before I did, I made sure to qualify her idea, and told her I
would only go with her if she paid and I could use her cell phone. She agreed.

We’re at the place after ordering, doing some playing around, some kino, but
the hair kino and face stuff doesn’t seem to be flying as well. Anyway, I’m
getting bored, so I call up the Moscovite Pick Up artist I chilled with earlier
and invite him and his FB to join me.

After me and the blond do the meal, and she pays, I dismiss her and tell her
it was nice meeting her. She’s kind of surprised and just sits there for a
minute, then grabs my list of phone numbers and writes hers down. She leaves in
what seems to be a melancholy mood.

I really wanted to try and go as far as I could with this set, but I needed
a more solid plan for following all the way through. I need to find out ways
to better do this up.

More later. Have fun!

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