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direct, indirect, and the first impression

mASF post by TylerDurden

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direct, indirect, and the first impression
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/8/05 4:13:00 PM, Paraiso wrote:
>Come on man you can't compare some chump
>on the street who goes up to your girl
>and is all brave and shit to some guy
>who opens her smoothly. If your girl

That's what I said - you can still make yourself stand out by your vibe. I
agree with you, its fine. A less common opener makes you stand out even five
seconds earlier, but ultimately I don't care what I open with. The point was
that you certainly don't LOSE POINTS for opening by just talking and not
directly hitting on the girl. That is nonsense, and the only guy who would
think that would be a guy who is unable to attract women by just being cool and
shooting the shit.

>that I see approach usually do some
>indirect pussy shit that gets them blown
>out to pluto. Or they try to be witty

Agreed. Like all students of all styles, they are misapplying a good style by
doing things in isolation that are wrong.

>and make jokes or whatever. I rarely
>see any guys open girls directly and
>have good body language to match.
>They're usually so scared that they
>commit all of the body language mistakes
>even a rookie on here wouldn't commit.


>Never seen you in person so I can't tell
>wether you're direct or not. If you're
>the most direct person on here then why
>do you teach indirect? From people that
>I've met that have worked with you they
>tell me that they learn a lot of
>material and they learn indirect.

Most of them get those ideas from ASF. 99% of RSD does not come from ASF, and
if you ask any of them about the "direct/indirect" distinction they will have
no clue what you're talking about, because I have taught all styles for a long
time. It was guys whose businesses rely 100% on ASF for customers who made up
these commercial distinctions to trash talk what they wrongly perceive as being
their competition - they painted this picture of RSD as being routine spitting
indirect machines. Notice RSD is exponentially larger than the size of the
next largest workshop company, but we have very few reviews posted here. We
don't care about this place for business. It is usually the worst customers
from here, because they have inflated expectations and want you to be a dancing
monkey and ask all these dumb irrelevant questions about "What is direct and
indirect?" I'd be indifferent if I never got another customer from the
chatboard part of this website.

How often do I ever make posts like "Spit routines and be indirect." How often
do you ever read ME writing it? Does my ebook have any of these things in it?
No. There have been points where I experimented with it, and as always I
tended to get good results and was excited. But certainly my 2000+ post
archive is not focused on this anymore than the other piles of things that I've
field tested.

>If I had commercial interests in
>seduction then that would be a challenge
>I would accept. I don't sell anything
>and don't teach anything so what would I
>get out of hooking up with you and going

To put it bluntly, you would get an idea of where you stand in relation to a
guy who has dedicated 365 days a year of three straight years to picking up

>Why are you so sure of yourself? I
>don't give a crap what other people have
>said about you wether good or bad so I
>won't judge you, but you make it sound
>as if you're the best pick up artist in
>the world and no one comes even close to

That is probably true - there are few people in the community who match my
skillset level or the number of hot girls that I've bedded and been in
relationships with in the last few years. The ones who are up there I am good
friends with - most don't post here and are on the Lounge. However, I often
try not to talk bring this into the debates too frequently because "Umm, dude,
I'm way better than you, why are you trying to act otherwise?" is not really a
fair debate. Just because I am more skilled does not mean my style is better -
it could just be that other aspects of my game are better and my style is not
what's getting me the girls. So I'm willing to talk fairly and evenly with
guys who theoretically are just as good despite that empirically would not be
able to hold a girls' attention in the same room as me. Generally I try not to
talk about this because my game is hit-or-miss and I have off and on nights,
which generates resentment from guys who meet me on a less than stellar night.
It also turns me into a dancing monkey, where guys meet me not wanting to
learn, but wanting to see a show that may or may not happen that night. This
is why you read reviews with "TD has superpowers" and others that are like "TD
was OK but not all that." I don't think anyone though, who hung with me for
three days, thinks anything other than extremely positive.

>you. This shit is not so hard after all
>but you seem to take it so seriously.
>Get over yourself dude. People come on
>here to discuss PU and give their
>opinions so chill the fuck out.

If you interpreted what I wrote as not being chilled out, that is because you
had an emotional reaction to it. Go back and re-read it. Consider reading not
to re-confirm your current beliefs but to challenge them. If you read about
something from someone who is known as meeting with people in real life, and it
does not match your experience, test what they have to say. I have tested the
shit out of direct method, can use it phenomenally well, and know the strong
and weak points of it. Can you say the same?

It sounds to me like you're a guy who is getting laid and getting generally
good results. Perhaps you bring these things up because you are genuinely
curious about this other style of game that sounds kind of weird. Like, "These
guys think they're all that. But are they really?" Many guys on ASF have done
this, and it is usually the ones who are pretty good in field. Some of them
wind up too curious and take workshops, and they wind up loving it more than
anyone because they are good and therefore can appreciate all the subtleties
that I've spent years building into my game, and what a difference they make.
Some of them though were stubborn, and even though I taught them so many useful
subtleties about alphaness and frame control and group dynamics and social
nuances, they still say "Well I don't like opinion openers (one of many openers
I threw out there, including direct), so I don't like this whole program."
That is often because they perceive taking on a student frame as being
out-alpha'ed and need to keep their frame to stay internally at ease.

I think its important to recognize that getting laid is not all that hard, but
that at the same time there is always more that you can learn about it and ways
to improve your results. If guys who had done what I did weren't getting good
results, that wouldn't be a reason to feel all happy that you didn't miss out.
That would be a disappointment, because it would imply an ceiling on your
potential results if you were to invest the same kind of dedication. Why
dedicate yourself to something? Why play hockey? Why surf? Why do anything?
Because its a hobby and its fucking fun. No other reason.

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