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mASF post by Jestor

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mASF post by "Jestor"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

Terrific post PS!

On 6/22/05 2:34:00 PM, PlayerSupreme wrote:

>In this life we pay a price
>for everything! By sitting at
>home when you could have been
>out meeting new and exciting
>people or women you pay the
>price of loneliness and
>By not stepping over and
>opening a girl whom you find
>attractive you pay a deep
>emotional pain of feeling like
>a loser. Every time you walk
>away when you know you should
>of opened a girl you further
>anchor the idea of being a
>loser into your subconscious

Also, there must be intent there too. There's a dumbass mindset that thinking,
strategizing, WANTING, EXERCISING INTENT won't get you any. The dumbass
reasoning is that strategizing, wanting, and intent is a form of neediness
which girls will mystically detect and reject you based on that. Such bullshit
must not be allowed to fill our minds. Hence, all the indirect crap,
disguising our intents, the "stop-trying" mantra, putting on masks, even over
our own inner desires, just to FOOL the cosmos into giving us what we want.
Like somehow women are the ONLY objects in the universe that respond positively

Fuck that. Who says the only way to fuck chicks is by not trying?? That's
stupid AFC 1-D thinking. An object of your focus becomes the object of your
success. I fuck chicks by trying, by going in with INTENT, thinking a few
moves ahead, applying wisdom etc...seems lack of wisdom is the real problem
here folks...most here haven't been in more than a handful of pussy, and with
those few numbers any theory makes sense if you want it to.

>When you could of taken the
>risk and walked over and now
>be enjoying her company right

Exactly! Taking the risk. Acknowledging that you are AFFECTING A CHANGE BY
TAKING ACTION. That's how you achieve anything in this world.

>To get women you have to be
>willing to pay the price.
>Sitting there doing nothing
>your already paying a hefty
>price. Compare the price of
>having to wack off, being
>alone yet once again, the
>continual abuse on your self
>esteem versus the risk of
>walking over and holding a
>conversation with a pretty

Rejection is an artificial concept created by the FEMININE MIND, to avoid
losing your value, maintaining social status. All this things are RISKED by
making a move on a girl but without those things all you have is a date with
the Palm Sisters.

>To get good at getting women
>you have to pay your dues.
>Does that mean practice,
>practice, practice? NO! It
>means do, do, DO!

Yep! Don't eject. Persist. Don't care what she is thinking. Stick it out.

>You don’t approach the game
>half assed or half heartedly
>with the excuse that you were
>only practicing. Hell NO!
>Each attempt should be given
>100% of your Pick Up Artists
>I hate reading those lame cop
>out posts where the lamer says
>he was not feeling well or
>feeling down and was only out
>for kicks and practice, but
>not really trying. Two words.
>How dare those lamers post
>bull shit like that! Loser
>shit only creates more of the
>same. Doubt me then go to
> for proof.
>Pay your dues or should I say
>pay your “do’s”, by doing!
>Do read constantly on
>techniques and such.
>Do work on your inner game» and
>self esteem at all times.
>Do take this game serious as a
>heart attack.
>Do date lots of women because:

Take the game SERIOUSLY. That is how you succeed at anything. Forget the NLP
cosmic voodoo shite that to succeed with women you need to project the aura of
not trying. BALLS and SUCCEEDING is all about TRYING and not PAIN AVOIDANCE.

"So what you don't want to fuck me! Do you have any idea how many chicks have
pussies and mouths??" - MrSex4uNYC

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