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Re: Recommend an ebook for a RAFC

mASF post by Brujito

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Re: Recommend an ebook for a RAFC
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mASF post by "Brujito"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

In article <[email protected]>, Maxx wrote:

> On 4/7/05 9:33:41 PM, Brujito wrote:
> Wow...good reply (although clearly not to my post, lol). Good summary.
I read this through a newsreader. The original post was lost to history.

So I guess the reply was to the subject heading.

There's a VERY interesting disccussion about this subject going on
> >In article
> ><[email protected]
> >>, RED5 wrote:
> >
> >> Hi Bro,
> >>
> >> Swinggcats Guide to real world
> >Seduction
> >> By Swinggcat
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> This is the best most concise
> >e-book I have read.
> >
> >You know, people treat this like we're
> >all the same and approaching it
> >from the same spaces. I think all the
> >answers are complete bullshit
> >unless you tell us where you are in your
> >inner game».
> >
> >If you have a lot of female friends but
> >aren't getting laid puts you in
> >a different place than a guy that has no
> >female friends.
> >
> >If you're short, old, 200 lbs and your
> >face looks like its been hit with
> >a bag of nickels it puts you in another
> >place.
> >
> >If you're good young, good looking, have
> >a job, and just want more
> >control about how you pull and the
> >quality of women you pull you need
> >something else.
> >
> >Swingcat's book is mental masturbation
> >**IF** you don't have your inner
> >game issues handled. But great advanced
> >T&T if they are handled.
> >
> >Without Embarrassment» is pretty damn
> >good to get started dealing with
> >inner game» issues. Not so useful for T &
> >T.
> >
> >GWM seems great if you can get the dates
> >but can't seem to close. If you
> >always end up LJBF'ed it's fucking
> >enlightening.
> >
> >DYD is great for modeling attractive
> >behaviors. I learned a lot from his
> >frame.
> >
> >SS materials are good for inner game»,
> >useful behaviors, and general
> >tactics and techniques.
> >
> >There's no magic bullet». It's all a
> >process. You have to start
> >somewhere and apply it to figure out
> >what you need to know. (And how
> >much you need to know.
> >
> >And then there are the archives.
> >TokykoPUA 1 Hour lay was bolt of
> >lightning enlightening for me when I was
> >Super Extreme AFC.
> >
> >I had to hit bottom before I would
> >listen to any of this shit though.
> >Really bottom. The scary dark abyss of
> >the bottom.
> "I'd rather have no chick at all than supplicate to one"

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