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Field Report: Ruby Skye rambling

mASF post by Organic

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Field Report: Ruby Skye rambling
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mASF post by "Organic"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2005

I went to Ruby Skye last night. Mark Farina was spinning.
There were definitely hot women there!

I watched some naturals game girls. They weren't great, but they had
interesting game. Mostly they were just hitting on every girl there. But,
they were having success. They were big jock looking types.
I watched one of them open a set and then I went in to debrief the girls after.
This is what he did:
Dude: (big smiling grin) "Hey, why don't you come dance?"
HB: "No, I'm not dancing right now."
Dude: "c'mon, let's go."
HB: "Nah... no thanks."
Dude: "Ok, well let me tell you... there's no guy out here that can give you as
much pleasure as me.... ... just think about that." Then, he walked off.

It was funny to watch, and no doubt a numbers game. I'm sure that guy gets
laid though.

Then, I was talking to girls, but I got frustrated because the super hot SHB's
don't yet open for me.

I opened a girl standing next to the speaker. She didn't even hear my opener,
she just put her hand in my face and quickly walked away. lol...

I opened a 2 set on the dance floor with "hey, there you are." That threw them
off, and opened them well, but I didn't follow up because I thought maybe they
weren't attracted (duh... should've kept gaming, persisting..) Later, they
were dancing with 2 guys. And later, they had a different 2 guys. One of
those 4 guys actually was doing very well. He was mostly just a laid back good
looking guy. He was non-needy, but it didn't look like he was owning the frame
either. She was leading them on the dancefloor, etc...

So, a bunch of sets with mediocre girls went ok. They always are friendly with
me, and sometimes quite attracted to me. And with SHB's they are sometimes
friendly and not yet attracted to me.

It's great, because I have no idea what I'm doing now. I'm like a little child
out there. Like a 1-year old pua looking to suck on some teets.

But, I see myself in the future, and I know where I'm headed.

Last night there must have been 100 guys just standing around, holding a beer,
and doing nothing. The chumps - seriously - why do they even leave home at

Then, there's the guys who are wandering around hitting on chicks with really
bad game. I feel like I'm at the top eschelon of that category. I'm the best
of the bad game. lol...
Some guys are realllly bad, I watch them leaning in, following girls around...
needy dudes. I basically figure I just need to be the opposite of them.

Then, there's the good looking guys, who just wait for AI's or for girls to
open them. They seem to be the one's getting the most action.

I don't really ever see real pick-up artists-I thought I saw one Thursday
night. He was all peacocked (furry hat, tight clothes) And, he was surrounded
by super hot girls. But, looking closer, I realized he was flaming gay. He
was probably their hairdresser.

So, most guys seem to use their looks. And, so far, I think that's really the
foundation of my own game.

The girls I hook up with seem to be attracted within the 2 minutes of me
talking to them. Which makes me think that I don't really have any game at
all. My C&F, banter, playfulness... it helps keep the vibe going, but I don't
see it generating attraction yet.
It's like banter is really just about not fucking it up... knowing how to
flirt. But, it seems to only work if the girl allready wants to flirt with me.

Once, I got a girl who didn't give me any IOI's right away. I was actually
gaming her friend, and after about 10 or 15 minutes, she started to send IOI's.
I was surprised. Somehow, she all of a sudden thought 'this guy is pretty
sexy, I want to fuck him.' It was all over after that. I'm not sure how that
worked, but it was definitely something to learn from.

So, someday in the future, I'm going to be like the #1 player at these clubs.
I'm going to be the guy who actually has game. It's going to be pretty fucking

I can see it so clearly. It's just a matter of time to keep going out and
figure out how it's done. I'm going to figure out how to pick up super hot
babes... And, they will be so lucky. I'm such a fucking cool person that once
I learn how to get girls they will be so stoked that they found me. It's
really a win-win situation.

I think maybe for now, I just need to keep building up a stable of 7's until
I'm so over-sexed that I only have time for 8's. Then, 9's, etc... keep

I love myself

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