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Re: You needy piece of shit! Read this!

mASF post by zarathustra_fi

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Re: You needy piece of shit! Read this!
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mASF post by "zarathustra_fi"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2005

On 1/17/05 7:33:00 PM, TheRoyalFlush wrote:

>I don’t get it. The more I
>read the more confused I am
>getting at the whole
>"neediness" thing. If
>neediness is so bad, then
>basically anything can be
>perceived at being needy, this
>goes for even approaching the
>chick in the first place,

Yes. Zero neediness would be if chicks would approach guys to get fucked. In a
way women succeeded in history in raising like that their value. There are for
sure also biological factors connected with it. For example I am quite sure
that male testosterone is one of the causes which put men to put their own
value down. In a way by being passive chicks succeed in raising their value.

A man can´t be totally passive and go on being a man. So it is also about
biology.. On the other hand it is also true that at the time of Caesar or
Gengis Khan men did not ask too much for permission..

It is about the Yin and the Yang.

As a PUA you can turn that around with the use of active disinterest and LET
HER SHOW YOU WHICH KIND OF WOMAN SHE IS (Thanks Ross ! I just love this phrase
which is the revers of APPROACHING) in a total non needy way.

A hot babe that gets
>approached by a guy is still
>(no matter how cocky and funny
>he is) going to take it as
>him trying to approach her.

Because of the large amount of testosterone filled AFCs who are lowering their
value. Yes.

>There has to be something I am
>missing here. Obviously its
>not waiting for the girl to
>approach you, because that
>would ruin so many great
>opportunities. So what is it
>then? IMO all pick up artists
>are needy in some degree
>because we all want to get
>laid, so how do you PUA’s get
>around this, what’s the frame?

No they are not needy because they are able to reframe the interaction so to
make her horny and put her to ask for dick.. I mean successful Seduction = she
asks for it, she comes to show us which kind of woman she is.

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