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Various thoughts on PU, Happiness, Exclusivity.

mASF post by juggler

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Various thoughts on PU, Happiness, Exclusivity.
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mASF post by "juggler"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2004

Yeah it can be a little depressing and humbling
to know that your girlfriend or wife is not locked in.

I have seduced wives. In a weird way I relate to the
husbands. I'm a little insecure myself. What often
drives men to become pick up artists is insecurity.
They seek to fill the void by sheer skill at filling
it with new people. In my experience this does not
fix the root cause. There is no fix. Maybe your mother
did not give you enough attention. Maybe I was left alone
too much as a baby. What ever the reason it is too
deeply ingrained that it will never leave no matter
if you have the biggest harem in Salt Lake city.

But I think that it is not a bad thing. A little need
and insecurity can help you relate to others. It is
the vulnerabilities that make you an interesting person.

And just keep in mind that what makes
a great relationship is freedom - you get to decide every day to
recommit to each other. I don't think we would
ever want to exchange freedom for security.

Will a woman always cheat if given the right situation and
the assurance that no one would find out? I don't know.
Will you? What would keep you faithful?
Maybe if you find out what would keep you faithful you would
have a window into what may keep your woman faithful as well.

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