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To become a PUA you must become a man first

mASF post by Intuit

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To become a PUA you must become a man first
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mASF post by "Intuit"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

On 8/30/04 4:46:00 AM, whatsupnow6 wrote:
>Dude, you'll become a "man"
>really fast by going out and
>doing 50 quality sets per
>week. You grow up really fast
>whenever girls tell you they
>hate you, go away, back turns,
>flakes, cheating, etc.
>You can't think about becoming
>a man, you become a man by
>taking massive action toward
>becoming a PUA. Try it out,
>and let me know.

While I agree ALOT of guys have become great pick up artists ( natural or via
method ) before becoming a self reliant, responsible man, I think this is the
exception, not the rule.

Get out in the real world. Take some risks...Apply for that job in NYC or LA
that you want...Tell that guy who keeps giving you shit despite all your
benevolent actions, to fuck himself. Tell your parents, that despite the fact
you love them dearly they can no longer tell you what to do. Tell your ex
girlfriend who still thinks she can affect you emotionally to go to hell,
etc...( and yes I relate to these things )...Move out of your parent's damn
house if there is no good reason for you to be there....Walk tall and proud and
take your birthright ( which belongs to every man living in the free world who
has not relinquished it willingly ). Simply that you have the potential to
become anything you want. PUA, CEO, President, maybe just community leader...(
wow, strange ordering, eh? ) are a man who has the potential to
lead. Never forget this.


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