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Mental masturbation and a couple of other SPs

mASF post by Arcane

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Mental masturbation and a couple of other SPs
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mASF post by "Arcane"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

>1) I've been in the field
>SOME, as I said. I need to
>motivate and get out there
>more, 'cause that's where it
>happens. Part of the problem
>is I have a LTR who fucks my
>brains out so regularly I
>rarely even feel the need to
>whack off. She's great fun,
>but keeps my libido down,
>killing my motivation to seek
>the variety I really want. But
>I'm out enough I could be
>approaching and I'm not. Which
>leads me to...

A)You should NOT be rubbing the rooster anyway. I swear to god masturbating is
the worst thing a man can do for his sex life. I'm going to create an entire
fucking post on this soon, but trust me on this. Don't do it! Remember, he who
hesitates masturbates AND THE OH SO IMPORTANT CONVERSE, he who masturbates

B)If you view having sex with this girl as so much of a problem, MAN UP and fix
it. It would probably serve you best not to severe all connections with this
girl just become 'busy' and withdraw from her. Excluding the circumstance of
death and/or penile removal, DO NOT TELL HER the real reason of 'being busy'.

C)Look at the positive in a LTR, you get to practice sex. It boggles the hell
out of my mind to see aspiring Pick-Up Artists-have sex solely for themselves.
Sex is as a HUGE, nay ENORMOUS part of PU. It all comes down to sex in the end
anyway. Which is why knowing you've got the skillset in the bedroom to part the
heavens and make angels sing is SO important. If you know it, you'll vibe it.

>2) I still have opening
>problems. Not approaching, or
>delivering an opener, or
>maintaining convo afterward,
>but pulling off all 3
>together. I think the problem
>is I think too much about
>doing these things each time
>and stall out. My best sets
>run when someone else in my
>group opens. Then I have
>little trouble taking control
>of the set, getting
>attraction, leading the girls
>around, whatever. So opening -
>got to practice practice
>practice. See #1.

Not trying is the #1 reason for failure. And fear of failure is what leads to
not trying. First you have to realize it's not failure, it's just an different
outcome than you had tried for. So change what you're doing until it works. I
was reading in a book last night how Thomas Edison had failed 9,999 at creating
the lightbulb and when asked about his failure he replied, i haven't had
failure, i've just found 9,999 ways NOT to invent the lightbulb. Cool huh?

Keep trying shit, mentally recording what's working and what's not. Eventually
you'll get there. But you gotta KEEP TRYING or the only thing you'll strengthen
is your ability to talk yourself out of things you want.

>3) Mental masturbation. It
>happens, unintentionally. It's
>one thing to analyze a past
>situation and think about what
>I might have done differently
>it's another to confabulate
>that future. If I had done
>this, she would have said
>this, then I... NO. Who knows
>what she would have said.
>Mental masturbation is
>pointless. So a question:
>since it's something that
>usually happens when i am
>trying to fall asleep and my
>mind is wandering, it's hard
>to control. Any ideas on
>countering this?

A)What the fuck is CONFABULATE. I actually had to look that shit up. Maybe
that's the reason you're having problems. Do you use words like CONFABULATE
when you're trying to woe your women? Just Kidding. HMMMM. Oh, and you mis-used
the word too. Ha.

B)ANYWAY. From what you wrote, it seems you're focusing on what REALLY WOULD
have happened. I got news for ya homey, no one can really know what will
happen. Omnipotence (there's a big word for ya!) vs the Tiny Human brain that
can be aware of 7 things at once. Damn. You can't never going to know what she
says until she says it, so all you're really doing is reinforcing your

Instead, perhaps try focusing on what COULD happen. You can run the scenario
many different times with different outcomes. Hear her saying different words.
Imagine her wearing a cabbage costume with pink tentacles coming out of her
titties. HAVE FUN WITH IT.

***The IMPORTANCE behind NLP visualization is that you condition POSITIVE
EMOTIONS with your fantasies. The point is not to figure out what would REALLY
happen (because that is impossible)***

Shit man, this is YOUR FANTASY. Stop conditioning your doubt and start
imagining FUN scenarios with positive emotions and results you want.

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