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BB vs TD-technique Outing Report attitude?

mASF post by The_One

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BB vs TD-technique Outing Report attitude?
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mASF post by "The_One"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2004

I have no intention to enter into any flame wars on a pick-up board-I simply
don’t have the time or patience.

Thus, my serious reply is this: The underlying principles of attraction in all
the techniques is the same. Mystery Method, RSD, Badboy, Swinggcat’s book, and
David D’s DYD.
In the workshops, we break things down to minute details and cover all bases.

Of the top of my head: The underlying principles are FRAME CONTROL, having a
strong reality, body language, vocal projection, STORY TELLING, and an
interesting persona.
Regardless of how you approach, direct or indirect, what are you going to do 3
minutes into the interaction?
What will you say?
How will you convey personality and higher value?

You still need to be interesting. Part of this is done through story telling.
You still need to have a strong frame, not take her shit, and not jump through
her hoops. Rather, qualify her and make her jump through your hoops.

Mystery has his 9 steps. The Main 3 are:

Attraction >>>>> Comfort&Trust >>>>> Seduce

This is pretty much the model all workshops (RSD, BB, MM) teach.
Regardless of how you open, to play Solid Game, you still need attraction and
then comfort and trust (previously labeled “Rapport”).

If you are complete beginner, instead of getting lost on direct or indirect, go
in the field and work on getting attraction. Get the attraction, switch gears
into rapport [comfort] and escalate.

That’s my 2 cents without calling anyone names.

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