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PLEASE help me get started

mASF post by ankh-f-n-khonsu

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PLEASE help me get started
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mASF post by "ankh-f-n-khonsu"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

On 7/26/05 2:38:00 AM, Pretty Toney wrote:
>What up PUA's,
>I've always been one to
>generate some intrest in

you too, eh?

but it's
>either with the wrong
>ones(girls who i am completely
>around because I don't have an
>interest in them or see myself
>as a
>higher status, for whatever

when you learn to get more social, you learn to wade through this

or I always fucked it
>somewhere along the line with
>a girl I actully like.

you don't fuck it up
you're just stuck too much in your head

you can change, just like throwing a switch
and girls can change their opinion of you, like the manic things they are

>than that,
>i've had little relationships
>here and there..


little hook
>ups or
>weekend fling type things with
>girls, but never really a
>girlfriend....not quite a
>player to say the least.

this net thing is anonymous
you can say what you really want to admit and get away with it more than if
your to deal with people direct

anyway, we get you..

>At the begining of the summer
>I found this site and tried
>applying it
>the best to my limited
>understanding on a girl
> actully
>worked!! Atleast to the extent
>of me generating an obvious
>in her, even though she had a
>b/f at home.

Then how did it work? did "this site" reinforce to you how girls are not dying
to fuck wallflowers?

you could have worked that much out on your own, dude

Unfortantly, I
>getting limited access to the
>computer so I have stayed away
>here since then.

good job.

no, great job!

you're off to a good start then.

just get out there.

just come back if you need to know where her clit is or something like that.

>But in a month or so I go to
>college. I definatly believe
>that I need to
>get off to a good start there
>to successfully reframe my

know thy self is all you need

>just easier to be outgoing
>around people who expect that
>from you
>rather than from people who
>expect you to be quite and

yes. taking initiative is what really separates guys.

>am fucking determined in that
>time to reframe my mind and be
>much more comfortable talking
>and meeting random girls and
>to talking to people in

as much as being about what's in your head
also make it about momentum
you need momentum to initiate action

At some times I am
>very friendly
>and sociable.

no, you are evil.

Admit it...

.but it just
>seems that lately I've been in
>a little bit of a

no momentum

and I will bust out of
>it once and for all.
>I've read most of the players
>guide and some articles at
>begining of the summer.

that just makes things worse

try for momentum

>Should I re-read that

no! you should rather go fuck a goat

an ugly goat

>where should i focus my


on tao

>Also, should I try to


do these things?

autopilot is best, if you wanna fuck a girl, and learn how to attract a girl to
get her to fuck you

getting logical and all reasonable is for if you forget where her clit is, and
need to do some homework

>Last time I think I
>was working off of the general
>attitude I was vibing off of
>here. And
>lastly I read another webpages
>that someone linked up on here
>about general attitude,which i
>cant find anymore. If someone
>knows what i am talking about
>could you put another link up


it was about overall
>attitude and said that this
>site shows you
>lots of ways to pick up girls,
>while this other site was
>vague to
>actual techniques but showed
>more of the attitude to use.


>It made
>some bruce lee comparison if
>that helps.

tao of jeet kune do..


>Sorry for all the questions,

you should be

stop thinking so much

>I'm just anxious to get

starting to get anxious is not a good way to go, then

I'll be
>around quite a bit for the
>rest of the summer.

See? I told you you were evil

now go away

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