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mASF post by enigma_crux

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AFC Mindfuck And Circles...
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mASF post by "enigma_crux"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2005

The most fascinating thing happened to me less than half and hour ago. I was
out with some old friends that I ran into at Prospect Park during Palmieri’s
show. I was supposed to met there with my lesbian friend Jennifer and pick some
girls up. But due to bad schedule or the fact that she flaked on me, we didn’t
get to me… So I was flying solo which was totally fine with me and opening sets
here and there… Well, I run into my old friend and decided to chill with them.
Power in the numbers and that type of shit… All these guys do is look at girls
and in the typical Latino man stance they utter a few words under their breath
and don’t do shit… But the most interesting part comes now. On our way back
home from the show I was talking to this metal kid in the subway about metal
bands… He gets off and in comes a 2set with Russian/Ukranian girls. One of my
friends dares me to have a quality conversation with the 2set just like I did
with the previous kid. And without hesitation I open the set with some
situational opener. I showed them my friends and told them that they thought
they were attractive, but didn’t have the balls to approach them… It was all
fun… We started a conversation, I did some kino, run a few routines and I am
leaning back the whole time… From the best friends routine, I asked the girls
where they were coming from and they said home. So I busted on them for that….
“What are you running away from home and eloping?” And transitioned into a
bisexual routine of mine. It looks like that triggered something in one of the
girls and she was antagonistic from them on. I then asked her if she was
Russian or Ukranian and she simply stood up and sat on another seat thinking
that her friend would follow her. But she didn’t and kept talking to me, until
she sort of realized that her friend didn’t like that…Their stop comes and I
say goodbye to the girls and the one that moved tells me that she hopes she
never sees me ever again in her life and my friends just started laughing… At
least that is what they said… And I didn’t know even hear it… IT WAS AMAZING!!!
Some of the people in the subway were looking at me funny too according to
them, but I didn’t see that either… My mind was just focused on opportunities
and thinking what happened to that girl earlier that she was in such a shitty
mood… We talked for the rest of the trip about that and I tried to introduce
them to some 101’s about the community and NLP. It was like I was talking to
the wall… They said over and over that the girl rejected me, and that is was a
rejection and that they don’t want to approach because they don’t want to have
a girl tell me that she doesn’t want to see them again, and that I am violating
society’s rules… It was all very interesting to me… I did a very good job
presenting the NLP and mentality I now use, and how I perceive the world and
those around me. Erase that… I did an EXCELLENT job… But it just went in one
ear and out of the other… They found lame excuses to keep arguing about nothing
of substance. Just be very fucking thankful that you are a member of this
beloved community of ours and that you do understand… enigma_crux…

Name: Andy Rodriguez
Nicknames: enigma_crux, Enigma???, enigmatic_id, little peacock joe, Sleazy
Nick, camouflaged jimmy, A1010195, Dying New Yorker
Email: eni***d@ho***.com[ ? ], aar***8@co***.edu[ ? ], eni***x@ho***.com[ ? ]
AOL Instant Messenger: Sleazy Nick, A1010195, Dying New Yorker

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