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Re: the most common routine in the world

mASF post by rp_5150

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Re: the most common routine in the world
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mASF post by "rp_5150"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/26/05 1:09:00 AM, r-engineer wrote:
>Start by taking out all
>references to the work that I
>went there for,

When this question comes up ("why were you there?" / "what
gave you the idea to go?" I have responded with

"I went there to XYZ of course"
where XYZ is: to girls
..flirt with girls
..pick up girls new people wierd food

whichever is most appropriate at the time.

Its interesting because... on a cold approach..
the ones involving "flirt with girls" is describing
exactly what I'm doing at the moment to them. :-)
This has actually got the best reactions I think.

Though, I've followed this up with the real reason I
went & embellished this with descriptive language.
Seems to hit both bases at once whereas the smartass
comment doesnt provide an opportunity to deepen the convo.

-- robert1

gamingirl: I usually think most guys are AFC till proven otherwise.

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