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Franco - follow up

mASF post by rcoombs

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Franco - follow up
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mASF post by "rcoombs"
posted on: alt.seduction.relationships, June 6, 2005

this shit is depressing. she obviously feels like she has the upper hand here
and using your poor baby as a tool because she is the proper mother to a
bastard child. if it wasn't for the child you would have next'd her a long
time ago. i cannot believe she has the nerve to be showing your own mother
pics of you, that is such disrespect.

franco has a great angle for you concerning the baby. as for her, she is using
jealously to fall out of love with you because your not acting like the prize
anymore. first thing is get that mentality back. also, stop worrying about
the things she is doing herself, only worry about yourself and what you want in
context to the relationship. this will help you become the prize again.

you say that she is your "ex". you are not demonstrating in your posts that
she is an ex, you demonstrate that she is the one you are still in love with
and in pain because she isn't properly recripricating that love. if you want
her back, like franco is saying, do it on YOUR TERMS.

once again, stop worrying about what she feels. Your a good man with a good
heart, you known how to pick up girls since a young age. You can't force the
attraction back, but since she is your "ex" you need to not worry about what
she is doing with other guys, this will lower value! let her go with the ex,
but when you communicate, sub communicate that your getting great sex with
other girls!

go visit the baby after she moves, pay less attention to her, tell her when she
asks that its because you think that attraction level has been diminished
slightly because of how she's been behaving. when she tries to escalate, which
she no doubt will, tell her that she does look cute today and then end the
conversation. girls want closure, DON'T GIVE IT TO HER!

i could go on, but i think you get my point. i'm just suggestion a slight
variation to just franco's pov.


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