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The seed of evil

mASF post by ox

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The seed of evil
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mASF post by "ox"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/9/05 2:28:00 PM, vamsi wrote:
>On 6/9/05 8:25:00 AM, ox wrote:
>>On 6/9/05 6:06:00 AM, vamsi wrote:
>>fuck man. i would be hell to pu in
>>india. i used to know a couple of indian
>>guys. some were really open to the
>>girls, others were like very respectful
>>to the sex issue...but CAn you actually
>>pick up girls in india or is it
>>considered like "low status" or
>>see you
>Hey man, been outta the country for a
>while. So, take
>this with a pinch of salt.
>Yes, you can pu girls in india just as
>the question being at what cost/effort?
>No idea what you mean by low status or
>its opposite
>high status. All i can say is: Meeting
>and hanging
>out with the opposite sex is not
>encouraged, leave
>alone pu'ing :-D.
>Actually i am surprised that there arent
>many lay
>reports from india(asia) ?
>Then maybe we can get an idea whats the
>scenario out there.
totally agree. i mean like "low status" like when people would look down on you
for even attempting pu, like you are a pervert or you are violating the secret
codes of naturals would look down on pu artists because most of
the time naturals get approached and they dont do cold approaches...and we do.
like "that guy is trying to pull ass" what a loser...ha, fuck the naturals...
that´s what i say...
see you

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