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mASF post by Rodrigo

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Verbal Jousting -> Good Outing Report Bad ....
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mASF post by "Rodrigo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, June 6, 2005

On 6/6/05 9:27:00 AM, LowRider69 wrote:
>My buddy loves to "amog" or
>engage in verbal jousting
>matches when we're around
>He always tries to get the
>upper hand by subtle disses
>and small amogs which work
>VERY well because he does it
>in a light way.
>What im wondering here, is it
>HEALTHY to have these "alpha"
>verbal jousts?
>I find it annoying but my
>friend is a natural so he
>doesn't realize I know what
>he's doing.

Hey man, if you feel he's getting in your way of hooking up with girls, WHY THE

Think about it logically, if this kind of attitude picks up when you're around
girls, HE'S OBVIOUSLY PUNKING YOU to make himself look better and you look like
his little punk. Yeah girls find it funny for sure... but they ain't laughing
with you when he punks you, they're laughing at you.

A wingman is a teammate. You bring each other UP not DOWN. In fact, if you're
talking to girls he should only be talking about you in a positive light. If
not, then the guy is an enemy.

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