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The ASF Routine

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The ASF Routine
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mASF post by "Design"
posted on: mASF forum: Tactics / Techniques Discussion, May 5, 2005

"So my parents thought they caught my brother looking at porn on the Internet.
They were looking through his web history and saw this sight called 'seduction'
something. But it turns out this is actually a chat board where guys study how
to pick up girls. I'm serious!

"Like, okay, tell me if this would work on you. Evidently, this board says
that rather than go up to a girl and say hi, you should ask her whether she
thinks David Bowie is hot."


You can take it from there. Start talking about ASF kino principles and
demonstrate these on the girl. Etc.

You can use this frame to set up role playing scenerios, to start talking about
social dynamics, to start talking about sex, etc. But the best part, IMO, is
that as she sits there saying she would never fall for that ASF shit, she is
falling for that ASF shit.

(By the way...better not to say the entire name of the site if you post field
reports here. Just a tip.)

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