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Re: Learn all the rules and break them.

mASF post by putnik

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Re: Learn all the rules and break them.
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mASF post by "putnik"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, May 5, 2005

antondysart wrote:
> So I was cleaning up my computer tonight and I came across all the various
> junk that I had read, absorbed and collected over the last year or so.
> through it I realize why I had so many difficulties at the beginning and had
> many SP. The utter number of DO's and DON'T DO's is overwhelming. Add to this
> the attempt of rationalizing something like *vibing* or *cold reads* and its
> wonder that I was confused.
> Ok.. so I did have my breakthrough. I've basically seduced in Bars, Street,
> parties.. wherever whatever woman I want. And now, having fulfilled my goals
> find myself bored with PUA because I have attained what I wanted. (yeah I
> know.. time to set some new goals).
> At any rate I wanted to share my revelation, the thing that worked for me..
> hope that it may find those of you out there who are built like me... and the
> answer was simple... like Tyler from fight club I devolved.. I left the
> didn't read ANYTHING pua related anymore and generally gave up on routines,
> negs, tactics ect. ect. the only *rule* I held onto was..
> 1.) Advance physically when I am interested.
> Other than that I was just me. Some days an asshole, others a nice guy,
> just a normal dude. And guess what happened? The little stories and routines
> came up naturally when they fit in. I started seeing everything in terms of a
> woman’s body language and movements. I gained the ability to read what job
> are likely to do, why they are upset.. its like I'd gained mystical powers.
> Women saw this.. and I stopped having to do the chasing.. they call.. they
> me out.. they organize.. they pay :D. (But like I said.. at the moment I am
> bored of it all.. I need to find a new challenge).
> Do any of you Guru types get bored of it all? I mean you go out you know you
> can pull the HB, you know she'll give it up... you know that you can make her
> your GF.. I dunno.. it was fun for a while.
> But I am going off topic... I still have some PUA.. well actually AFC friends
> who have tried to become PUAs and have in my opinion wasted the last 6
> I still see them making the same mistakes and still projecting the same
> insecurities they used to when they started. I see them reading new scripts
> trying new material constantly always moving and jumping.. not looking at
> themselves.. relaxing and just being natural (whatever that may be for them)
> And I believe that if they just disconnected for a while they could let all
> thoughts and material settle in their minds so that they naturally absorb and
> use what is congruent for them and forget *by nature* what is not congruent.
> I mean the whole idea of the community in my understanding is to create self
> improvement in people by allowing them to not have to worry about women
> anymore. However the more times goes by the more the community seems to be on
> pussy score board. Which, is a useless aim any real PUA will tell you because
> its hard to find worthwhile women, but that being said if you dedicate
> you can fuck almost every night of the week with a new woman...or two :D
> Those who are looking for answers desperately and always trying to logically
> break this thing down trust me.. walk away for a while and see how it goes.
> Drop everything and just let it run natural for a while.. approach, isolate
> escalate like you would WANT to do.. but don't think about it soo much.. or
> script it. You may find the answers you so desperately seek.
> Anton D
> Ps: Two other funny things.. I just realized that *Secret Society* comes from
> the movie cruel intentions and *vibing* comes from swingers.

Everything you wrote is 100% correct....And I can understand what you
are saying. I'm not a PUA...but I'm convinced that I will be
soon...Things just started to happen for me. And I'm starting to have
same philosphy as you wrote about in this post.


It's almost useless for newbies.......I remember myself when I came to
community. had so much problems can't describe them...and didn't know
where to start. they need some structure and some things to say to
chicks. that's what openers and scripts and routines are for. You see if
you have some guy who gets all sweaty around girls you can't just come
and say to him: "Hey man you just need to be yourself and to let things
flow"...He could never make it that way. It would be impossible for me
to try to pick up girls that way 8 months ago. I just needed some
openers till I realized and saw myself in totally different light. And
what is more important I saw girls in different light too. I probably
thought, before, that they would bite me or something;)))LOL

"There are no rejections - just shit tests"

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