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Re: The Transition to Natural Game»

mASF post by Dimitri

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Re: The Transition to Natural Game»
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, April 4, 2005

I like the way you think, Cobalt.

On 4/30/05 3:35:00 PM, Cobalt wrote:
>Props for seeing these
>patterns. Mad props for
>taking the time to make it
>comprehensible to the

Woodhaven never ceases to amaze me with his stunning work.

>A few other topics that seem
>to be glossed over in
>routine-oriented "training":
>- Learning how to touch a girl
>early and in a way that
>cements rapport

I started writing about your last point first, brotha, so I was writing about
getting rapport with non-English speaking women.

It's *all* touching and looking at each other, and the general energy. In fact,
the time I've spent with girls of other nations with not much English has
really helped my overall social skills, since it showed me how little
communication has to do with words.

>- Using facial expressions to
>amplify your emotional frame
>WITHOUT qualifying yourself by

Again, an important one.

>- Definitely, knowing how to
>build attraction/rapport using
>ACTIONS instead of WORDS. The
>true players here can pick up
>girls who barely understand

Believe it or not, I prefer to play the game with girls who aren't completely
fluent in English. It means it's all about the energy of the interaction, and
having fun.

It's also cool, because to find out about each other and getting some rapport
isn't about language, but about the way you touch and look at each other

>It's nice to see a model where
>seduction is not equated to
>gender combat.

Fo sho, Cobalt, you get it man. Good stuff.


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