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Re: PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)

mASF post by Icewind

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Re: PIMPS vs. Players (Attn: PlayerSupreme)
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mASF post by "Icewind"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005


> I don't know Svengali or his style. I will have to look it up. I was
> around
> in the 70's reading Eric Webbers book How to Pick Up Girls and listening
> to his
> Phonograph on the same subject. Reading every piece of information that I
> could get my hands on, on the subject of becoming a super seducer. I even
> read
> the first book on body language due to an article I found in a hustler
> magazine
> when I was in high school about the mysterious super seducer who could
> walk
> into a night club stand at a bar and just by the way he stood drive women
> crazy. This article went on to talk to a pimp about getting women even
> back
> then.
> peace

I read it in the 70's too and the body language books. Got my first NLP
course in the early 80's.....something put out by Nightingale. Its been fun
to watch it evolve over the years hasn't it?.....all the way to Hall's
Have you noticed now, how EASY it has become to pick up young
girls?.....from like 18 to 24. I mean it doesn't take any work. One of my
friends who is a natural and will not have any part of this material used to
have a saying: In the 80's you had to tell them you loved them, in the 90's
you had to give them something, now you just have to ask.
I'm not smart enough to know what label to put to it, but theres a shift
going on......young girls are actually seeking out older guys. Guys 10 to 20
years older, and its not money or I can see is that they
have become disillusioned with guys their age, for whatever reason.
I agree with you, alot of the ideas floating around being advertised as new
are really very old. But it seems with each generation seduction has to be
taught for its not being passed cooking. How many young girls do
you know that can really cook compared to 20 years ago.
With Pimps you bring up something I never bothered to look at, but I see
your points being true. I'll have to now take a long look at it, thanks
alot, like I don't have enough to do...:)
But thats what I find attractive about you, you bring up things I would have
never I wonder, if I should go back and reread old
works.....things such as the Marquis de Sade, or even Rasbutin for that


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