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Online Sarging: My Perspective

mASF post by lazlo

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Online Sarging: My Perspective
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mASF post by "lazlo"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2005

As I described in one of my earlier posts, I internally feel like I have
confidence, and when I go out, I end up making friends with everybody in the
bar, yet I can't pull the pussy with regularity. So lately I've been going
online where I go for a massive numbers game.

As we all know, most of the girls online are fat, ugly, or have some other
superficial quality about them that makes them undesirable in the long-run. My
personal thing is, if a girl has a normal, feminine face, no major physical
defects, and isn't too old or young, I'll fuck her no matter how fat she is.

If not I'll just politely move. My strategy is to keep on experimenting with
ways of getting to fucks while putting less and less work in it, and then move
up in terms of attractiveness.

I realize this a real hurdle I need to overcome. I want to pick up girls on
the street with the same numbers game mentality as I do online. But right now
all my confidence is in my online game.

I'd rather only fuck a girl once or a few times, and it's easier if they live a
little bit out of town, and there's anonymity. The only problem is the poor
attractiveness factor of the girls online. There are super hot ones out there,
it's just a matter of finding them. Any ideas? Don't answer that, I'll check
the archives.

Anyway, my style online is to just hit up every girl in the chatroom with small
talk, see which ones talk, and then do RJ techniques like crazy, first testing
it out, and if they go for it, full-on. Sometimes there is immediate
resistance, then you go back to small talk or just stop talking to her. No
matter what, I'm constantly talking to as many girls as possible doing the same

I always go for girls within my state, and nearby states, so that a hook-up
could be reasonably possible. If I can go to phone I will asap. I try to take
it all the way up to sexual talk without actually getting into online or phone

My goal is to usually have her invite me over, or meet halfway at a rest stop.
I don't want her coming to my place or knowing where I work.

If a girl stops talking or seems boring or unlikely to give me sex or meet me,
I stop talking to her. I give it a few decent efforts, am respectful, then
just let it go. I try to predict ahead of times which girls are going to be
dead-ends and focus on the ones that seem easy.

The hardest thing to do is to have 4 or more conversations going and keep
everything straight as far as what you've said to whom, etc. If you say
something really stupid by mistake, just eject.

If I can get some good non-canned RJ talk in (yes I bought and listened several
times to his basic and unstoppable tapes: highly recommended), I have found
girls can get very interested. Some of them have demanded to meet me, and
started calling and messaging me numerous times.

They can also hate you, think you're a pig or a freak, in which case, like I
said, move on, and don't take it personally. Most girls will ignore you, or
stop talking to you.

I'm not saying I'm a master at this, but right now I've had about as many
online lays in my life as off-line. The offline girls where much hotter, but
the online girls took a lot less work. Not all of them have been ugly.

Maybe that's why I haven't been going out and sarging in-person. For some
reason I've been inhibited from breaking the so-called rules of politeness when
I am in-person with girls, but not when I am online. What gives!?

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