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The Machiavellian Workings Of The Human Mind...

mASF post by enigmatic_id

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The Machiavellian Workings Of The Human Mind...
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mASF post by "enigmatic_id"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, February 2, 2005

“Neuro-linguistic programming is the science of the effect of language, both
verbal and non-verbal on your nervous system. Your ability to do anything in
your life is your ability to manipulate your nervous system. The more effective
you are in directing your mind and body, the more effective you will be in
generating any results you desire in your life.”

“There are no failures. We’re always successful generating results. If you are
not content with the results, then all you have to do is change your strategy.”

Tony Robbins

Last night out sarging was nothing of AMAZING. I was in the company of two
handsome ducks… My good mates Steve and Bradley… Now, before we get to the core
message of the text, I want to give out a few pointers that are worth
mentioning. Steve is one psychedelic and suave motherfucker. I was some minutes
late which translated into me rushing through the first few sets and releasing
A LOT of anxiety with my hands. By the way, Steve, I have to make it up to you
for having you wait those minutes. The usage of your hands along with
story-telling or the stack of your routines can convey powerful, alpha, and
open body language, but these have to be slow and deliberate gestures not the
movements of a metalhead as he is moshing in a Cannibal Corpse concert. Steve
had some good suggestions. At the opening of a set, an auditory nature is
fundamental. As you pace and lead the set you can transition into visual mode
as the buying temperature begins to rise. In case you are confused, this is
auditory… Steve is very articulate and enunciates every single word of his
routines. There is a rhythmic pause between each word, a steady tempo. He has a
great way to deal with overdone mannerism during the approach. He would hold
his drink all the way down to his waistline and stick his other hand in its
corresponding pants pocket, leaving only his thumb out. I tend to be a more
visual person reaching times when my speech pattern resembles a machine gun in
action. High energy opens will be more effective in a club or high volume music
scenario. Another strategy that Steve told me about, one that I don’t
completely agree with but find fascinating, is to engage in a “conversation”
with your wing while giving your back to the set and then turning your head
back and A1… I should’ve paid more attention to his transitions before fully
facing the set. Not facing the set too early is of remarkable importance to
him. Most, if not all, of his sets started out like this. The reason behind the
quotation marks was because of the simulated fashion of the dialog. My personal
take on this is that hesitation will always work against you. Even though this
was not the case with Steve, I think that cultivating the habit of opening a
set as soon as you walk through the doors is a great skill to develop…
SPONTANEITY… Brent, David Deangelo’s super-natural friend talks about making
sure he is in a conversation within four seconds of making it through the
doors. Only think about logistics when you are walking to open the set and do
so for a couple of nanoseconds. And finally, Bradley still has some approach
anxiety and an outcome dependant mentality. It was only his second night out,
but if he does not become fully aware of this he will not be able to change.
More on this later. He has the tendency of locking his arms by either crossing
them or using one hand to hold this other forearm. Unconscious responses to let
go of anxiety, but very costly ones… The majority of girls know was going on. I
just asked a girl who is sitting next to me as I am writing this (Columbia
University Butler’s Library) and she says it is very weird and NOT attractive.
The funniest thing was that after walking back and forth a few times and
“getting ready” to open, Bradley finally drummed enough courage to approach the
set and ran the longest set of the night.

And now, the moment we have all been waiting for… The Machiavellian workings
of the human mind… Evil laughter… Steve was running a very good 2set and all of
a sudden he ejects. I asked him what happened, that was a fantastic set. He
replied that he ran out of routines and we both laughed it off. And with this I
enter one of the many great epiphanies I had that night.. CONGRUENCY… It’s very
awkward, but before I got started with DYD and knew about the community it was
much easier for me to talk to girls in clubs and bars. I never did use pick-up
lines or try to get a girl’s attention by buying her drinks. After all I was
just being me and the girl was supposed to like me for who I was. There were no
transitions and/or systematic way to converse with her. Back then I did not
have an internal value system for interactions with women… And now that I look
back at it all, I was completely clueless about attraction and the dynamic
between the sexes. But I was still very comfortable talking to girls. How
come??? It all boils down to congruency. A lot of newbies, myself included, go
through a phase where if the conversation moves away from the routines they
feel like they’ve been blown out of set. It is just frustrating. Don’t get me
wrong, I am not downplaying the importance of routines and having a predictable
outcome. There is a certain validity in the “I don’t want to do this because it
doesn’t feel like me” argument. But like one of the quotes at the beginning
pointed out, if you are not happy with the results you have to change. If being
yourself is not getting you the number and kind of girls that you would like,
then YOU NEED TO CHANGE. Rehearsing the routines over and over is not enough.
You have to write the routines down, create routines of your own, field test
routines, and of course actually use the routines on targets/sets… Not your
mirror, not your sister, not your female friends. After doing this a good
hundreds of times, GOLD will come out of your mouth every time you open it. The
field tested and popular routines have a lot of fun and humor built into them.
You can rewire your brain to create “routines” on the spot and have the
afore-mentioned qualities in your dialog. I like to hink of scripts and canned
material as linguistic aikido. Every routine is just a martial art move. Don’t
be the frustrated novice who tells his instructor he is tired of doing the same
exact kick all session long. After all, this is his third day of class…

Why is it important to write down the routines and your thoughts/ideas abut
pick-up??? And the use of the verb “to write” is well intended… This is a topic
of vital importance. We, humans, use our five senses to create meaning. The
stimulation of the brain is all that matters. The more senses we use in the
process, the closer our perception matches an experience even though such an
experience is only taking place in your head. Scientists have done experiments
in which they would attach certain devices that register the electrical
impulses of the brain. The patient would then be asked to observe a particular
object as the devices determine which parts of the brain light up. After this
the patient would be asked to close his eyes and imagine watching the same
object that was previously presented. PHENOMENAL… The exact same parts of the
brain will light up with the internal representations. Some of you might think
that such notions are too foreign for pick-ups… Nothing could be further from
the truth. Do the following exercise if you don’t believe me. I’ve had a lot of
my mates do this and their jaws just drop. Kudos to Tony Robbins for this one…
Here it is… I want you to stand with both feet firmly planted on the floor and
extend your right arm so that it is parallel to the ground. Now use the index
finger of your right hand to point in front of you. After this, use JUST your
waist to move in a clockwise twist. Maintain your feet planted on the floor and
your right arm making a 90 degree with your chest. Continue to turn your waist
to the right and go as far as your body allows. Remember where your index
finger was pointing when you turned all the way to the right. Neat-O… Now I
want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself followings the exact same
instructions again. You are standing with your feet planted, right arm extended
and your index finger pointing to the front. Imagine yourself turning to the
right with just your waist, but this time picture yourself turning further to
the right beyond the point your body allowed you to. Be reasonable… No 360
turns… Now open your eyes, stand up and do the routine for the last time… Now
in physical mode… Notice where your index finger is pointing. If done
effectively, you should be able to turn a good 30-40% the second time you use
your body. With our thoughts we create the world. This explains why is it
fucking key to use mental rehearsal while you do journal entries, write down
affirmations and outcomes/goals.

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