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mASF post by Gunwitch

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GWM3: GWM club. Merry Xmas All!
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mASF post by "Gunwitch"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, December 12, 2004

For those who keep asking in chat I will also post GWM2 here:

Gunwitch method 2

Essential guide of proper analysis and Internal dynamics

Well here we are again all.

I suppose the first and best place to start is always with what YOU
want out of this manual. At its absolute core what you are about to
read is about getting more sex. Well, more appropriate, being the man
you need to be to bed the women you want.

You don't want that? You want something else? You maybe wanna live a
lifestyle of glamour and glitz, maybe a life full of adoring people
and worship from women? Sure that would be nice, but these writings
are for a guy to get laid with at leisure, maybe to find a
relationship. They certainly are not a way to change your LIFE, but a
way to change YOU, so you can walk out your door and start to change
your life. Sex with a hot woman in your bed is to blah and bland for
you? You already get enough of that? Then this probably isn't for you,
stop reading.

Right off I must say as well. This is gonna be rock bottom shit here.
Don't bother reading ANY of this if you wont A. give yourself 100% to
the material, if you don't like ME or some aspect of my methods and
this causes you to wanna argue against me then don't bother. B. If you
have what you want already the things I'm gonna ask you to do will be
unreasonable, so don't bother. You've got an open mind and are at your
end wanting a better sex life but just cant angle it right? Read on.

Most who read this will have read GWM1. So I don't feel I need to
introduce myself or talk of the success or time in this field I've
had. GWM1 was how I myself pick up and bed women. The incomplete
nature of it wasn't on purpose, but merely because through the process
I am going to show you here, I had become great with women, desirable
to women. Problem was, I didn't know who I was inside that was doing
what I was doing. I had just become him. I have gotten no better with
women since writing GWM1, I have figured out more of who I am at an
intellectual level, and remembered HOW I became him though. The
questioning from others about GWM has made me figure out WHO I am
inside and remember HOW I got there.

Gotta repeat this from GWM1:
One last thing before the lessons begin. Don't mentally argue with
this stuff. Whatever you think you know about seduction and women
obviously isn't working for you else you wouldn't be staring at this
screen at these little black letters in the first place right? SO take
in what I say without sceptical critiques and try it out. Worst that
can happen is you might just get laid, unlike what you know to be true
about women and seduction is doing for you now.

"He who questions his teachings, only learns to ask questions"- ?

Obviously something isn't working in the online seduction community.
Only A handful of guys have all the success they want with women. Case
in point you are here, not with a woman of your choosing in bed. Not
to assume no one is reading this for the hell of it, but many who read
this will have read HUNDREDS or posts, dozens of e-books, asked a
hundred questions in chat, met guys in real life from the community
and maybe even been to seminars, yet usually at best can only get
"attention" or company of women not sex at leisure. Surely maybe some
of these guys now feel a "part of something" or have built a non
seduction community social circle. Men are hanging around all over
the place in boards and chats and going to seminars and buying
e-books. Mediocre at BEST success of a sexual nature follows, for all
but a few. More commonly a guys sexual appeal doesn't go up at all
and/or he makes no efforts. In some cases the mans appeal and effort
get WORSE.

You were programmed with sexually and socially negative things since
birth. You found the seduction community and were told so. Those
re-programming you however probably didn't consider or didn't realize
the inner beliefs, the processing of the world they were about to
replace in you, was no worse than what they were about to replace it
with for your sex life. Socially and dignity wise you felt better with
the new beliefs, but sex life wise, were still full of hit or miss
thoughts and tricks and ideas.

I here in GWM2 will teach you how to deprogram yourself of all that
shit. I will do so by showing you why it is "shit". I will be showing
you this by appealing to your reason and logic and even showing you
how to use reason and logic. Later I will by the same means I used
reprogram you much as I did myself before finding amazing success.

Comprehension is a MUST for this to work. Skimming this will be
useless. Read each lesson and then read it again, think on it and
understand it for the words written, do not filter it through your own
perceptions and models of things. Take everything at face value,
Understand it and do not argue with it.

As I said you will not find tricks or techniques here, you will not
find theory to analyze. You will not find a way of "spinning in to the
room" in just the right way so everyone notices you.

Notice the last thing I said. Spinning in to a room just the right
way so everyone notices you? Not a really important seeming statement
is it?

Why its important though I will illustrate in this, your first tool
for deprogramming yourself.

First there are 2 terms you must understand. More important
understand the difference between them.

Inference: a logical conclusion from first facts or basic reasoning.

Induction: conclusion is drawn from reasoning based on particular
instances. Aka modeling.

FIRST problem arises. Like I said don't argue if what you are doing
isn't working, and I am gonna step on about 100,000 toes here but…….
Modeling doesn't work ! That's right it doesn't work in self help. Its
SELF help, not becoming "like someone else" right off.

More on the above, models of engineering or material science can be
improved upon or even re-created by the use of induction or modeling
because they are tangible and FULLY understood. SO induction can be
used as a logical process because the principles in question are right
there and WORK, are understood too an atomic level and can be used to
either study and create similar working models, or even improved upon
by the particular instances already at work as a place to work from.

Seeing any metaphor? YOU aren't electrical current, you aren't a
reactor, you aren't an engine. SHE isn't electrical current or a
reactor or engine. SO you see, to take someone else's way of doing it
and attempt to come to conclusions is itself a particular instance, as
well as the target he uses it on is a particular instance. Bad news.
This could be achieved and used to develop a PU model, IF all people
weren't VERY different, if we understood every particle and atom and
cell of these similar "drones" and as well their experiences all a
crossed the board and how they interpreted them. See science just
hasn't come that far and people daily become more distant from each
other in similarity.

Another problem arises. For a particular man, in particular instances
with particular women success will begin to become VERY high. Its seen
or even told about by him and then you try to model it. Now being we
are so complex and not made of particular instances of like kind, how
successful are you about to become doing what he does? Not very.

This can be argued against in the form of "all women think the same
though". WRONG, this is where the point is proven. Certainly we have
to agree that women do not all think the same as our psyche is shaped
by experience and they do not all have the same experiences.
Biologically yes and socially yes they can operate on pretty sound
basic first facts, but their particular experiences will all be
different! Not modeling but inference is again to be used.

Only following inference can be used until you have enough of your own
particular instances and "niche markets" of women cornered to begin
following induction to tighten it all up. Particular instance will be
used to deduce her possible mental outcomes and frames at that point,
For NOW we must focus on starting all over a new.

So what are we to do if we cannot use induction now. What are we to
do with all the programming we have set in place that was concluded by
particular instances of another person? What are we to "use"! Wont it
take forever without SOME Tao or method? First of all it is taking
forever right now, you are never gonna be ME, or any other guru
success wise doing what WE do PU wise. You are on no path of
improvement or ascending skills, YOU as you sit doing what you do, if
you never did anything different or had a shift of thinking would
always be you.

Second of all we are gonna build you a Tao, gonna build you a fuckin
method. Not just a method though, not some once posted 5 times
applauded 5 times flamed and abandoned by the poster himself writings.
I'm talking we are gonna build you from the ground up in to a "GURU",
the guru that is YOU, not you attempting to use someone else's
particular instances in the spirit of the ugly cousin of inference
that is induction.

You are gonna test your willpower. Because from this point on, you
use NOTHING you do now in the field on purpose, and stop yourself from
using anything you use out of habit when you catch it.

Some idea of how to spin in to a room just the right way Is GONE.
Induction is gone for now. It will be used again later, but that's
MUCH later. What you do is not getting you what you want. You will
cease ALL of it.

I stopped using everything bit by bit. This was probably my FIRST
step after rock bottom of not having the success I wanted with any
"methods". My own or those of others. To be unable to abandon
something harmful you have mentally collected, be it tactic technique
or way of thinking that makes you feel powerful yet gives you nothing
in return is a HUGE problem. You must in logical reasoning and using
inference "start from zero". As starting there is the beginning of
understanding truth. When a method doesn't work you aren't "not
getting it", if you have read and comprehended it and attempted it,
then it doesn't work. So tell the method, "step in my office, cause
you're fuckin fired!".

You might be saying "fuck this I cant do that ill just go read some
more about what to say or KINO or spinning in to clubs". If so re-read
inference VS induction til you understand it is you don't, or quit
arguing with it and accept it.

You SURELY are saying, "ok then what the fuck DO I DO!?"

We are gonna use inference here. Basic reasoning from first facts.
Its well established we cannot read minds (though some greenPUA claim
to nearly be able to, YOU cannot so forget their claims and
marketing). We as well can't deduce this all to a science of cells and
chemicals yet, and we cant simply model another's approach for the
same results. SO we must go on basic first facts.

As a last note I do not want the following to seem as if I claim to
be infallible in logic or first facts. Anyone who does claim so should
be backed away from by you with one hand on your wallet.

I will now simply lay out an example of using inference as an
analysis method in PU.

What is basic FIRST fact we are dealing with of WHO women fuck and
who they don't?

Want you to exercise your reasoning of first facts here so don't read
the answer til you think about it.

They fuck men they are attracted to and do not fuck men they are
repulsed by. Obvious if you had read it right after the question I'm
sure. Probably not so with the way you've been thinking lately though
and the above space. You might have even said "funny guys" or "guys
with confidence" or some other placebo inducing particular instance
you've seen or thought once worked if the "matrix really has you" lol.

Ok so we know women fuck guys they are attracted to and do not fuck
guys they are repulsed by. Don't think I'm insulting your intelligence
here I am going someplace with this.

What is the next use of inference?

What are the basic first facts of what is and is not attractive?

What levels of attraction are there, and which must be met first and

What "repellants" must be avoided at all cost?

Here I will lay these out with first: biological, second social and
then finally "conscious". Each will come with a no no-nonsense and
basic of a tip to have the attractant or avoid that repulsor as is
possible. We will not be using induction here, only basic first fact.
We will also not be using miniscule doubts of the basic first facts.
Some things may be regional (not that women in your home of Estonia
want a confident man or other such assumptions) or very specific.
Starting to see the logic behind this yet? Base facts of attraction
used to get you success right away, and as a strong foundation to THEN
uses induction on to "tighten up" rather than reverse engineering 2000
particular instances over 5 years?

Biological. First and easiest to get in to. What gets her juices down
there flowing? Surely basic first fact is that a woman will have sex
with a man she is turned on by if other factors permit or don't
repulse. We will work from there.

Attractant: Lean body, surely the same as you first think of fucking
a woman who is lean, she will first think of fucking a man who is lean
as well. Fat guys ever get laid? Yeah of course. But this is basic
first facts that a lean body is more attractive than a fat one, not
absolute omnipotence of all possibility but BASIC first fact.

Starting with a basic here for rhythm of reading TOP biological
attractant will be saved for last of biological section as it's a bit
long in the read.

Repellant: chub, fat, beer gut, whatever you call it. It is not
natural til the last 100 years for this condition to befall a human
being. Get rid of it.

Attractant: Clear skin. Not evolutionary mumbo jumbo about signaling
"good health" here. Basic visual biological appeal. A tan can help
with slight problems, medication for festering puss bags on your face.

Repellant : Acne and blemishes of course.

Attractant: Facial looks. This could arguably go under social as its
very much an acceptance issue but we will put it here as it
biologically motivates her. The tip? Getting lean will improve them,
as well as clearing the skin on face if it's a problem, right glasses
if you MUST wear them, right facial hair (or none) and right haircut
for you facial features, whitening or straightening (or replacement
lol) of teeth, colored contact lenses, MUCH can be done with a bit of
experimenting or a good stylist.

Repellant: Being totally not her biological type facial wise. Some
people will just NOT DIG some people based on their face, though other
may find it quite attractive. I mean you mother or sisters a fuckin
HOTTIE you still ain't gonna wanna be with a chick that looks like

Attractant: Safety with you at a physical threat level. Now we will
get to some technique junkie stuff. As the………

Repellant: Fear of a stranger physically hurting them must be dealt
with at an active level. Though is a social as well as a conscious
thing we will just deal with it here as the fear is of a biological
nature. While fear of being hurt emotionally would be conscious and
not so deeply ingrained.

How do we deal with it? PaiMai the timeless workhorse of debate and
discussion will be explained here to the best of my ability. I will
not be getting in to the seductive nature and theory of paimai only
the facts here for dealing with fear.

The basic way and theory is to be non threatening. Not in an a-sexual
way but in a rapport based way. So the "hover" before the approach,
or to walk up in her general area, and pretend to notice something
near her and pay quick attention to it, is a great first gesture. For
her then to give you eye contact or look at you and you then look at
her and get eye contact back and THEN start the initial conversation
is golden. To abruptly burst in to her space and begin speaking to her
is a major cause of withdraw and/or fear. The intuition of this built
in to people socially is VERY strong, this is why many many people
only meet mates in the workplace or socially, as this dynamic is taken
out of play I theorize. With strangers it is basic first fact.

Not being in the field much or having built an intuition for this may
make it SEEM a particular instance or an isolated technique. But it
really is a basic first fact that you should be spared from learning
and will enhance your success right away making things go a little

Basic first fact 2 of dealing with fear as well as in rapport Another
tip of sorts. Assume rapport is already there with her. You will do
the "hover" then ask a few questions of neutral nature. You do not
want to assume rapport to quickly as this may confuse her, so a few
light questions of perhaps: if she is from the area, what her area was
like, then introduction of yourself and getting her name, basic things
asked and received. You then will see the first indicator of her
interest in you, her asking you a question back, or maybe laughing at
something that isn't very funny. THIS is when you begin to assume
rapport. Based on congruence "assuming rapport" is a basic first fact
in and inside of rapport. How you talk to your friends, family, lovers
and co-workers, the people you know is FAR different than how you talk
to someone you don't know. The key, the "trick" if you want to call it
that is to use the power of similarity to achieve a rapport faster
quelling fears of you being someone who may hurt her. You want her at
internal levels and dynamic of the situation to see you as someone she
knows already. She KNOWS she doesn't, but will feel more comfortable
rather than fearful if you see and make the differences go away.

What are the key differences of how you talk to a stranger and how
you talk to a known person? Absolute dead center first is you have
PRACTICED all your life talking to people you know. SO you must
practice practice practice talking to women you do not know in order
to achieve this same effect at internal levels we don't even

Second, you are RELAXED. You do not feel you need to prove anything,
or that they will walk away and take something you want out of reach,
so you are relaxed rather than probing and "fast" in the encounter
when it's a "known" vs. a stranger you want something from. Again
practice practice practice will relax you, and this tip will help with
it as well. Only approach stationary women, women in one spot, not on
the move at a brisk pace. This is very much more calm and relaxed of a
dynamic, as well as allows for "the hover" to be used and at an
internal level gets rid of any "shes taking away what I want" factor
that may make you too stressed to assume rapport or create a
comfortable environment.

Watch a GREAT car salesman he uses both to quell fears. He waits for
the person to fix themselves on a car looking at it (form of the hover
at basic levels) and then approaches without a hint of desperation. He
does not assume or achieve total rapport however, you can with a
woman, as women WANNA get fucked by you and know basically that's what
you are there to do. Car buyers do not wanna get "fucked" in the
wallet and know that's what he's there for. Still this salesman sets a
better dynamic and tone.

What does shitty car salesman do. Well first he puts a guy in a
chicken suit (if ya catch my inside joke kudos) out front with a
bullhorn looking very desperate. He then as you drive in to the lot
gets in your window and in an anxious manner attempts to befriend you.

Think hippy or stoner here, not manic defense attorney.

Finally what do you usually do at a verbal level with strangers you
are not in rapport with, that you don't do with "knowns"?

You ask tons of questions about her and volunteer tons of information
about you. When with "knowns", you discuss the environment, the things
around you or activity you are engaged in. You talk about happenings
or people you both know. You can do the same with her in the form of
celebrities, music, movies and TV you both watch. Do not volunteer
what you watch or listen to or have seen, ask her what she watches
listens to or has seen for a better conversation to erupt out of
these things that will lead to rapport being assumed.

Basic structure to quell fears of hers.


Hi, hello, what's up or hey when she sees you

Questioning of her begins. Introductions are made in between 1st and
2nd or third questions.

Questioning of her stops when you see an indicator of first comfort

Environmental talk begins, something in the environment as your
conversation piece.

Engage probe of current events, celebrities shes seen on TV, TV shes
watched movies shes seen or music she likes. Carry on convo.


Memorize it til you get it fluid in field. Basic first fact is these
conversations will be chaotic so expect it, adaptability is the only
cure for chaos, so practice practice practice.

Eventually your approaches to strangers will become like seeing an
old friend, HQE x 2 is the same dynamic. You are near each other, see
each other, someone says hi, ya ask what each others been up to, you
stop asking questions and talk a bit about the weather and then move
on to "happenings" people you both know of or maybe even "happenings"
or people you don't know of that you've seen on a screen someplace.
Rapport is assumed.

These dynamics will save you MUCH time in dealing with basic first
fact, "fear of being hurt by strangers".

Attractant: Last but most important. Women are attracted to men. Or
masculinity, all that is a man. Basic first fact, what makes a man a
man and woman a woman? Now if you thought that last section was long,
get ready, cause this is gonna get LONG. Your inner beliefs, your
lifestyle, everything is gonna be in question. I'm gonna get all the
internal shit right or at least close to right in you.

"I'm gonna make you boys STRROOONG"-Major Payne

Ok we know a woman is driven by wanting a penis in her vagina to cause
pleasure to fuck a man unless there is something wrong with her. Basic
first fact of all first fact.

What makes a man a man besides a penis? That is the question that
must be answered here to get a working strategy for this first fact.

Testosterone. Inner beliefs of a non feminine nature. View of the
world based on being a male and how being that is perceived. Maturity
rather than adolescence . Certainly all these things. A man isn't by
nature a "beta male AFC fuckin clueless loser" so what is he in
nature? To be this natural man is certainly first fact of what a woman
wants. How do we even approach this though!? It's certainly not
possible you say? Think again.

First on the menu. You will now learn "the sun". You'll understand
this much later.

Your life. What is it? What do you do? Who have you become?

You go sit on a pad all day and type keys, or you sit on a telephone
all day. You eat a lunch of fried potatoes and seaweed flavored like
beef wrapped in enriched whole flour. What scares you daily? You jerk
off to other people having sex on a screen. You go to the doctor if
you find a mole you didn't see before and worry for a weAk. You want
women you are told to, not what you lust for and most desire. You
worry what other people think of you in petty matters. You wonder if
you punched someone in the face if they'd just stand there and laugh
at you (well I'm sure you know primealpha lol).

This does not make for testosterone production. These are not male
behaviors. This is not the lifestyle of a natural man. Cavemen got
laid with little or no thought ok, basic first fact. It is a
deduction, yet a basic first fact as well that cavemen did none of the

Now I'm not gonna tell you to quit your job, run off to the mountains
and hunt your food with a spear. Though a week or 2 of that could do
you wonders I guarantee.

LIFT WEIGHTS. Labor and use of your body, release of endorphins and
effects on cortisol, testosterone, insulin and too much to go in to is
DIRE. You could take testosterone injections and end up with tits but
working the WHOLE body (see Primealphas workout guide) will increase
it naturally. People are not meant to be sedentary and especially men
are affected by the last 50 years advances in labor and economy inside
their bodies. You do not have to build a ton of muscle or workout 5
days a week. Just LIFT SOMETHING other than bags of groceries and do
it regularly this will increase testosterone. Not getting you laid
immediately by any means. But starting to "create a sun", you'll see
what I mean later.

Eat right. Well this isn't possible for most. But drink plenty of
water and give an effort to lay off the white stuff though, Breads
pastas, rice, sugar and enriched flour are not natural for our system,
again too much to go in to. This isn't some crackpot idea, the science
backs it up that not eating these things will increase testosterone
and natural balances in the body. So really they more restore them to
normal. Normal being when men were men, not overfed veal. Both eating
right and lifting weights unless you have a weight problem already
will keep you lean and attractive looking socially as well as
biologically to women.

Take a fuckin risk man. Not even a REAL risk is needed, just get that
ticker going with a good old adrenaline and cortisol cocktail now and
again. Get in a martial art where you will compete with other men or
even have a game of hardcore rugby (more dangerous but just as good),
or hell if you want go fight club and start fighting your buddies in
the back yard. Go sky diving, bungee jumping, go on a roller coaster,
go camping alone in the woods. These kinds of things as well increase
testosterone, fear creates it again too much to go in to at a chemical
and possible psychological level. Even better they have an immediate
effect on your sense of self being a man not a boy, an adventurer or
warrior not a "technical support" or "student" guy.

Quit jerking off all the time PLEASE. This is the height of debate
with a lot of men. Jerking off to porn was by far not natural or
normal, common everyday male behavior up til 20 years ago or less. It
still is not natural. Lack of orgasm tells your body it isn't mating,
this causes increased testosterone levels to make you more aggressive
in finding a mate. Orgasm with a woman on the other hand INCREASES
testosterone levels from the excitement.

FUCK WOMEN. Ok that's probably annoying to many of you who cant get
laid. But WHO is it exactly you cant get laid by? These ego based
desirable makeup and hair and mini skirts with the fitness bodies?
Well a good way to go about "moving up" to them is to get a little
momentum. As I said orgasm with a woman causes increased testosterone,
increased testosterone is your "sun" (hold on its coming up), your
"sun" is gonna be the thing all pivots around far as attracting women,
more testosterone the better. Not saying you've gotta fuck every fatty
and toothless wonder you can find in an alley. But lower your
standards a bit for right now ego wise. Go for what turns you on
enough you would like to have it in your bed plowing it, not what it
would look like on your arm.

See women for what they are, not what others see them as is next and
last rule here to make the "sun". You need to figure out your "type"
BAD. If you think big tits, blonde hair, ton of makeup in a mini skirt
with perfect body. Well you aren't figuring out what you REALLY wanna
fuck now are you. That may be exactly it the last one I described.
Hell id love to fuck that right now myself. But not as much as "her".
"Her" is my 10, my exact lust object, the thing I wanna grab by the
hair and ram as hard as I can til we are both spent from exhaustion.
Her is my ideal, her face will vary, her body will as well. Hair color
a bit here and there too. But she is MINE, she isn't societies rule of
what's attractive to me, she isn't what's forced down my throat by the
TV or the homosexuals in Hollywood and fashion magazine rooms. She is
MINE. THAT'S who I approach, that's who I fuck. You've got a list of
crushes, think about them, Celebes, chicks in real life, doesn't
matter. Think of them, were they stereotypes? NO they were YOURS. That
right there, approaching them and only them once you are less green
will complete your "sun". Til then fuck what you can get at all turned
on by and approach any woman you'd even entertain fucking, your 10,
societies 10, 6s and 7s whores and queens, for practice in this GWM2
thing. You'll know when that natural man is emerging, you will know
when its time to ONLY approach your "hers" as a final capper.

Now we will build you "body"

The faulty, unnatural conditioning you have received from society and
the seduction community can be deprogrammed, and should be as you use
the inference vs. induction/modeling willpower stunt. Willpower should
be in use by you to stop thoughts of deducted models of other people
now as you read this and are challenged. Willpower will be used to rid
yourself of all habits of thought that are faulty when recognized.

THEN they will be replaced by not only the basic first fact way of
reasoning but the basic first facts you must understand of what it is
to be a natural» man in thought and inner core.

I will lay these out. Read them, understand them and take them on as
basic first facts of your new inner beliefs. In these I digress from
total perfect logic. These are ideals. This is the software here, it
need not be perfect and completely accurate. These are your new
"models" and ways of thinking. Maybe not all FACT, but they become
fact by believing them.

These are:

#1: Women love sex. Unless biologically stunted in her privates or a
lesbian she will love sex with men. Ahhh key is being a man, not a boy
or feminine. The natural man knows this desire for sex is there and
acts on it for mutual gratification. Sex is a natural thing that
happens between you and a woman. It is not a battle or conquest. It is
animal lust.

#2: Natural mans picture of himself is not as a boy: Soft living and
pampering, from womb to coffin we are given. We are saved when we need
saving and listened to when we cry. Natural man doesn't have this
perception anymore. He thinks "me" he doesn't think he is young or a
child or a boy. He sees himself as a man. You are an adult a grown up.
Act accordingly. Don't be crying about shit, somebody didn't fuckin
drop dead, don't be crying. Don't be hanging on women like they are
your mother. There's 500 of em to many to list. Its called not being a
PUSSY ass little boy. You get your "sun" these things don't happen as
much anyways. Still be aware of thinking like a MAN and an adult, not
something weak or helpless.

#3: Other men are not superior to you. Natural man would have none of
this. Get your sun in place and it'll come. To offend another man is
to possibly have to fight. All it means to offend another man. SO
WHAT. You don't giggle when AMOG makes a joke at your expense, he
doesn't like that? TOO bad, you are MALE, you can and will compete for
respect. People used to like it when you made jokes about yourself?
TOO bad, they'll get eye contact from you now, not jokes and you
giggling at the floor. You aren't looking for trouble, but you aren't
gonna avoid it either less its REAL fuckin dangerous. Even then, that
gangbanger with the gun in his waistband who's house you ended up at
might just shoot you for being a little wimpy punk ass when you talk
about "I'm such a tight ass square white boy". And know that you ain't
gonna giggle enough or be passive enough to get out of that basement
in el Salvador where you've just landed the lead role in a forced
donkey on man sex act. So be a MAN and don't look for trouble OR try
to avoid it, especially while its happening. Natural man is no victim.
You don't have to be either.

#4: You don't take any shit from anyone with a smile. Usually you
wont take any shit at all, but if you are backed in to a corner hands
tied and your balls in a vice, you don't grin and bear it, you just
bear it. You do this because you have an imaginary audience, this life
you are living is the movie, you are the main character. This life is
no comedy, you take life seriously when serious situations arise. You
are the leading man in every story. You only take the scripts that
suit you. You MUST live up to this audience, your entire self is
watching. Living anyway or anything else? Pffffffft. That's when you
aren't so serious and are just making a cameo appearance as a big time
leading man in some stupid comedy. Passing through.

#5: Sexual state. You feel it, you know its there. You SURELY don't
think its wrong! You know its natural. Its what she feels in a
different way as well. Once the sun has risen, this sexual state will
BURN in you, to be obsessed with it would not be unmanly or unnatural.
It is your other being. It is in fact from the testosterone a sort of
survival persona, at the procreation level. Testosterone will give you
this survival mechanism to drive your aggression and persistence in
mating and competition with other men.

#6: You're gonna forget about "swingers" and "Tao of Steve" and "Don
Juan Demarco" as PU movies, they are now only entertainment. You don't
use induction, ESPECIALLY fictional induction. Watch the movie
"predator" with Arnold swarzenegger. See the order of masculinity in
actions and interactions PU wise. Far as being a male. Who of them
would get the best women for what they looked like? Indian tracker
guy(little much, pretty much below Arnold because of it) and Arnold
(right way to be), 2 black guys (both pretty standard), Jesse Ventura
and grenade launcher guy (amog/AFC types looking to impress and
cackling over stupid jokes), guy with glasses ALWAYS giggling around
and being a goof. Predator kills them in roughly that order for sport.
Also watch the scene with the Indian tracker, he gets fed up, throws
off all his shit takes out his knife and waits on the path for the
predator tired of being hunted. If you cant see that as a real
tearjerker lol, you are WAY too conditioned by this passive society.

I only mention this as off the wall as it sounds as I remember about
87 or so when this came out. After having watched it in a deep zone
in, really identifying with the characters was the first time I felt
like a man in my whole life. Have MALE, masculine role models. Yeah
watch Seinfeld or MASH and laugh and enjoy it, but don't think just
cause Jerry and George have a new woman written in each week they are
good role-models. Not saying a guy who acts like that cannot get laid,
just that he wont get laid as much or by the women he really wants.

#7: You know women and men are not from different planets. Socially
which we will get to later there can be variables. But basic first
fact is that biologically men and women are MUCH alike. Any thoughts
of "women think different from men" are squashed out instantly. You
conform to the bare minimum of social differences and her conditioning
to have the mutual sexual experience. You do not harp on the
differences of men and women in your mind. People walking around the
planet, living eating and fucking. Humans from earth. Not creatures
from Mars and Venus cast in some battle of wills. That's book selling
talk, not reality.

Read these, know these. Comprehend them til you get a certain sense
of satisfaction and take them away with you. You may need to develop
your sun before the body can begin to shape up though.

HAH!, FINALLY we come to the sun and body business.

The finale. Your shadow.

A metaphor:

You see the sun casts the power and energy, the testosterone and sense
of power thrusts a light out hitting your body, your body (the beliefs
and ideals you hold and that are intellectualized) will be the
position you take to allow the sun to cast a shadow.

You see you can have a BRIGHT burning sun, just right all perfect.
But if you are standing sideways you wont cast the full shadow.

Basically you can have all the chemistry right from your lifestyle,
but if you are still thinking like a fuckin moron about hyper
analytical concepts and dynamics between you and her, or doing stupid
behaviors that are the anathema of your "sun" because you believe they
are the right way to think? You'll cast a half ass shadow, or persona.

For in depth shadow example coming from the same sun and body, Look
at GWM1 of course.

But in general if you take the mindsets (body section) and place them
in direct correlation with the suns beams (the chemistry and
testosterone) the shadow you cast will be PERFECT. Or about 90% but
hey nobodies perfect. Anyone who says they can make you so should be
put on a cult watch list. Its eating the fruit not trying to get the
vitamins out of it in pill form again. You simply must relax and enjoy
being a natural man, enjoy the feelings of being a man, and enjoy
strong mindsets and ideals that are in synch with it.

You'll move more confidently in body, you'll look people in the eyes
when you speak and not break eye contact first, you'll touch women
when it feels right, you'll stand closer to her and get even closer as
she warms up, you'll talk in a better voice, slower more calm and
sexy, you'll party harder and have a good time cause you wont have
underlying fear of what others will think if you let loose, you'll
deal with drama better, you'll deal with loss and rejection better.
You'll have to jerk off 3 times in a row to get writing like this done
because sitting in one place with no stimulation but your own mind and
thoughts for this long will drive you CRAZY! Yet aside from that you
will think clearer under pressure, which is much more important than
being able to write a bunch of shit like this in the real world. In
all you just become one sexy motherfucker. A MAN.

A natural man just gets laid no matter what right? Not always.
Problems come up. Of the social kind basically repellants that must be
quelled, and a few attractants that can be helped or used to
advantage. Surely society and fear of judgment can bias a woman's
determination to have sex with you or not. Only the most outstanding
of minds can usually totally drop the social cognition, or the
perception of what others will think of any given action. We must at
least "pass" the repulsors, and maybe use the attractants to social

Now we will explore them. Please remember as well I am in north
America, and watch American TV, movies and media. Some of these may
surely not fit for your region. As well take note that none of these
factors will really get you laid all on their own, you must have the
biological attractants in place, THEN these will supplement you as
attractants, or stop you cold in the case of repulsors.

Attractant: Height. This may at first glance appear a biological
attractant I've misplaced. It is in fact not . Height is a social and
never biological attractant. Proof? Well how is height gauged? Against
other heights of course. If ALL men shrunk 5 inches tomorrow there
would be no decline in sexual activity amongst the human species (if
we weren't aware of it of course and scrambling WHAT THE FUCK
HAPPENED!?). You see but if ALL men gained 30 lbs of body fat sexual
activity would decrease. Therefore it is a social not biological drive
as it is judged against other people, NOT an instant biological fact.

What to do to with it? Surely a crowd setting is an asset if you are
taller as you can have a ruler for her to gauge you against.

Repellant: Short to Average height? Stay away from the tall guys.
When you cut through crowds of people pick a group that is shorter to
cut through for a better ruler. Buy some boots to get a bit above
average height,. Unless hand selected to be shorter than you, a
wingman or party scene of guys is not ideal either.

Attractant: GREAT grooming. Not just being clean and non smelly or
unkempt. I mean the same things I talked about in the facial looks
category. Properly tailored or fitting clothes to accentuate your best
assets, right beard and hair combos, right no hair or beard combos,
clean nails and good skin. Socially acceptable grooming of the highest

Repellant: POOR grooming. Should be obvious but don't be all fucked
up looking. Going from first basic facts you can watch television and
see what socially acceptable grooming is on a man. Do not use
induction here as you have NO idea what looks good. You may as I seen
on MTV think "I don't want my hair all spiky" so you paste it down
with grease to both sides. Do not do this. Do not wear big coke bottle
glasses cause "nerd is in and different". A Mohawk and 25 gold chains
when a woman uttered near a clueless man "Mr.T is sexy" has probably
happened. Get with it, wear normal human males socially acceptable
styles, haircuts and accessories. Watch one episode of ANYTHING but
drew Carey show or M.A.S.H ilk , and you'll find something reasonable.
Cut the hair out of your nose that hangs, and wash your balls. Your
hirsute is probably not gonna be a big attractant for her, and will
probably repel her, so tone it down.

Attractant: Style. What I mean here is an offshoot of the above. Same
deal be IN STYLE somewhat for your region and targets. Only MORE.
Peacocking is no big secret so ill talk about it. In a setting such as
a club or bar where style and standing out can "cut through the chaos"
and get you noticed it is a great social attractant.

Thing is, use inference not induction. DO NOT wear pink leather pants
cause you seen some guy get laid wearing them. You are a redhead with
pale skin, it'll look like "strawberry quik" let out their fuckin
mixing brush for a night on the town. Have common sense and do
something congruent yet noticeable and "standoutish" on YOU. I myself
have worn leather vest and ass-less chaps, kidding about the ass-less
chaps. I will wear leather vest with tight white under tank top for a
shirt with some jewelry . Kind of bland for some scenes I'm sure, but
I'm in a smaller town where this is HUGE peacocking. Use discretion.
Of course being in a niche market AND with creative enough garb is a
GREAT social attractant/get you noticed deal. Example: At a western
party everyone is in traditional country western multi colored garb.
You are in all black with black overcoat all western style. Underneath
you reveal much the same. You are "in" niche wise as it is western
wear, as well as standing out for being different.

Repellant: Being socially/style wise "OUT". I forget who wrote it but
I seen this example someplace else, tell me who you are and ill give
you credit. You are in khakis and a polo shirt with leather loafers?
It is a gothic style rave dance. Enough said. No chick wants to go
home with the 90210 reject when she wants some kind of vampire wanna

Attractant: Isolation in conjunction with biological factors. Her
fuckin friends. Them damn people watching all over the place she used
to know. Things like this raise her social conditioning. No woman
wants to be thought of as a slut. Rapport is harder to obtain when her
focus is off of you and on reading everyone in the places minds with
her imagination. So the less eyes on you from first basic facts, the
better. First basic facts 2. She is not going to have sex with you in
public view, FULL isolation is a must for a sexual attempt. From the
start to deal with these problems arising you can approach lone women
in department stores or use many social dynamics methods (gone FAR
enough in to detail on FS already) in clubs to get in with her group
and isolate her from the group. Very technical issue. Suffice to say I
recommend approaching LONE women in non night club settings. Anyplace
else is a better bet.

Repellant: All eyes on you/her social conditioning not doing the
biological points and speaking to her and/or her friends or close
"knowns" right there with no social attractants in place. Basic stuff.
This is the "BLOWN OUT" repellant though, This is the one you hear the
horror rejection stories from guys because of. Come up stinking like a
cat terd and talking to her in front of her friends! You must LOVE

Attractant: Similar values or ideas.

Repellant: Opposite values or ideas. This is "social rapport" where
as the biological was "fear based quelling" rapport techniques. Basic
social rapport is picking your battles. People only argue and fight
and butt heads then end up fucking in the movies and camp trailers
parked on campground spaces as a first home. Any other time this
"opposites attract" business is bullshit fictional induction based
seduction theory. Simple, Social attractants are being "liked" and
accepted, people like people like them and accept those with similar
values. This may be incredibly hard to swallow as its probably never
been written anyplace before. It hasn't in self help because it isn't
sexy enough to sell a coffee cup, much less a John Grey 1000 dollar
spectacular Caribbean weekend. He's gotta make up something more
controversial to your mental frames to say.

Unless she is going against your core beliefs don't start a whole
thing. Even then debate skills and diplomatic skills are in order, not
a blow up or cuss out. She says she loves Eminem the rapper and you
think he's a bitch mouth little asshole, well, you ain't got something
nice to say don't say it at all. Change the subject.

Repellant: Verbalizing sexual things. Or pick up lines or lewd
behavior. INSTANT turning on of her social conditioning to a factor of
10. Besides doing so will "let it out" in a way as a natural sexual
man. You wanna be that "subtle sexy man" women try to verbalize in 3
words as everything I've written here as "what they desire". You don't
wanna be the guy who lets it all out with words and behaviors of lewd
and immature nature and disposition and has nothing left to project
out. Its like laying down flat on the ground and humping your own
shadow, nothing left to project, you are just fucking yourself.

MANY MANY MANY more social repulsors out there. Too many to list and
go in depth on. You can use your inference skills on these remaining
list of obvious basics as well as more in the future. CAREFULLY
however to use inference on any new problem not induction. Only once
the basic conclusion from first facts has been drawn and applied with
success do you being to deduce anything. Some conscious dead set
things she thinks outright as repellants or attractants:

Why is digging in ones anus or picking ones nose and wiping it on
their shirt in front of a woman a social and/or biological repulsion
as rationalized by her?

Goldiggers are repulsed by what at an adamant conscious level?

All women are repulsed by hobos, bums or transients as what opposite?

Rock star groupies are attracted by what at a conscious adamant

Persistence works on what type of personality? What do they have
trouble saying?

Persistence fails on what type of personality? What do they get angry
when made to say rather than say it?

Well I hope this has been a helpful guide. The MAIN thing was the
enlightenment of your mind as my attempt. The use of a proper
scientific rather than wild method of analysis has long been absent.
My goal was to instruct you in some fundamentals of attraction and
inner game» I've come to understand. As well as, give you reasonable
examples of how this method of analysis could become a fundamental
tool for you in all first basic facts. Surely induction can be used
once you yourself have experienced results and failures from a
particular instance of like kind many times over. ONLY then is it
rational to attempt in anything as complicated as 2 humans
interacting. Yet with inference it is made quite simple.

By the way for the science nutts out there, NO I'm not claiming to
have invented this way of analysis. I've seen it in several scientific
methods as well as several psychological texts of the older pre self
help schools. Also I think Einstein used something similar in the
theory of relativity coming to be, only starting from 0 rather than
basic first facts, unless you suppose he started out knowing there are
numbers which is inferred. It went a bit over my head but I got the
gist of it. I figure if its good enough for him to use in creating a
bomb to kill hundreds of thousands, then harnessed by a dumb hillbilly
like me can easily be adapted to help guys get their pecker wet, now
get out there and start fuckin!

"Make the ho say no"
Get laid not liked!
"make the ho say no"

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