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RSD Review London/Amsterdam

mASF post by Satori

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RSD Review London/Amsterdam
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mASF post by "Satori"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, October 10, 2004

This is My RSD review. I had to wait 30 days before being able to post it,
hence the delay. Enjoy

I had not looked at the ASF forum before. I recently discovered DyD, got the
interviews CD’s heard this guy Tyler did live workshops, looked it up. It was
coming to Europe and I booked. I couldn’t make London Seminar so I took it in
Amsterdam. My introduction to the world of PU was that simple.

My back ground: I am not a geek. I am an ex-“cool guy”. Sound strange but let
me explain. I lost my way through some really hard years with
depression/drink/binge eating while doing a very full on banking job trading
currencies 7am-8am with a major league US investment bank and getting screwed
by my LTR. Took me 5 years but I broke the cycle, came back “Online” changed
careers, got in to music, cleaned myself up, retrained as an Hypnotherapist and
started writing lyrics and performing. Nice!

So anyway, now I need to sort out my love/sex life. I have had success with
girls before, in retrospect I might even say I had “natural game»” yet I did
not know what or how I did it. I would meet one girl (like my exLTR) who
thought I was the dog’s bollocks. I met her at a meeting to set up a mag, she
was a pa/model, beautiful, bang, and I’m in. Everyone was like “what she doing
with him!” I loved it. I could also meet an average girl who would blow me
right out and I would AFC her and be LJBF’d. The point is I believed the
attraction was something the girls had. She HAS attraction for me. She DOES NOT
HAVE attraction for me. It was external. So when I got into my struggles, I
just kept meeting chicks and being LJBF’ed. The worse I felt, the more I need
a chick, the more I AFC’d her and the more screwed I got. Very slippery slope.

I believed it was something external that I could not control. I lost my sting.
I lost my sexual state. I put on a shit load of weight and my confidence went
out the door. So despite all the work I had done to recover my life and get
back on track. I lost my sexual status, at least it seamed that way to me. I
was so conditioned by society that I could not walk away from the LBJF’s. I was
like, well I have to be a cool guy and a man and just be friends. It’s not
right to walk away as these girls like me and are my mates. Yet I was suffering
and they are getting all my cool time.

Now it had to stop.

So when I flew to Amsterdam I was nervous as fuck. I hadn’t cold approached a
girl in two years. I nearly bailed the night before and went home. That’s when
I wrote that “imprisoned by society” shit I stuck in General post before.

So I show up and we meet in a bar. I’m the first there I think. Over the
course of about an hour the RSD instructors and other participants start to
show up. It’s a mix of PUM,PUA,RAFC,AFC. We all hanging out getting to know
each other. The first thing I see is Sheriff talking to two girls in the café
were we were meeting (sets were reserved for tennis at that time, he was
chatting them up as far as I could see!) This blew me away. I’m like “shit,
they don’t give a fuck!”. The teaching had begun. RSD instructors are a mix
bunch. I don’t feel they all try for rapport with students, some do, some
don’t. I found this uncomfortable at first but then I realised quickly that it
would be artificial if they were all like “Hi, my names Harry, where you from,
would you like a cup of tea, im your new best friend…”. Personally I’m glad
they were not like that. Just by meeting 10 guys who are all displaying alpha
BL, I was learning. Learning fast. So I just enjoyed what I was seeing and my
own reactions too it and started getting a sense that my oww Alphaism was
coming back right away. It made me see where my state was at, and I brought it
up to speed even before the weekend started.

We go through details, take the money, sign the forms and get down to business.
RSD only take deposits so they have a lot of $$ to collect and there is no
“Nice” way to do it I guess. I mean your talking to a guy that bought gun
stocks after the LA riots.Its just business. So I paid up. This was handled
smoothly by Papa. No problems there.

We go to the seminar room and take our seats. I must say the delivery of the
information is absolutely awesome. Entertaining, direct, to the point and
breaks this process down into manageable steps. They do not just focus on
routines. Anyone who says this is there looking for pick up lines. This is not
a good attitude. I guess because I had never heard of anyone, except TD (and
even then I thought he was some punk kid who just happens to be on a DYD cd!!
I did not know he was a big gun or whatever people call him) I even thought is
real name was Tyler. I had never heard any of this shit before. So I was not
focused on the “routines”, what’s a routine? I was focused on the structure
that they were breaking down and explaining brick by brick. My mind blew a fuse
more than once. I wrote more there than any university lecture I have ever gone
to. I got through two note books. I was seeing how my own life stories could be
shared in a more entertaining way. I learned that I could attract women and it
had nothing to do with them. It was me. This was a huge relief. All my previous
sexual encounters flashed through my eyes as I realised all what they had been
teaching was what I had been doing when I pulled HBs. When I got blew out I was
being afc. The proverbial penny droped.

They covered Social Pressure and how it controls us. How you can weld it like a
thing to create desired reactions in people. How it is power. They covered BL,
what to do and what not to do, voice tone, approach angles, timing, logistics,
planning, CB’s Amogs, and more. The structure as well, reversed engineered from
Lay to meet by Merovingian on the second day. It was beautifully presented.
(That must become a DVD.) They did an NLP session as well which was MONEY and
they had Geoff do internals and motivation each day too, from his Anthony
Robbins days. Despite what I have read, RSD is not a one man show. Again, I
think this comes from not having read ASF, I wasn’t Tyler focused. Each
presenter covered their topic brilliantly and they were all fucking amazing.

During the evening we had a prep talk, split into our teams, assigned
instructors and we were led out. This was great. We did Street, Bars and
clubs. I learned so much. just seeing what is possible. What can be done. If
you have an ounce of balls in you, RSD workshop will bring it out. If you have
absolutely none, they will demonstrate the hardest set you ever seen so you can
get the self-belief to approach an easy two set yourself. Its fast, it’s
intense and it works. I call it Electro Shock Therapy as it rewired my AFC

I came back a changed man. I was getting up before the seminar and opening 5
sets before we stared again. I was alive again. Buzzing. Feeling it! I got a
day 2 and really felt it too.

Personal treatment.

Ok we were a lot of guys however, I told Geoff I can’t do it in Night Club. I
had a phobia. I use to party loads but since I stopped drinking and drugs and
going out I just could not go to one. I nearly did not go in. He made me. He
got me in there and took me around for a one hour 1-2-1. It was largely down to
him that I got kiss closes the same night. I would be in set and I would hear
this whispering voice say (psssss lean back….pssss handsdown…pssss…
kino…psssss…neg…..pssss….turn away) It was amazing. Open her, open her. DO IT.
GO DON’T THINK, GOOOO. Shove. I’m in. Hey this is not so bad…

One German guy could not open. TD saw this and took this guy out of the lecture
and into the street for two hours. He then pushed him all night. I then look
around, see him in the club and this guy is on fire. He was a really moany
complaining type of guy (sorry dude but you were!) and yet I hear him using
that in his set with great results. Telling complaining stories to this chick
but being funny! TD really did a job on him and then fucked off to work someone
else. Job done.

26 hung with me too and he has a real rapport building style with trainees and
has a lot of great skill. He showed me how to tone down and calibrate the
humour and provided great feedback. He is not even a big advocate of C+F style
so it was really cool to see a very natural approach.

Then there’s Merovingian, who in accordance with his name showed me the matrix
and he DOES own it. I have never heard someone say such crazy shit to a girl
and she just melts!

Protocol did a lecture on AMOGing Yeah he has made a theory out of it and then
he demonstrated. He had a 6 set and a celebrity amog and he held it tight for
about 30 mins. Shit! The celebrity left, the chicks stayed.

RSD guys do work their own sets during workshops but they break off and move
on. They are demonstrating, not going for lays. Without the demonstrating I
would not have gone into set, no fucking way. My head was so in the wrong place
when I started but watching what is possible was an awakening for me. And none
of these guys are good looking (sorry guys, you suck, looks wise!) I’m like,
shit, I CAN DO THAT. And I did! Boy did I do it. They went for lays after two
o/clock when the workshop ended. But they also hang with students during their
own personal time. I saw them go clubbing till 4, 5 o/c with students,
including myself. So yeah they were late starters but they made up for that by
staying out real late too. I spent two weekends with these guys in London and
Amsterdam and I only went home at 2 o/c if I was really tired and it was my
choice and that only happened one time, my first night out. My brain was
exhausted. But all the time, RSD were like, come on, lets go do some more
sets. Nutters!

Another funny thing was having loads of guys there all using the same line. I
opened many sets and they said, some guy just asked us that. It was a test to
get pulled on my opener. I was stuck at first then I just started saying I was
part of a psychologist’s Mafia. Or I just ignored it or I used it a cold read
opener. Did you just get asked if you were a liar? Whatever! The whole world
is a cock farm, or we would not be here. I liked the big numbers. I haven’t
hung out with a posse for years and I really enjoyed the comradery.

The whole experience felt like some mad movie. My last night with these guys
was the last Saturday they were in London. It was 4am, 2 hours past close. I’m
out about to bail, happy with my two number closes and a couple of make outs.
Then there is a fifteen set with just two girls. The last set in Leicester
Square. Its opened, its chaos, all kinds of people are in it. One guy shouting
“I’ve been waiting for you hours” to one of the chics while tugging her sleeve.
Tyler’s moved in she’s saying to this guy stop tugging me. Geoff’s in, the
Amogs, about 7 each are on full swing as well as taxi drivers trying to get the
girls business. Some guy, I think it was another student, at some point told
the chick his hamster had died. She just melted. Funniest shit ever to see
amongs all this chaos. But TD and Geoff are in flow, gaming, unaffected by the
spectacle that surrounds them. The guys there don’t know what’s going on. RSD
spilt the set, Geoff extracts, TD sees this and follows. They leave. All there
is a bunch of guys eating kebabs and their chicks are gone.

Now that’s what I call an ending. I went home and it took a few days to absorb
what I had seen. What is possible. What can be achieved. I realised this is the
most fun form of self-development I have ever encountered and trust me, to sort
my shit out I have done ‘em all.

With RSD, the lay is the bonus, not just the goal. They grew through this art
form themselves. The students grow too, if you approach it this way as I did.
If you go intending to be led into a club, have your hand held and led to a
pussy fountain in which you can dip your wick, then you will be disappointed.
And you may as well have someone else fuck the chicks as well! This is not
stunt cock training! You have to push yourself, you have to push for what you
want. Grab a guy and say..lets do this. This is the beginning of your alpha

My only problem was by the last night I felt I was not getting anything from
the guest trainer I was assigned to. But it weren’t because they were not
great. More because after 6 nights of this shit, my early game was up. But
isn’t that the point? I don’t think this could be avoided. I am sure if the
instructor had followed me into mid game then the teaching could have continued
but he had a hard job to do that. What’s he going to do? Tag a long in my
pocket? Or bug me from afar? No! From here on it’s up to me to read and
experiment and derive my own style and lay chicks on my own and with my own
dick. I have a great foundation on which to build and most importantly a map of
where I am going.

If you are not prepared to work and push yourself it might not be the best
format. Don’t go expecting a bunch of ex geeks to build rapport with you and
make you “feel comfortable” all the time too. And talk about when they too
loved computers. They won’t and why should they. The world won’t either and
AMOGS definitely won’t. That’s why we’re here right! So I don’t expect them to
start off pandering to my old false idea of how the world works. It’s a
realistic approach. So what they will do is address your issues if you bring’em
up. Make time for you if you ask. Take you out well late into the early hours
if you want. On the negatives, they are a bit slack in starting and the breaks
go on a bit too long occasionally. And this would be poor if it were for a
lecture about a different subject. But it’s pick up, were going out late. Has
anyone been to a Rock concert/hip hop show and they start on time? Its alpha,
get with the programme. Besides, the breaks are good for making friends and
finding local wings, kick back and enjoy it. I met some great dudes in both
locations. See it’s this regimented thinking RSD are trying to break. Damm I
can’t stay on the negative can I. Ok. Let me try again…

Actually, Fuck it. RSD rocks. I love it and my life is changed for it in many
My advice.

1) If there is any type of workshop of this kind near you, soon, go. It doesn’t
mater if it’s BB, Mystery, RSD. Just go. As long as it has field work, go.
Forget what you have read on ASF, this is not a real place. You cant fuck
here!! Go see people do this stuff in whatever style and see em live, you’ll
love it whoever it is and you’ll do it yourself to. If I had the cash I would
do ‘em all myself.

2) Be prepared to work.

3) Know there is no magic pill.

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