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Strongest Frame Wins!

mASF post by PointBlank

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Strongest Frame Wins!
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mASF post by "PointBlank"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, September 9, 2004

OK, this may be a simple concept but I think it's mad important. Let's lay down
a pretext to this post first so that there will be some clarification.

My definiton of frame?

Frame is a person's reality that is imposed on society(other people).

That's what I think of frame is. I think this is important in real life in
general and more importantly in a sarge/interaction. Now, how can this be
applied to girls? Well, let's take a look.

Clearly, the strongest frame is always supreme. Let me give you some semantics
about a term that Badboy calls the Society Matrix.

The Society Matrix, to me, is where a world of people live serve and work too
hard under this social plane and they only get little for their efforts. Let's
just say if you fit under this bill, that you don't have a lot of things going
for you. You're not happy in this world. You're pathetic, you don't get any
benefits, you're just a statistic, another number.

Now, there's another spiritual/physical plane of what I like to call the
Reality Matrix. Badboy never took this phrase so I made this phrase "Reality
Matrix" up because I think it's easy to relate and understand to. Well, see,
the people with strong frames are the bosses, ceo's, actors, sports players,
etc. and they are selected as people who reap the rewards because they took
individualistic qualities and imposed their reality upon society. That's how I
define this term I'm fishing out- the Reality Matrix. Basically, it's you
imposing your reality frame matrix ONTO the society matrix but the reality is
very strong and overrides society's rules. That is my main goal.

It conveys many great things about you. You don't want to be a guy who just
have a strong frame. The celebrities, sports players, ceo's are people with
strong frames but STILL they succumb under the society matrix by trying to live
up to its standards of having the stereotypical rich cars and houses, signing
autographs, and needing publicity. You guys may not be following me here but
try to stay with me. Now people with Strongest Frames are guys like us. Want an
example? Let's take TylerDurden- the PUA for example.

Here's an account of seeing him interact in real life by another person, not
me. This person saw TD go open a 5 set of 2 girls and 3 amogs. From a distance,
it looks like the AMOGs are actual boyfriends but they happened to just meet
the girls that night. So, what does TD do? He goes in and plows, takes over the
girls aka taking the fuck over the set. The AMOG's are poking him in the
shoulder hard, trying to provoke a fight, getting really up close in his face,
cursing at him, everything that a typical person would feel the heat of social
pressure and back out. What does TD do? TD does not flinch one bit, he
completely blocks out this AMOG out of his reality matrix. The girls are sucked
into his matrix and from one account, "looks like a bubble was around them and
anyone who dared interfere would zap into vapor." All the while he gets a
number close while the AMOG has the girl in a headlock and trying to drag her

You see the strength of a powerful reality frame matrix? The difference between
the Reality Matrix and the Society Matrix, I feel, is that the reality one is
individualistic while the society one is general population, you are another
statistic in that matrix.

Want some more examples? Here are some more.

You're up against some 9's. Perfect. Imagine them anyway you want- tanned,
blonde, brunette, big tits, round ass, long legs, beautiful face, whatever.
Just imagine your 9. Now, your best bet is to get social proof but you see
other guys gawking and trying their best pick up lines. That doesn't leave you
with much and you see these girls contemplating on leaving. NO!!! Now it is
time to take the fuck over the set.

You go up to her, you roll and project with your opener loud. Completely engage
their minds so they are focused on you. Make it look like you're about to leave
in any second. Do not wait for their answer, that is not the strongest frame.
Keep rolling with material, keep plowing, the girl is not paying attention? Tap
her on the shoulder and point to yourself, "show's over here." These girls are
auto-piloting you with some hardcore shit tests whether they are(separated into
two categories here): 1) State Shit tests, 2) Congruence shit tests.

It is probably the latter and now they are testing to see if you are truely the
real deal and live up to this image or if you are just acting like this and
your frame is truely weak. The girls are shouting out, "Why are you asking us?
Um, ok man." Are you phased by this? NO. Your reality matrix does not tolerate
this kind of bullshit. Same thing with AMOG's. When an AMOG tries to rip you
up, "Hey man, check this guy out, god look at that shirt, what a pimp man,
(taps on your shoulder), you are a player dawg!" and think of this statement
said by him in the most condescending way. Do you flinch? NO. You do not
tolerate this bullshit and you punish his behavior by ignoring him and
communicate non-verbally that you didn't hear him. Do not acknowledge the
existence of things you do not tolerate, and that includes cutting off threads
that are not helping you. This similar scenario did happen and my wing
unfortunately could not keep it but I have similar situations where I kept to
the guidelines, and the set went well.

So, let's clarify this. What you're basically doing is imposing you reality
matrix onto the society matrix. And only the alphas are man enough to impose
their reality, their mind, their thoughts as an individual and that what makes
you attractive and increases tremendous value.


-Some notes on AMOG's

This has been posted by TylerD already but I think it needs more clarification.
AMOG's will always try to cut you down CONDESCENDINGLY, you will know from the
tone of their voice. It's stupid. A great example is I saw a comedian,
obviously very socially intelligent, and the way he did it was throw the
standard AMOG lines- "Man, this guy is a riot. Keep spitting smoe more jokes"
and then follows up immediately by logically cutting him down by seeking
rapport but doing it in a way so his tone is so condescending. That is a key

But, this such a basic topic turned complex so take it for what it's worth and
find some value in it, and apply it!

-Blank Formerly known as Mach3

EDIT: btw if you want credit. The Society Matrix and descriptions is credited
to Shark and not originally from me. Reality Matrix is something I thought up
and put into my own words and thoughts. Peace.

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