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franco‘s ebook et. al.

mASF post by ankh-f-n-khonsu

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franco‘s ebook et. al.
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mASF post by "ankh-f-n-khonsu"
posted on: mASF forum: Reviews Discussion, January 1, 2005

Firstly, franco, throughout it, uses the word loose where he means lose

Secondly, it reads as though he learned this language by reading english
translations of nietzsche. which is a good thing. He courses through the
territory of words well.

Being well read AND being good at seduction is a double edged sword here.
Having a self and knowing it is a good thing too. Deangelo has a good grasp of
this also.

Franco's views come across clearly and coherently and there's little that needs
'straightening out'.

I stayed up late reading this, because you have to read it all as one coherent
piece. it's very absorbing and it just flows on.

I read it not long after listening to deangelo's disjointed, but very useful,

By reading this, the proper frame as a whole is really clicking for me.

And having read a few other guides in between. It's very refreshing to actually
"BE" in the mindset of someone whom is ready and willing to pickup girls at any
moment in any place.
From the very first word in it to the very last, you are inside the mind of a
real pick up artist. Everything that flows therein is a mere delineation of how
that mind works (or should work at least)
This was written in every sense of having an alpha attitude and is not resting
in the vantage point of anybody but himself. Everybody else "IS" his guest.

Besides wanting to skim through half of it, one of the confusions i had while
reading Swingcat's guide, was that it seemed as though he lost his own sense of
reality in writing it and started wandering into the realities of other people.
It was very schitzophenic in that sense.
So swingcat first deals with the Pick up attitude for a bit, but then he
crosses over into how a female thinks (like you are supposed to care for all
that extraneous stuff. not for just what's import and what you need to deal
with in pickup) so first i'm getting into a nice Pickup rut about how I might
apply this mindset, but it then gets you shifting into a female mindset. And
that really fucks you up when he shifts back into Pickup artist"techniques",
so now i'm thinking about what a female might think when "looking in" at this
stuff being applied. that totally scrambles my brain and any sense of where i'm
supposed to be at with my "alpha" frame.
I notice this same confusing shift in me when going through deangelo's stuff;
the way he had patchworked all of other guys' views together.
and you're rebounding off of different viewpoints and quotes he pulls togethor.
Essentially, all guides i can remember reading thus far have only been a
patchwork of many different vantage points, or research they've read in other
people's books.

Otherwise, Richard Bandler communicates with words the only frame that i've
found to be attractive and found worthy of emulating.

Like i say, with what Franko's written, from the first word to the last, is
like from the mind of a PAU looking out at the chick. Not from any vantage
point of a how a chick or any body else might be thinking looking in. He merely
"respects" other's view ponints.

It just all gels. What you won't get are techniques; patterns; scripts et. al.
But the theory is all very sound.

I suppose communicating a strong philosophic paradigm is what i can relate to
best here

Okay, so this review was long, but let it be a reminder to y'all other wannabe
"guide" writers out there of how to write a guide.

Okay, now somebody here owes me lots of money..

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