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Discussion : update to James Method

mASF post by jamesmethod

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Discussion : update to James Method
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mASF post by "jamesmethod"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2004

Hi Group,

I'm updating my e-book and have added/amended some of the basic James Method
rules. I'd like any constructive feedback on the below before it goes into


Change your lifestyle completely.

Talk to women without any preparations, precautions, expectations or

Go to an gym three times a week for sessions of at least one hour.

Start doing some new hobby or interest you enjoy to keep yourself very busy.

If suffering from 'analysis paralysis', you should switch off your computer,
put down your books, and start some physical movement doing a task that is
simple and by your side. For example, you may clean your house or wash your
car. This may cause your brain to become unlocked from the analytical mode and
the process of thinking excessively about women to pass.

Whilst on your way with James Method, you should watch any of the below films
once every few weeks (no particular order) to help you on the journey. Most
are not available in video shops anymore, but if you search Amazon you can find
most on DVD or VHS for around $5 each. Click on the links for information about
the films 1) Swingers 2) Fight Club 3) The Matrix I 4) Cruel Intentions 5) The
Rules of Attraction 6) American Beauty 7) Scarface 8) The Tao of Steve 9) The
Witches of Eastwick 10 The Thomas Crown Affair 11) The Right Stuff

You should listen to positive and uplifting music. It would be meaningless to
provide a list as everyone's taste is different. If you are in a negative
state, it is best not to listen to music altogether rather then listen to
something angry or frustrated, as this would only reinforce the emotional
state. I personally listen to a lot of non-lyrical trance music such as Paul
Oakenfold, whilst I work. The important lesson is to have a diverse taste in

At least once a week, whilst in your town or city, you should sit down next to
a hot women on a bus or train whilst browsing a softcore pornographic magazine.
This technique called 'shame attacking'. Are you afraid that people know you
want to fuck hot chicks? This is the first step to eroding the society program
that creates that shame in your head.



Stop looking for a magic cure for your chump insecurities.

Do not drink alcohol or take recreational drugs, especially if you are unhappy.

Do not go to seduction seminars, do not read books or forums that are related
to picking up women, do not collect information about your problems. Cease
gathering information about becoming a pickup artistStop listening to your intrusive, negative and doubtful thoughts.

Stop practising any existing method and do not seek out alternative methods.

Do not ask yourself or others how to become a pickup artistStop watching television programs or films which show weak or frustrated chump
males (especially romantic comedies), do not read newspapers or magazines
unless your job requires it.

Do not browse the internet for more then one hour a day, except at your job if
it is required. Do not try to pickup women via e-mail, instant messaging, or in
any way or form online.

When you are suffering from very strong loneliness or negative feelings,
instead of struggling with it like chumps do, you should go to your home
straight after finishing work or school and go to bed early at night. You
should realise that thinking for a long time about the ideas why you are a
chump is just a waste of time in your life.

After you have suffered a negative experience in life or with a women, you
should forget that event and should not attempt to prepare any extra
precautions to prevent that event happening again.

Overcome approach anxiety now!

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