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Att N3rve1 re Gunwitch interview

mASF post by the_jacas

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Att N3rve1 re Gunwitch interview
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mASF post by "the_jacas"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, October 10, 2004

On 10/24/04 10:39:00 PM, n3rv1 wrote:
>On 10/24/04 5:58:00 PM, the_jacas wrote:
>>This is a limiting belief. Im
>>a 4th year PhD student in
>>computer science and I get
>>laid. I also know of many
>>other technical people that
>>get laid.
>We're talking about doing PU, not just
>getting laid. Big difference. I can drop
>fifty bucks on a prostitute and get
>laid. I can go on an internet personals
>site, or troll AOL instant messenger and
>get laid. I can fuck my buddy's
>girlfriend, or my sister's best friend,
>or that chick I knew from highschool,
>but taking a chick from perfect stranger
>to fuck-buddy in 24-48 hours is PU.
>Just wanna make sure you see the
>distinction there.
Yes this is true. So let me rephrase my statement. I pickup. I know
technical people that pickup.

>>Yes it can be challenging
>>interacting with people after
>>interacting with the computer
>>all day. But not impossible.
>I don't think anyone ever said it was
>impossible to interact with people after
>going scientist all day long. Again,
>like above, interacting with people and
>doing PU, while related, are different
>creatures. I think even the most
>flourescent-light-tanned lab mutant can
>interact with people before, during, and
>after his math binges; going outside the
>comfort zone of social circles and
>picking up hot chicks, however, is a
>different ball game.
ankh-f-n-khonsu wrote 'If you're talking several hours after, it can't be done.
Fullstop.' That sounds like he is saying it is impossible to me. I have not
gotten with a girl from my social circle since I can remember (atleast 1
year?). I normally am working 7 days a week and many of those days I sarge
immediately after.

>>so for starters the magical
>>formula is to quit telling
>>yourself 'If you're talking
>>several hours after, it can't
>>be done'.
>What I addressed in my above post, just
>in case you didn't read it, had more to
>do with the reverse: that is, getting
>INTO the analytic mindset AFTER doing
>PU, rather than getting into PU mindset
>AFTER going analytic. I think most would
>agree that it takes little to no time at
>all to snap out of algorithm-like
>thinking and into "hey I wanna get
>laid," but it's snapping back out of
>that caveman, "me want pussy on dick,"
>mindset and into "hmmm what's the rate
>constant differential here," that's the
>REAL challenge. It is for me anyway...
Yes agreed. can be hard to focus sometimes. I specifically write down my
goals and go for 40 hours of real work / week (surfing the web doesnt count).
40 hours of real work is harder than it sounds (you can put in 80 hours and
only actually do 20 of real work) especially when nobody is telling you what
you need to do. Before I wrote down my goals and kept track of my hours it was
very difficult to focus when constantly thinking of pickup.

>Again, not saying it's impossible, but
>simply opening the topic up for
>discussion, as it seems a lot of guys
>reading this are in the
>computer/engineering/science fields.
>It's an aloof, boring, and at best
>useless response to say that this is all
>a big "self-limiting belief"
>circle-jerk. Shit, you can say that any
>belief short of "I'm going to conquer
>the world," is a self-limiting belief,
>but let's get realistic here.
Ok I agree all this can be quite challenging to switch over. My point was that
it is not impossible. Yes it can be quite challenging but hey thats why we are
here to challenge ourselves (go outside our comfort zone). And yes I do think
many things in life are limiting beliefs. Major Mark claims EVERYTHING is a
limiting belief. Have you seen the guy? He is 50 lbs overweight, a tucked in
hawaiin shirt (wtf dont tuck in your hawaiin shirts), old, glasses, and a
magnum PI mustache. I havent seen the quantity or quality of his women but you
can tell by his confidence and body language he does pickup and get laid when
he says he does. The reason? Because he does not limit his beliefs. He knows
anything is possible. fuck what anybody else says or thinks.

>I got into ASF long before I got into
>engineering, and at this point I'm still
>searching for the happy-medium. As it
>stands, my mind functions better with
>zero distractions to all this new
>information (mainly scientific) I'm
>taking in. Attractive females are
>impossible to ignore, but if I had to
>make a choice between my life goals and
>my PU skills, I would pick the life
>goals any day. The question is, are the
>two compatable?
Yes life goals are my #1 priority also. Yes the two are compatible.

Would I be a better pickup artistif my work was in sales or something similar?
Yes quite possibly. But for me personally I prefer to balance my 'geek' side
with my pimp side.

Yes it can be hard picking up HBs after interacting with a computer/math all
day. But my point is it is not impossible.


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