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The Core of Natural Game»

mASF post by Pimpjuice

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The Core of Natural Game»
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mASF post by "Pimpjuice"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, October 10, 2004

GOAL: get some groundbreaking positive discussion going on. Show what its
really like to be a natural». Laugh at the haters.

The core of Natural Game».

Based on my experiences as someone who has been heavily pursued by the opposite
sex prior to the ASF Experience, I can say I have tight grasp on natural game».
It seems to be a fascination with naturals, this is natural. The fascination
isn’t’ only held by those that aspire to be pickup artistand this is a key
used to this fascination that they induce and comfortable with it. This
fascination/admiration/attraction…whatever you would like to call it is very
responsible for the conditioning of the natural. Most people that are naturals
are because of their conditioning!!!!! Whatever you are is the sum of your
conditioning; the great thing about humans is the fact that we can condition
ourselves in order to prevent from running into the same wall over and over

The conditioning of the natural

Emotional Intelligence includes a range of things from self-awareness to social
awareness. The experiences of the natural promote inner strength, which
connects to self-awareness and extends itself to social awareness. With that
the experiences of any individual has an effect on their inner strength self
perception and perception of society. And naturals have a perception of society
and self that bends for their desires.
This perception has a direct effect on the beliefs, which are the fuel to our

I will use an example from my beliefs my conditioning and my reality.

Example Natural Belief “ I can make no cold approaches and get laid

Conditioning of Belief: Ever since I can remember girls have gave me the open
door. I moved into a new house and the girl next door came over with her
friends trying to hook up wit me the second day. (I said no but later she
brought a friend I did hook up with)
I can kick it at a party and just be socializing and 8 nights out of 10 I can
guarantee at least 3 chicks start conversations with me. Girls write me letters
in church. I have been an athlete most of my years and that’s given hundreds of
girl’s excuses to open me. I’ve been approached my modeling agencies. When I go
to the club I often get groped like the females do. I spot AI’s constantly. My
friend’s girlfriends flirt with me. Girls pull my number. Girls pass me around.
My friends are cool and introduce me to girls that want to fuck me. People want
to hang out with me etc.

Conditionings affects on Actions: I am very aware of what’s cool and what’s
lame/ needy. I am very persuasive. I have a strong frame. I speak my mind. I
chill back so much and joke. I have internalized all the cute faces and all the
little sayings over the years that make girls go gaga for me I am willing to
walk away. I naturally screen. I act on approach invitations. I keep up my
physique. I make an effort to be empathetic. I understand people. I’m patient.
I’m not attached to the outcome. I know how to isolate and escalate. I know
when a girl is attracted to me. I try to get things and special treatment. I
know how to be a cute charming devil. Etc. (Notice these are all things that
get me lay without any mention of cold approaching)

I just started cold approaches last year and still haven’t mastered them due to
the easiness of other things.

When a chick looks at you in the club and you wave her over to your home base,
she thinks your cool, she likes the way you talk, she likes the way you move,
she admires how you are perceived, she perceives you as a leader and the
selector and you end up fucking her. Well what the fuck did you do?

If you are like most naturals you know exactly what you were doing but may have
difficulty explaining it as your actions are the results of things you’ve
implicitly learned. Your limbic brain knows what’s going on but the links
between your limbic brain and your reasoning faculty make it difficult to
explain the phenomenon, unless you’re TD!
But as a natural you know consciously and unconsciously when you stand like
this girls dig it or when you lean in too quick for the kiss girls lean back
. Your timing, presence
And sexuality is above average, along with things like wit and social skills
that you have strengthened through the things you have learned implicitly due
to your conditioning. You know that girls are more sexual than men. You’ve been
in situation that allow for you be aware of what makes a girl attraction, trust
and comfort.

Most people have been exposed to what makes girls attracted, and comfortable
they just aren’t that perceptive. They need to work on their personal and
social awareness.

One key thing that resonates through naturals and is sort of Secret Society ish
Is this? Impermanence. Naturals realize that impermanence is a guarantee.
They know that things don’t last forever so they hop in those windows of
opportunities. They realize that love doesn’t last forever nor does lust so
they learn how to appreciate these things and not get attached to them. This
knowledge increases Emotional Intelligence, which increases attraction when sub

Example Like to weeks ago. I smashed a chick that was more emotional than a
newborn baby, literally. She broke up with some guy so I could smash and at the
last minute he games her. She get’s hysterical and shit. My internal dialogue
is “ Well I guess im not fucking her tonight” am I affected? NO. I just take a
nonchalant nap on her bed realizing that my plans to fuck weren’t so permanent
but not affected at all by it. She notices my composure, we fuck………………….

There is a lot more that I have to say, when time permits…
I welcome comments, criticism, and plain old hate.

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