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mASF post by Pimpjuice

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mASF post by "Pimpjuice"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, August 8, 2004

Ignorance is often shown in the form of pride.

There is no negativity in my original post. The only thing I've witnessed is
misunderstanding. I am not condemning anything. And for those that
sarcastically stated " sex is bad". I never thought that and I've always
enjoyed sex but, I'm evolving and therefore my sexual activity and who I choose
to engage it with must evolve. Some chicks don't deserve this dick.

My questions show a ton about me and my compassion for others. They show that I
want people to seriously think about their lives with the big head. They
reflect the things I see in MY WORLD that we all live in.

What concerns me is the illusionary perception of the road to greatness and
happiness. Everyday I observe people that are searching for happiness in all
the wrong places.
Some people aspire to be a magical artist of some sorts that has the power to
pickup any “hot bitch” and sweep her to his flat for a wonderful night of
instant sex. The sense of validation derived from that is the equivalent of a
female determining her value by the number of her male suitors. Others develop
a sense of confidence from their club conquest of women they despise.

What hurts me is seeing people get torn down because of women instead of
elevated. Most people are blind to their own ills and it has always been said
that the truth hurts. Oftentimes the pain is expressed by sarcasm and baseless
bravado. (Especially when you can hide behind a screen) For those people that
would like to run from truth, I will chase you until you stop or keep running
into a river of ignorance. I hate seeing people waste their talents, time, and
energy. Am I condemning pickup? Not at all, what I am asking people to do is
step their game up. Realize the path that you are going on. Most chicks that
have an STD don’t know it, so it’s up to us to be confident in our
decision-making skills. STD’s aren’t my only concern. You are whom you surround
yourself with and whom you mate with is a direct reflection of you. I used to
run around the club looking for the next “ hot bitch I can fuck tonight” and I
often succeeded. When this was happening I was confident in the eyes of other
but on the insides I was depressed. Especially when those females with
substance ran the other when they heard about my SOCIAL PROOF. I was looking
for validation in all the wrong places, just like a lost little girl. The most
respected pickup artiston this board will tell you that being a PUA is the
equivalent of being a HB10 in the stereotypical sense. Is that what you really
want to be?

I know I’m not the only person that has goals and enjoys the company of people
that are on the same page as me. I know there are others on this very board
that appreciate a relationship where both parties have respect for themselves
and each other. Some people may be so blind that their escapades give them a
sense of self-respect. Those that aren’t aware of the reality of this world
cause me to question their mental capacity and emotional maturity. (Not that
there’s anything wrong with being low capacity and emotionally immature) A
woman can help you, a harem of woman can help you and one dumb chick can dig
you a real deep ditch. Just ask Kobe Bryant or Bill Clinton.

As far as my comments of being a man versus a PUA, where’s the vagueness?

What I want to promote on this board is a vibe of being a gentleman. Enjoy
wonderful nights with wonderful women. Handle your business and minimize risk
in this chaotic HELLuva place. Be a role model, mate with role models. Screen
for quality and make wise decision, you’ll have a much more fun life.

Think of the possibilities…………… Think of having 1-3 topnotch chicks that
some fools thousand can’t compare to and he knows it and acknowledges it
somewhere inside himself. Some people will never truly see the soul of a woman.
And some chicks will never really see the soul of a man.

"The greats give themselves workshops everyday"

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