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Lay Report x 3: Get in the Van!

mASF post by Woodhaven

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Lay Report x 3: Get in the Van!
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mASF post by "Woodhaven"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, August 8, 2004

I've had a slew of very similar lays recently, and I am posting the last few in
one layreport, as separate reports would look very redundant in this case.

These lays were a result of the following influences: Shark, Swinggcat,
Dimitri, Ross Jeffries, Formhandle, TokyoPUA.

Target Profiles:

HB1: Korean chick about 22 years old. Had one boyfriend previously in Korea.

HB2: Chinese chick with jacked teeth. (I don't mind, she has a great ass!)
33 years old, has a boyfriend in china.

HB3: 18 year old virgin, very beautiful korean chick. As the pickup artistformerly known as manifestis3 would say: "I devirginized her."

All picked up during the daytime. HB1 was part of a 2set Dimitri and I
extracted from the Prudential. HB2 was on the street, I spoke with her
casually and # closed. HB3 was in Barnes and Noble. I rolled up with "Hi, I
saw you walking over there and I think you're beautiful." (credit: Shark)

Notes: HB3 -- The languaging I use to # close is "Let's get together and have
some coffee sometime." said in a very casual, relaxed manner - as if I just
thought of it then and there. It makes the # close the next logical step. It
also gives them concrete plans of why you are getting her #. So as I said this
to HB3, she told me that her phone is broken -- at first glance sounds like a
flake. One thing I used to do which i think a lot of guys still do is
PRESUPPOSING HER ATTEMPT TO FLAKE. (Which of course causes her to flake) I use
to do things like;
-acting as if i don't believe her / mistrust of women in general
-Using too much technique to get the #
-calling the # right then and there... etc... (one exception is if you are
calling to leave a high energy message with her, which just shows that you are
fun and playful)

The above USED to work for me better when I was RAFC... but I believe that the
more powerful you become the more gentle you should be with women. From the
very beginning, frame the entire interaction between the two of you as
cooperative, not competitive.

Instead, i said, "that's cool, I trust you... do you have email?" Which
presupposes trust. I am starting to think this is better for me, more
congruent with my style... because if she tries to give you a fake #, you're
haven't g closed her and you're basically fucked anyway.

So with HB1 and 2, I called, ran some high energy phone game, HB3, I sent her a
short email (Jay's email rules).

So I set up some coffee meetings around 4 in the afternoon.

We meet in the copley mall and get coffee. My basic MO is the following:
-Setting a dominant frame and the underlying meaning of the interaction.
-Busting on her - repeating things she said in a skeptical tonality and then
looking at her like "ok you can explain yourself now."
-Getting her to qualify herself to me.
-Telling short real life stories that are interesting or funny.
-Leading aggressively when venue changing.
-Underneath all of the teasing and ballbusting there is a very "direct" vibe
that I like her and enjoy being with her.
-Playful kino - not serious kino - like holding her hand or putting my arm
around her (That has a tendency to raise ASD in public)

I actually keep this up throughout the entire interaction from start to finish.

After about 45 minutes to an hour of coffee I say "I'm having a nice time with
you, let's take a walk"

She agrees, and we walk around the mall a bit, then down onto Newbury st. I
continue the basic MO - connecting with her, sharing stories from my life, my
outlook, my perspective on things, talking about my passions and dreams. Also
I continue to bust on her and set the frame that she's not as cool as me, kind
of nerdy. (credit: Swinggcat) I will also use a lot of callback humor - if
there is something I busted on her about, and it got a good reaction, I will
keep going back to it over and over - and she will love it more and more. Over
the course of the evening I think I must have had 12-15 different ongoing jokes
that I could bring back at any time to add excitement and fun to our vibe.
The thing about this is, I really genuinely enjoy these interactions, they are
awesome moments of my life, I really had a great time connecting with the
girls, and it made it a once in a lifetime romantic fantasy being fulfilled for

So after about 1 hour of walking, its about 6'oclock and I say "I'm hungry...
you hungry?" If she says yes I say "Great lets get dinner!", if she says no, I
say, "Great, you can watch ME eat!"

Once she agrees to dinner, we walk into the copley garage where my van is
parked. by agreeing to dinner she has agreed to go into the van, since
socially she has committed herself. Agreeing to going to dinner (seems
harmless, we're in a mall, right?) means she will basically be congruent with
following me and getting in the van with me.

We get in the van, and start driving. We are going to Quincy market. I tell
her "There is this awesome parking garage called Post Office Square Garage, and
it's only 7 bucks on the weekends. All the other places are like 28 bucks.
But its hard to find. Here, take this map, you can be my navigator. And if we
get lost, I won't blame you.... entirely.. maybe only 75% ;) "

So I hand her the map and off we go. It's actually quite a challenge driving
around Boston, so its a challenge for her to navigate as well, and by her
working to help me drive there, it does a few things.
-Occupies her conscious mind, so that she cannot use her logic think about the
possibilities of being in the van with me.
-She puts work into the process, becomes congruent to the PU
-Reverse supplication (credit: Dimitri)
-Frame of her being my "navigator" - my bitch

We arrive at the garage. This parking garage is underground, and it is 6
levels deep. On the weekend, the first level has spaces, but is pretty full.
The second level is pretty empty but still plenty of cars. The third level has
about 10 cars on the entire level and is pretty dimly lit. I want to park on
at least the third level. But it might seem weird driving down there, past all
these empty spots. So as I am driving from level 2 to 3, I say "I don't know
if you've ever been here during the week, but this place is PACKED! I came
here one time and it was so crowded, I had to park on the 6th level! Can you
believe that??" So when I park on the 3rd level, it's not so weird. Also this
serves as a bit of a distraction.

I park in THE SAME EXACT SPOT every time. It's in a corner, facing a wall,
with a wall on the passenger side also.

Then as soon as I park, we get out, I lead with "Come on, let's go." To ease
any concerns.

A word about comfort and rapport.

I don't ever consciously try to use comfort and rapport. I assume rapport and
comfort. (I assume attraction too, but I do believe that I am naturally
attractive through my looks, dress, BL, tonality, and attitude) I think
comfort comes from experience (Formhandle just had an excellent post about
this, I agree with it completely - about gaining confidence from experience)
Anyway the ability to handle social pressure translates into the ability to
dissipate social pressure. So being able to handle tough situations like
multiple AMOGS will give you the inherent ability to extinguish any awkwardness
or social clumsiness of the girl. When you can dissipate and relieve social
pressure created by the girl you are with, she will feel comfortable with you -
and that is all the comfort and rapport you need to lay her!

I am not saying to dissipate all pressure, but be the one in control of the
flow. You create it at will, you can dissipate it. She creates it by
accident, and since you like her and are merciful you can choose to relieve it
or not.

We walk to Quincy market, and walk around. I continue with the standard MO.
We find a place to eat, and have dinner. I will also do things like tell
stories with a sexual vibe to them, or use innuendos or play the lying game -
which is a fun way to introduce sexual topics. I let her pay for half of
dinner if she offers, if not I pay. I don't think too much about supplication
because I know she's gonna get fucked by me anyway and it will not have
mattered if I paid or not.

After dinner I walk her back to the van. I go over to her side, open her door
to let her in, and before she gets in, I do a mini-wall slam - (the walls are
concrete, so I'm not too rough...) Kiss them for a few minutes and then say
"Get in the Van." At this point she gets in the van, but doesn't know if I
stopped it to leave or whatever. They get in, and if they put their seatbelt
on, I say "Take off your seatbelt" Then I continue to kiss them inside the
van. This is good enough isolation.

NOTE: This entire method is based on the following model:
1. Keep the vibe lively.
2. Qualify her when she asks for it.
3. Increase the level of seduction (kino and isolation) continuously.

Simple and easy. Genuinely have fun with the girl, show her an exciting time,
and get her to agree to your transitions. Make the transitions subtle and go
from low risk to high risk. They agree to talk to me for a few minutes. They
must like me. They give me their number. They meet me for coffee (low risk to
meet someone in the mall for coffee) but then they agree for a walk. During
the walk we leave the mall and come back, stretching the comfort a bit - then
agree to dinner, which means they are agreeing to going in the van. Going in
the van - I can park wherever I want - they have no control over that. I park
in an isolated place - go to dinner, then we have to go back to the van, BAM
she is now in isolation. So agreeing to coffee = agreeing to isolation.

At no point does she worry about me trying to fuck her, cause I never try to
get her "to my place" or "her place" etc. She is unprepared to resist. If she
doesn't know how to come up with an excuse of some kind, she cannot resist -
ASD is out of the question.

Plus I think there is some additional thrill to fucking in a public place.

Since the entire thing takes place on a day2 and you will have her in isolation
within 5 or so hours, be prepared for LMR. I am very strong in this area. I
have never isolated a chick without fucking her. And i have never gotten
coffee (recently) with a chick without being able to isolate her.

So my LMR techniques are the following. I use them alternately and

-Qualifying her when she asks for it. "Why do you like me?" me :"I don't know
what it is, when i first saw you i had to talk to you... You seem like such a
gentle, giving person...etc."
-Agreeing with her - "Yes you're right I don't want us to do anything we will
regret." and simultaneously advancing physically.
-Pacing - "Yes, but we can just lie here together, feeling good... Yes but i
can just rub my cock on your pussy without putting it in...etc"
-Speed Seduction type patterning - I think this is an EXCELLENT LMR tactic.
Maybe lots of SS routines and openers seem really socially awkward, but in
endgame, I have gotten excellent results with this. Example:

"What is it like for a woman to... FEEL SO TURNED ON.. NOW I imagine that its
AWARE OF YOUR HEARTBEAT... and your skin becomes so sensitive... feels like
electricity dancing over the surface of your skin. and it builds and builds to
the point where you can just LOOSE CONTROL COMPLETELY and TAKE IT ALL INSIDE"
etc.... said with a very seductive, slow and deep tonality, while rubbing her

At that point sex usually happens. It sucks doing it in the van. SUCKS! It's
like 120 degrees, cramped... I have to roll open a window for her to stick her
head out while she's getting railed. And when you come, it just goes
wherever... When me and HB1 were getting dressed post sex, she pointed out
that I blew a huge load all over her purse which was on the floor under us.
Pretty funny actually.

This method is incredibly powerful and efficient. HB3 actually told me she
loved me that night. After 2 hours sweating in the van, we decided to get a
hotel room to finish, and sleep together the rest of the night.

Questions, Comments??

Grandmaster Woodhaven, Van-Fucking Pick-Up Artist-

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