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My shit tests for chicks

mASF post by Neo-Rio

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My shit tests for chicks
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mASF post by "Neo-Rio"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2004

>Very hot chick says she might
>go to a gay bar. I tell her,
>"Gay guys have
>sex with women all the time!
>Hell, I know a bunch of pickup
>artists who
>PRETEND they're gay! "Gee,
>I've never kissed a girl
>before!" Next thing you
>know, the girls are screwing
>'em without a condom!" Later,
>she approaches
>me, kino's me and tells me
>where she lives. I'm too
>disinterested to pursue
>the point. She'll be back, as
>she's in the social group I'm

OOOOOOHHHH. You tapped into a VERY secret society thing there. (and who would
have thought women go there to get laid?)

Notice how no PU goes on in gay establishments. Simply isolation later on.

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