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question on listening to guys like Anthony Robbins

mASF post by wolfie

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question on listening to guys like Anthony Robbins
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mASF post by "wolfie"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, July 7, 2004

The 'natural' pickup artistsdid not learn through constantly approaching and
trial and error. What we refer to as 'naturals' are people who became good
with women through fortune of circumstance... either they were born with high
emotional intelligence or had good Player role models (friends, family, social
circle etc) who taught them their game. They did not go out and build
themselves up from AFC to PUA through conscious effort, they learned what they
did because fate placed them in a situation which was conducive and beneficial
to them being successful with women.
I mean would you consider it unfair or cheating if you went out and learned to
be a great boxer through training and books, while Muhammad Ali's kid who was
born with faster reflexes and stronger arms was taught from an early age to box
by his dad instead? Do you think he has the right to be a good fighter and
that it's somehow wrong for you to learn what was natural for him?
Learning is an act of will and effort my friend, and I will always admire
achievements made through willpower far more than I do natural talents and

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