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Field Report: Twentysix & Scorpius KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME

mASF post by Scorpius

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Field Report: Twentysix & Scorpius KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME
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mASF post by "Scorpius"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2004

"Ok. I'll kill you. I'll kill you man."
"You should put who wants drugs on that"
"I'll run you over. I'll kick your ass!!"
"That's a sick fucking shirt man!"
"That's from like grade 5."
"That's my boyfriend over there, just giving you the heads up." [As she presses
herself against me.]
"BANG!" [as he puts his hand to my head like it's a gun and pulls the trigger.]

"I would try "kill me". It's fucked up, hot chicks like guys who are freaks,
like not from this planet."
- 26

It's what Mystery puts on his. It's this black shirt with an electronic display
and a programmable scrolling message.

It was fun. :)

Venue: Seven. [Toronto, Thursday March 18, 2004.]

I tried out "fuck mary kill" (credit Twentysix):

You say to the girl: "Ok, I'm going to point to 3 guys. You have to tell me
which one you're going to marry, which one you're going to fuck, and which one
you're going to kill."

Now you pick out three creepy looking guys from the crowd.

Then when she does it you tell her "Ok, now you have to play the game on me.
That's the only reason I talked to you, so you could play it on me!"

Ok, there's only so many times I can ask about dental floss before I go
fucking insane.. After about the five zillionth time I was like "fuck this, I'm
instant gratification RIGHT NOW!!"

Scorpius method for instant gratification: [Disclaimer: this is not solid game.
It's for your in-field amusement only.]

"Ok, you are really really lucky, because I'm going to do the cube on you. This
will tell you very deep things about you that even your friends don't know. Ok,
you have to put your arms around me for the cube to work, here, you have to
cuddle me, because that's how our energies connect, so I can read you. Now look
me right in the eyes, eye contact is very important. There we go!"

She will be pressing up against you hard and smiling and staring you in the
eyes now. Now use your imagination.

Twentysix extracted. Tall, beautiful girl. Raver goth chick. He took her to
this after hours venue. Then back to his apartment.

Personal Strong points:
- Can approach anyone.
- More at ease in clubs now.
- LED message was really cool and it opened like crazy.

Weak points:
- Hands were often in front of me while talking.
- Not prepared for barrage of amoging due to extreme peacock outfit.

There's some other stuff I wanted to mention:

One crucial factor I've seen in every exceptional pickup artistI've had a
chance to meet: their willingness to do things that they *KNOW* will help
them, but that make them extremely uncomfortable at first.

It's awkward to change core parts of your personality and presentation.

It's warped eccentric behaviour to approach a group of six hb9's and 10's and
diaphragmatically yell at them: "I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I'm adopting every single
one of you!" (I did that hehehe)

Tenmagnet was telling me how he wasn't sure if people would hate him for acting
more cocky at first, but now it's a natural part of his personality. He pulls
it off.

I met up with No9 today.. he told me how he had to force himself for 2 weeks to
just stare people in the eye until it became something he did automatically.

So for those of you reading this who haven't yet changed something about
yourself that you know has to be changed: just fucking force yourself to do it
man. That's what you have to do to make it to the next level.

One other thing..

There is a huge amount of good pickup information available on the internet. I
think it's a bad use of one's time to try to learn all of it, so I just limit
myself to only a portion of very high quality information.

There are some guys out there who don't read pickup stuff on the internet, they
don't post, and most people don't know about them. And yet their depth of asf
knowledge is astonishing, and they're some of the top pickup artistsin the
world. (Some of them teach at workshops.)

How can this be?

You see, there are really two sides to this asf pickup thing: the internet
side, and the real life side.

The guys who operate more on the real life side learn from constant field work,
and from hooking up with other real life guys.

Ok that's it for now.


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