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Field Report: Peacock hunt & store chicks. (Scorpius)

mASF post by Scorpius

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Field Report: Peacock hunt & store chicks. (Scorpius)
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mASF post by "Scorpius"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, March 3, 2004

This is some of the stuff that I've learnt from going out and hunting for
peacock clothes.

I gamed chicks while doing this, and I #closed this really cool punk rock
chick. Hence, this message is in the form of a field report. The stuff in this
post occurred over several days and several outings.

I want to stress something: your clothes by themselves will not get you laid.
Clothes are a contributing factor. They're one of the variables. There are
several hundred other important things that affect whether or not you're going
to get laid.

In the future I'll post a detailed report where I'll walk you through a full
close (from start to finish) of a quality chick from a difficult venue. I'll
describe every single thing that I think made a difference.

Ok, all that being said, your choice of clothes is significant. Tyler stressed
this during the seminar (Toronto, Jan. 9-11, 2004) a lot. A LOT.

At the workshop, my stuff was kind of generically cool, not superfly cool. I
had on a leather jacket, black shirt and blue pants. My shoes were really good,
but that's it.

And so, what I'm aiming to do, is to put together the most supreme kick ass
clubbing outfit in the history of mankind. [That is part of a routine I now
have, which I will give you later.]

On nights one and two of the workshop, Twentysix had on some of the coolest
gear that I've ever seen EVER. I'm aiming for something on that level.

Some of the things that I'm going to talk about below are specific to Toronto.
However, I will try to keep things as generic as possible, to make this info
applicable to everyone. Lots of major cities have the things I'll talk about.

At the seminar and from talking to a bunch of people I've identified three
areas of this city that have the best shit. If you're trying to find the best
places in your area, ask people in your local lair, or just walk into any
clothes store and start asking the employees. They're all way into their
clothes and a lot of them will know every unique and major store in the city. I
take notes during these conversations.

So anyhow, it took me DAYS just to go through one area of the city, looking
into every single interesting looking place I could find.

The best stuff is rare. It takes hours before I can find something that's good

I'm looking for stuff that's 100th percentile cool, but eventually I have to
force myself to buy something that's 85th or 90th percentile cool .. just to
have something to show for hours of work.

I think to get something that's 95th to 100th percentile cool it's really got
to be custom made (by you or by someone else.)

This one chick in a store... she had on these jeans with all these alterations
(they were different colors, with a letter sewn on the front).. they had been
made specifically for her by a guy who designs clothes for people in bands.

I can't believe I'm writing about this. I have a degree in computer science..
this stuff is pretty far removed from what I've done in the past. I have to
force myself with steel determination into these areas of the city, and then
into the stores, and then to try on this insane stuff.. and then to buy it. I
got these insane lip-service punk-rock bondage pants with all these straps and

Queen Street West is a patchwork of every mainstream and subversive subculture
imaginable. Goth, fetish, bondage, cybergoth, punk, rivethead, skater.. They
all ooze sexuality, but they think that they're not all about sexuality. I say
they are unconsciously.

When I go into these shops I'm pillaging their subculture and they can tell. I
don't subscribe to any of their values. My New Rock boots make me a cybergoth
poser. I am taking their gear for our subculture: pickup artistsMore practice. Practice practice practice. Get congruent. Copy their body
language. Follow the 25 points.

What kind of message am I subcommunicating just by being in these stores? This
one fetish store on queen east.. I asked the chick working there: "Ok, so
you're a wiccan, so what are you reading from my energy?"

She told me: "Well, I think you might be a cross dresser who's in the closet."
I told her: "No, no I'm not."

(In looking back, I should have treated it as a shit test. "Oh, so cross
dressers make you horny?")

I just told her no, .. and then she and the other employee gave each other a
knowing look. :P LOL!!

I didn't feel like telling her "I'm gonna use these clothes to pull ass!! I'm a
pickup artistAs a side note: You'd be surprised how many girls are wiccans. Pick a girl who
looks like she's trying to telegraph individuality, and ask her "So are you
wiccan?" They'll give you the "proof": which is that someone cast some sort of
spell, and some event occurred: someone got healed, a curse was removed, etc.

Toecutter talked about superstitious beliefs in a recent post. In statistics
it's called a "false positive". When people think that there's a causitive link
between two unconnected events.

So anyhow I used to be really put off by girls believing in that stuff, but now
I just think it's cute. They're amusing. I play along. You know, it's like guys
playing a video game or watching a movie. We're not thinking all the time
"It's fake, it's not real so it sucks!!" You just go with it and enjoy it.

Another side note: If you want to game on a girl from a particular subculture,
let's say you like skater chicks, go into their stores and start talking to
them about their scene and what clubs to go to. At every kink store I went into
they kept telling me to go to their fetish parties.

It's ok to ask questions, they have to suck up to you because you're a
customer. Just going into the store and talking about it shows confidence,
because most people wouldn't even do that.

I asked this one REALLY hot chick in the fetish store what drew her to this
kind of thing, she said she just got sick of stuff like the gap, and she wanted
a way to express her individuality and sexuality. I busted on her and told her
that unconsciously she just wanted sex.

She said that at this year's fetish party she's going to be a human cake, where
she's naked and covered in cake and people eat it off her.

On Tyler's DYD interview he talks about the different kinds of clothes he's
got, and I adapted some of that into a routine. Girls love hearing about that.
Talk to a girl about a cool article of clothing of yours and watch her face
light up.

I've field tested this kind of routine several times now: "I'm making the most
kick ass clubbing outfit in the whole world, I've got this leather jacket with
all these zippers, swear shoes, a belt with bullets on it, clear sunglasses,
leather gauntlets with all these holes in them, a cyberdog shirt with a digital
display on the front and letters that scroll across.."

I really have all that stuff now btw. :D

Ok, so here's my thing about gaming clothing store employees: basically an
indirect approach is talk to them about clothes, get them to pick things out
for you, try things on and ask them what they think .. and after a bit of that
start running some routines, telling stories, etc. Their buying temp will just
go up.

It's their job to be nice to the customers, so pay attention to their body
language, which will tell you the truth about where you stand.

I hadn't planned on gaming any clothes store chicks, because I have to stay
VERY focused on getting clothes since it's like pulling teeth. But it just
happens.. it's fish in a barrel. there's no need for any opener. they'll start
talking because of their job.

Walking along queen street..the coolest dressed people I saw were the street
urchins. They really know how to do a lot with their stuff for probably very
little money. Stolen leather jackets, buttons, tattoos, patches, piercings,
worn out eyes from years of drug abuse. Their image is congruent with their
core: rebelliousness, squeegee, hanging out, drugs, drinking, fucking,

This one store had a sign out front that said "Our clothes will help you get
laid". hahahahaha. Accurate sign. I bought a toque from them.

Oh yeah, I tried to follow Sickboy007's advice from his DYD interview: he said
to basically be a social person. When you're talking to people, try to talk to
them about more than just business. So I did this. Just chatted all these
different people. David D has also said that the better your communication
skills overall are, the better your skills with women are.

I'd also bust on the employees by asking them if they're in salesgirl mode or
genuine mode, and that they're just saying it looks nice because they're trying
to sell me stuff.

One sales chick started running what sounded like a pattern on me, she started
saying poetry about the toque I was getting. She said that the "M" on it stands
for "monsoon", which will come and wash away all the bad things. Interesting.
That's an IOI. A lot of the time girls will naturally launch into SS
pattern-type talk. They don't know any SS. It's just girl-speak.

So anyhow, the girl who I number closed.. I was trying not to game her, really,
I was taking a break, and I was having a great conversation with her about her
band and Toronto's punk rock scene. But she was turned right towards me, asking
me where I worked, why I was buying these clothes, telling me I'd look cute
with dyed hair.. so I just snapped into game mode. I couldn't help it.

I didn't tell her why I was buying this stuff. I was like [cocky tone] "You
wouldn't believe me if I told you, and I think you'd be offended."

Drove her crazy. The unknown captivates people.

Her: "Come to my show, here" [Hands me flyer]
Me: "Write your number down there, in case I can't make it"
Her: [Writes it] "Ok, but I don't talk about business on my cell phone."
Me: [cocky tone, following Tenmagnet's advice to be more cocky.] "We won't be
talking about any business."

Ok. That's it for now. I hope I've given you something that you can use.
Comments are welcome. Constructive criticisms are welcome. :)

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2004 by "Scorpius" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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