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Field Report: I really need to stop bluffing. Really.

mASF post by Dimitri

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Field Report: I really need to stop bluffing. Really.
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mASF post by "Dimitri"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, February 2, 2004

On 2/9/04 5:21:00 PM, razorjack wrote:
>Wassup Grandmaster D!
>First of all, props man! You
>got an awesome daytime game.
>There's plenty of good stuff
>in your reports.
>When you start doing
>over-the-top shit like this,
>it usually
>means one thing:
>You lost sight of your goal!
>You became so addicted to
>having that over-the-top value
>that you basically forgot your
>goal was to fuck this chick!
>Dude, this happens to all of
>us at times! I've been guilty
>of doing this myself.

Thanks for the reality check, bro. You hit the nail right on the head, and I
hadn't quite realized it. You da man, R-to-the-Jack.

>One thing I've been doing
>lately is making chicks jump
>through hoops rather than
>busting their chops. It lets
>me keep my higher value cuz
>I'm doing the choosing and
>she's having to constantly
>qualify herself and chase me.

Ahso, maybe I should move in this direction. I'll experiment with it, and if it
works for me, you'll see it in future field reps, my man.

>This helps me focus more on
>sarging instead of getting in
>a duel with the chick, but hey
>you're the swash-buckling PUA
>of mASF, maybe duels are your
>thing! :)

Must ALL the good pickup artistswound-salt me after a response to a field
report? Yeah, *all* of you, that's right. Bastards.

Grandmaster Dimitri, Swash-Buckling Pick-Up Artist-

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