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Outing Report: RSD Seminar/Workshop in Toronto. Jan9-11, 2004

mASF post by Scorpius

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Outing Report: RSD Seminar/Workshop in Toronto. Jan9-11, 2004
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mASF post by "Scorpius"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2004

Review: Real Social Dynamics Seminar/Workshop. Jan 9-11, 2004, Toronto.

First, a bit about myself. I've been reading these forums and for a
while. I've been registered for about a month. I've studied and have been using
a number of different systems. I've posted on other forums of this type before.
This is my first post on masf.

I'll try to make this review as objective as I can, for people who are trying
to decide whether or not they want to sign up.

Overall: I had fun. There's good information being offered here.

Day 1:

There were 8 students and 5 instructors. (Tyler, Papa, Twentysix, Tenmagnet, &

There's no question who the biggest alpha in the room was. :)

"I live in my reality, and you're a guest." - DYD.

I got to know some of the guys from the Toronto lair. The guys at this
workshop were interesting people.

The instructors aren't afraid to point out your weak points. I kept breaking
eye contact when speaking to people. Tyler called me on that a number of times.

After a number of hours in the seminar room, we went to eat at a nearby

Tenmagnet does cold approaches very naturally. He'd casually turn to a couple
in his immediate vicinity and ask them if they were having fun and high five

The workshop was held inside the Devil's Martini (club).

The club looked like it had a 25+ crowd. Supposedly a lot of University of
Western Ontario alumni.

Students were put into sets immediately. No hesitation. Sink or swim.


Ok.. let me give some advice to potential workshop students: don't come in as a
complete afc. You'll be embarrassed. It was obvious that some of the students
had never done cold approaches, and also some of them weren't really dressed
properly for a club. One of them almost didn't get in on night 1 because of his

I could see how frustrated some of the instructors would get when a student
wasn't able to pull of a standard approach and have a decent conversation (with
the woman giving off a few ioi's).

Get some of the basics worked out on your own. If you've got the courage to do
so, I recommend that you get yourself some peacock-type clothes, and memorize a
list of openers and routines. Then go to a bar or club and approach and

Then when you're done that, go to a seminar/workshop and get input on some of
the more advanced topics (which you'll understand better), and get some of your
sticking points addressed.

One of my main goals for the workshop was to see proper PUA body language and
tonality. It's pretty crucial to see this in real life. David D stresses this a
number of times in his material.

I was lucky that I'd been doing a lot of cold approaches in the months leading
up to the seminar.

Just remember that no matter how hot your target is, she's still, at root, a
regular person.


I saw Tyler run his game on night one. He approached girls, spun them, kissed
them, got them interested fast.

He told me to act more like Stifler.

Tyler.. I rented American Wedding a few days after the seminar. :)

And yep.. Stifler knows how to roll into a bar. With super enthusiasm, like
he's been there a hundred times before.

I learnt a lot just from watching the other instructors. No9 projects size and
status with his body language. Very interesting to just see how he moves around
a club.

Twentysix knows state control. He puts himself in a positive, enthusiastic,
talkative state at will. And he knows peacocking. Dressed like a rockstar.
Complete with piercings, safety pins, and spiked hair that can convert into a

Day 2:

I came into the workshop this day with some of my own memorized material. I had
a list of 20 or so openers and routines.. plus I used a lot of the routines
given to us in-seminar.

Some people went to the Madison, the rest of us went to the Guvernment.

The Guvernment is an amazing club. Go see it if you're in Toronto. Lots of fun.
Thousands of moving targets dressed like fantasies.

Try your material. If you fail, there's no downside. Move two feet to another
HB and try again.

Me and Tenmagnet gamed up a shooters girl. He did his material on her, then I
tried mine: spun her, had her kiss me.. fun. You could see her buying
temperature was skyrocketing from being gamed by two guys in sequence.

I watched Tyler game up a girl near one of the bars in the club.

He didn't take her phone number, he only gave her his. (Field test.)
He told her that when she calls him she has to say that she's the "guvernment
girl". hahahaha

At one point she put her hand on my knee, and I told her "Hands off the
Later on Tyler said: "Don't say hands off the merchandise when you're in
Me: "I was in rapport with her too?"
Tyler: "Yes, through association."

Day 3:

The Dating Wizard was at the seminar.

Tenmagnet was wearing a pvc jacket. I watched him #close a girl at the end of
the night.

When we went into the bar on night 3.. Papa moved immediately into a set as
soon as he walked in.

I commented to Papa earlier that a lot of pickup artistscan be very socially
accommodating and laid back, but give them the right stimuli and they'll snap
instantly into game mode.

Tyler had me approach a 2 set by the bar. Man and woman. I dental floss opened
her, ran things like the cube, palm read, strawberry fields, juggler's
girlfriend test. When she started giving me IORs (indicators of rapport, ie.
asking for my name, job, etc) I played it David D style and wouldn't give her
any info.

She told me she was there with her husband. I told her: "Good, I want you to
have something to do when I'm not around."

My technique for when women bring up their husbands/boyfriends: don't be phased
by it. Don't look disappointed. It doesn't matter to you. Treat it as a shit
test, and continue with your material.

Then she told me that they're swingers, and that they're looking for somebody
to bring home with them that night.

Next set.
A guy and girl trying to pick each other up. I entered, engaged the guy first.
Ran my amog stuff.

Him: "Nice shirt."
Me: "Not as good as your shirt, man it kicks ass! Dude you're the best dressed
guy in here!!"
Them: "hahahaha lolol"
Me to girl: "Ok, thumb wrestle, loser kisses the winner."
We thumb wrestle, I lose, I kiss her. lol. The guy just stands there trying to
look unphased.

This continues for a while. Papa goes in at this point, runs some amog stuff,
gets in between the amog and the girl, backturns the amog and starts talking to
the girl. Then the amog left. Cool.


And that was pretty much that. I had a blast, and I had my learning curve
accelerated. If anyone's got any questions, email me or ask me here.
Later. :)

- Scorpius

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