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Field Report: 6 Months OFF the Internet (LRs, journal notes)

mASF post by Pap

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Field Report: 6 Months OFF the Internet (LRs, journal notes)
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mASF post by "Pap"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, November 11, 2003

FR: 6 Months OFF the Internet (LRs and journal notes)

For the last 6 months, I really posted many of the field reports I’ve wanted to
write as I’ve been traveling around the world and playing the game all day and
all night without much internet. I want to remember some of the fun moments
I’ve had so I’ve written them down so I can look back on them, and so that I
can share with my friends some of the wild experiences that have had a dramatic
impact of both my game and lifestyle.

May (Week 1) – Giving Birth to Wisconsin Bunnies

I spent all week recruiting and interviewing Wisconsin girls for Playboy
Magazine for the UW-Madison’s Girls of the Big 10 edition. A few of the hotties
made-out with me and all of the girls gave me their phone numbers as some of
them moved to LA with me and want to roll with me out here in Hollywood. I
spent the weekend in Chicago taking over the Evanston bars with Orion and
AceRock. We also spent most of our game time on the streets as that is where
Orion has spent most of his field experience. We did countless street walkups.
Orion stops moving targets in a very direct and playful way involving some C&F
remarks and role-playing, and transitioning into tarot cards and mini-cold
reads. AceRock and I got to wing a few sets at the bar too, but Orion and I
spent most of the time just me and him doing various things, such as garage
sale shopping.

May (Week 2) – Madtown’s All Campus Party Takeover

As this is my last week of school at the University of Wisconsin, there is a
huge all-campus party in which every house on Mifflin Street is having a kegger
or party with live bands. It’s like Mardi Gras. AceRock, Raptor, Orion and I
video-tape us running around doing party game. We made out with dozens of
chicks and field-testing lots of new experiments including using rap, singing,
dance, camcorders, and challenges for pickup. Much of the time was spent doing
high-fives, spins, and doing the famous spin-kiss move. I also met up with Mr.
Thomas Oxford and a few of his friends to show him how consistent the spin-kiss
party game is on campus. He pointed out 6 girls to me and I isolated and
made-out with all of them using the spin-kiss move. I am definitely planning on
returning to the all-campus party as an alumni party-boy of UW.

May (Week 3) – Playboy Takes Over Chicago’s Northwestern

I recruit AceRock and Orion for recruiting girls for Northwestern’s photo-shoot
and organize a huge party for afterwards. We have a club in Evanston sponsor a
playboy party after a fireworks show and concert with Crystal Method. A playboy
model that AceRock laid earlier showed up briefly also. AceRock, Orion, DJ, and
I wing at the bars. I convince some random kids to buy us free drinks by
winning the lying game bet. I spend most of the week each night playing the
lying game for free drinks for me and my friends. Some of the week was also
spent just doing cold walkups on pedestrians and people that setup booths on
the streets to sell different things. We also game-up a HUGE outdoor
Northwestern All-Campus Dillo Day Party. Orion and I then made plans to start
doing workshops together afterwards. Royal Command Workshops are born.

May (Week 4) – Gaming NYC’s Grand Central Station

After spending all week gaming up NYC with Tyler and Garvelous, we have our
first daytime workshop. Seminar was held in the backrooms of pubs and at tables
in restaurants in Manhattan. Field-time is mostly spent at Grand Central
Station; however, we also end up spending hours picking-up chicks in
bookstores, coffeeshops, malls, Rockefeller Center, and the famous NYC subway.
At night, we’d all go to the bars together, but it was hangout time vs
workshop, where I could wing with anybody I wanted or fly solo too. Sickboy
shows his skills by picking up 2 hot models with TylerDurden that want to f*ck
them both. Props to MatrixSex who skipped high school graduation to attend
workshop at age 18. He snuck into a bar by running pass a bouncer twice to gain
additional after-hours post-workshop time with the boys.

June (Week 1) – Partybus Bachelor Party in SF

Early Monday morning, I leave NYC to make it to San Francisco on time for the
famous El Rio bar with Jlaix where I pickup a model. I go home to Sacto for a
day to visit my dying grandpa too. Since I oftentimes meet pickup artistsat
the Marriott’s in SF, I found the huge lounge there perfect for seminar. We
took the boys to the SF Shopping Center, Borders, Victoria’s Secrets, Streets,
and Macy’s for daytime pickup. On Saturday, we did a special event with special
guests and some students by renting out a party bus with lots of hot chicks at
bachelorette parties. Orion pretended like it was his bachelor party and ran
around during the night in PBC and pretended to be Neo from the Matrix. He had
a list to get girls to do various naughty acts. I had a similar list that
simply said “Make out with a Girl” next to 25 checkboxes. By the end of 5
hours, the entire list was full.

June (Week 2) – Beach Babes and On-Broadway VIP

Tyler and I took a few days off in LA to go surfing with Style and chill in the
LA Scene. We met RJ, Swinggcat, Style, and Merovingian for dinner and hit the
clubs afterwards too. The trip to LA reconfirmed my desires to stay in LA
forever. Then, we headed to San Diego where we did workshop roller-blading and
biking on the beach for pickups, including some special clubbing at the elite
club, On-Broadway, where I got to 3rd base with a girl on the VIP dance floor.
We met up with my old boys from the nightclub promotions days from Wisconsin
that were living in San Diego and a couple of them stop by for seminar. We had
seminar at the Marriott’s by the yacht club and it was in a perfect location
convenient to nearby clubs, bars, and malls. I also took one night off during
the week to hangout with the San Diego crew in Pacific Beach.

June (Week 3) – Loving Miami’s South Beach Golddiggers

Tyler and I went to South Beach, where we turned a daytime workshop into a
nighttime one, hitting dance clubs and hotel lounges with the help of TheGhymp,
Dconstrukt, and Sickboy. Friday night, I went to a high-society lounge and a
loud dance club (where I run party game and dancefloor game) with the students,
one of who was a male stripper that gets propositioned for sex every night by
hot women, but who wants to see pickup and learn how to get more classy girls.
We also spent Saturday night in Ft. Lauderdale, where I met a gorgeous blonde
girl and winged a 4 hour set with a student through 4 different venues and
ended up making out with the chick at the end of the night a few hours before
her flight out. Sunday Night, we all went to the exclusive Nikki’s Beach Club,
where I meet some gorgeous girl who got stolen from me off the dancefloor by
some male model when I wasn’t around. Arrghh. I soon learned the purpose and
need for alpha-skillsets.

June (Week 4) – Montreal’s Jazz Festival F*ckin Rocks

I met up with the Montreal Crew for the notorious Jazz Festival in Montreal.
The Jazz Festival is like the Montreal Mardi Gras, where all kinds of musicians
play on 4 large stages and attracts lot of hot girls from all over the world.
It is a loud area for most of the festival so Mystery decides to bring the
workshop to the street areas near the classy restaurants of Boulevard du St.
Laurent. Mystery and No9 bring girls back to Doc’s place and smoke their first
hooka. Tyler spends the week laying a girl from Kingston each night at a hotel.
Students and instructors got laid during the weekend and it was a great time to
wing with LittleBigDick. We spend the entire Mystery Method – Montreal Workshop
on the streets and at cafes on St. Laurent. This is also the weekend where I
meet the notorious MafiaB*tch from my lay report, Quebec Adventures with

July (Week 1) – Boston’s Underground Pickup ArtistCentral

After sadly leaving the city of super horny girls, Tyler, Cliff, and I go to
Boston and meet Formhandle and a bunch of other pickup artistsin Boston. It
was a pretty chill weekend. We ended up hitting a few small bars and one loud
dance club each night. Friday, I watched Tyler do some of the tightest sh*t I
saw in a long time, where he venue-changed girls from venue to venue again and
again, and I was able to call the plays right as they were happening to
AceofHearts, who was watching. Tyler winged with Formhandle for most of the
weekend. I was hoping that I would be able to wing with Tyler as we were not
able to wing much over the last 6 months due to students. On Saturday, I
isolated a girl that I made-out with for an hour and was about to take her home
when her girlfriend cock-blocked me and forced her not to leave with me. Arrgh.
Still a fun weekend though.

July (Week 2) – Pickup-Artists Pop Leicester Square’s Cherry

During the week, Tyler, Gerry, Sickboy, and I game up various London bars. I’m
amazed at how expensive London food can be as I spent more money on food in
London than anywhere else, including New York. Tyler, Sickboy, Mystery, and I
spend the workshop weekend gaming up an area called Leicester Square, where
there are some trendy clubs everywhere, and the notorious outdoors square
itself. I also take some students to trendy VIP clubs, such as Tiger Tiger and
Mayflower. It is here that we spent hours upon hours doing street approaches on
girls and mixed sets with both guys and girls. It’s also here that we start
learning how to blow out guys and steal their girls using out-alpha tactics.
What fun! Tyler and Sickboy mastered this skillset quickly and I end of working
the next few weekends in London on this skillset before I became really good at
out-alpha skills.

July (Week 3) – Hidden Beach Resorts in Amsterdam

Amsterdam was an all-night clubbing environment, where we clubbed pretty late
at night with students. Mystery, Sickboy, Tyler, StRiPPed and I take timeout
from pickup to take a worldclass bike tour of Amsterdan’s touristy things, such
as a windmill and a cheese/wooden shoes factory. The pickup bests were me
making-out with a Romanian super-hottie, watching Mystery bring 2 girls home,
and an amazing beach resort in the outskirts of Amsterdam. The trendy, elegant
outdoor lounges play electric music all day with half-naked girls dancing. I
made out with a hottie blonde topless girl with my spin-kiss move, but I get
cock-blocked by her 4 year old girl that grabs her mom and pulls her back to
her daddy who is 20 feet away. The beach resort is an amazing place that I’d
love to video-tape pickups at. I regret having left the camcorder at StRiPPed’s

July (Week 4) – Girls Gone Wild in Ibiza

Tyler, Sickboy, and I spend 100s of hours gaming the city all day and night for
10 days. We video-taped the whole thing. The dance clubs there are superloud so
it’s difficult to run verbal game. To top that, most of the island speaks very
little English as it’s most Spanish-speaking. After a week of staying in Playa
Den Bossa, we decided to get an apartment in San Antonio, the touristy British
area of Ibiza, where almost everyone parties it up like it’s Cancuun and almost
all the people speak English. We find an amazing lounge/bar on the beach that
we go to every night. All the people gather there to watch the sunset. I met an
amazing hot girl here that seduced me using aura-reading and creating jealousy
plotlines. We spent two nights with each other and I fell for this girl for the

August (Week 1) – Free Food and Euro-Trash Londonites

During the week, Stevie_PUA and I ended up gaming Camden shops during the day,
and used our pickup skills and knowledge of magic to trade entertainment for
free food and drinks from various vendors. At night, I met up with the boys at
L-square for more gaming. I end up spending much of my pickup teasing Brits on
their accents and unusual British words, such as “lovely”, “blokes”, “snogs”,
“chaps”, and “proper English”. I notice that many British chicks dress like
they are 80’s disco dancers and their accents make them sound like they are
singing even though they are just talking. I mini-cold read girls on their
voices and how they all seem like lil 80’s version of Madonna material girl
look-a-likes. I work hardcore on the plant-the-feet street approach body
turnaround opener, but later convert to straight angle walkups for more

August (Week 2) – Montreal’s Beer Garden Street Fiestas

We return to Montreal and I begin to get calls from MafiaB*tch all night long
to Cliff’s cell phone in attempts to try to get ahold of me since my cell phone
didn’t work in Canada. We end up not meeting though during the week as we spend
all day in seminar and all night winging with various students on the Crescent
street. There was a special beer festival for the weekend, and it was like a
mardi-gras street pickup environment. I end up going in-doors to wing a 2-3
hour set with the LoinKing, who eventually laid the girl that was his target in
the set. Yeah! The weekend workshop was a hardcore street pickup environment.
My group of rotating students would form a square of 4 pickup artistswhere
there would be one to the north, south, east, and west. Everytime a girl would
come by the east or west side, the pickup artiston that side would have to
open the set, and a north or south pickup artistwould wing. Then players would
switch positions.

August (Week 3) – Going Back to Cali Cali

I fly to Madison to collect my stuff and box it all up in 24 hours. Then I fly
to LA to move into my hotel, where I’m living until I get my mansion in the
Hollywood Hills for Project Hollywood. I end up spending most of the week going
back and forth between LA/SF/Sacramento to chill with various pickup artistfriends in California before going to LA permanently to start school the next

August (Week 4) – Stealing London Street Hustlers’ Women

School starts, but I only have class Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So I’m
free to travel wherever I want to go Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So
Tyler, Sickboy, Badboy, Stripper, Commander Zap, Sandman, and I teach more
students at another full-house workshop in London. Sickboy and Tyler get laid
late-night after workshop time on Day 2. It was the most inspiring weekend for
me as I focused hardcore with Badboy and Getsome on blowing out alpha-males to
game up their girls. Tyler and Sickboy mastered this skill to a beautiful art
and demonstrate amazing things, such as stealing 2 hotties out of a group of 8
macho dudes to get a lay and makeouts with their girlfriends. This weekend, I
was also able to practice out-alpha skills to an art and demonstrated how to
out-alpha some dudes and get the number of a girl in a street pickup with Zap.

September (Week 1) – Living it up in SF

Mystery wasn’t able to do the Las Vegas Seminar and one of the students flew
into the States from India. So he referred a student for training to me. He
wanted to do a one-on-one workshop in San Francisco, which was perfect because
Tyler was simultaneously doing a one-on-one workshop with Duke Kaiark in
London. We hit the clubs hardcore each night after seminar time at the
Marriott’s. My wings Jlaix, Christophe, and Morpheus helped me out hardcore by
explaining some of their various tactics and also helping me wing with our
student, Harsh. He was an approach machine by the end of the weekend. By Day 3,
he made out with multiple chicks off of cold approaches and was getting into
sandwiches with lots of girls on the dance floor. Toecutter and various
loungers came to mock Papa partybus bachelor party workshop night on Saturday

September (Week 2) – Hypnotists Trancing Out London Sluts

RJ invited Stevie_PUA and I as guests to the London SS Seminar, which was a
great opportunity for us to hangout and make plans to become regular wings when
we returned to LA. It was a phenomenal seminar. The new SS material has become
very similar and congruent to what Tyler and I teach as RJ mentioned in his
seminar. I learned a lot of fascinating stuff from RJ and have always had a lot
of respect for his material and for him so it was pretty cool that he brought
me to the seminar and took Stevie and I out to dinner each night. After hours,
Dave Riker taught some of his phone game tactics, which including some killer
patterning as he has some of the best phone game I’ve seen. He also showed how
he has a system similar to MM + DYD + SS. I gamed up the clubs and streets with
various former workshop students after the SS Seminar.

September (Week 3) – It’s Hollywood, Baby!!!! Oh, Yeah!

I return to LA, where Duke Kaiark, Mystery, and Tyler decide to crash at my
hotel. During the week, Mystery f*cks his stripper LA girl and goes out with us
each night. One night, I pulled a couple strippers and a belly-dancer to an
after-hours restaurant and then exchanged numbers with the girls. What a photo
opp…ha! Tyler, the LA crew, and I spend each night on the Sunset Strip. The
Standard Lounge is a starting point of each night before tearing up the regular
bars on the strip. This includes Saddle Ranch, the Standard, Dublin’s, Chateau
Montmarte’s Lounge, and, also, the non-strip bar/club, The Highlands (Tyler’s
favorite club in the world). After spending the week gaming up the city with
Style, Mystery, Swinggcat, Merovingian, Dr. Dank, Thundercat, TheOne,
Alphamale, Tyler, and Dreamweaver.

September (Week 4) - Home! Sweeeeet! Home! Where’s Vegas?

On Tuesday, Jlaix, Tyler, and I go to LMU and game up chicks at the Rick H
Student Plaza. Later in the night, Alphamale and I winged a set where he a
runway model 10 blondie was out on a date, and he occupied the dude for an
hour, while I isolated the girl at the other end of the bar. His occupying
impressed me so much that he’s now my most powerful wing in LA and he allowed
me to get the girl’s number. I went out with Runway Model, Jlaix, Alphamale,
Geo, and Tyler the next night to White Lotus (a VIP Club that required us to
have a hot runway model with us to get into the club even though we were on the
guestlist). Afterwards, I go to the Standard Lounge with my girl and fool
around with the model at my hotel. While I was at the hotel, Tyler got
introduced to the hardcord LA/Hollywood Mansion After-Party scene, where he
witnessed A-crowd club-goers from the celeb and model scene partying it up to
the max. It is controlling these kind of parties as hosts and the social
proof/power that comes with a mansion in the Hollywood Hills that is so
attractive to me about Project Hollywood. I can’t wait for Project Hollywood to
launch in the next couple months. On the weekend, I go home for my Grandpa’s
funeral. Damn. I wish I was able to go with Tyler, Mystery, and Style to Vegas
as they all got laid by hotties and amazing times.

October (Week 1) – The LA Pickup Scene Unites

As soon as I get back into LA, I check my messages and see that I received
several calls from RJ. We finally meet up and start winging together. He’s a
great wing and after I open sets, he’s able to engage the group and others in
the set to make it easy for me to isolate my targets. His great sense of humor
is a strong point and he is integrating material that Tyler and I created into
his game for phenomenal results as our stuff works powerfully well with SS.
Ross Jeffries shows me around several of his favorite spots that I check out
later in the week too. He really likes those high-society clubs and
restaurants, which I also enjoy a lot as they bring the really hot elegantly
dressed girls. I also spend most of the week organizing the logistics of
Project Hollywood and talking to pretty much every pickup artistin LA to go
winging and to get ideas for how to launch the Project.

October (Week 2) – High Rollin Hollywood’s Sunset Strip

This week was a celeb week as I game up sets including several celebs, such as
SHBHotelHeiress and several other famous actresses and models at the VIP
Hollywood clubs, such as Whiskey Bar and Highlands, and also random
restaurants. Every night I go to the club, Alphamale brings at least 6 hot
Asian pivots to the clubs with us that will do everything we say. He can even
tell the girls to approach other girls for us and bring them to us as an
accomplishment introduction to us saying, “You’ve got to meet my friends
because he’s such a money guy and you’ll be so lucky.” And I pointed out the
hottest girl in the club as a test to this while a super-hottie in isolation
with a dude on a couch, and after the pivot accomplishment intro’ed me, she
came running over to me. Alphamale and I also end up rolling a lot to some of
the popular Asian clubs as those are his favorite.

October (Week 3) –Birthday Bangin Santa Monica Bitches

This is my birthday week. I am winging with Thundercat and Alphamale pretty
much the entire week. I pull a girl from a popular Santa Monica bar back to the
hotel for a lay and video-tape it while she is in the bathroom. Also, I
celebrate my 24th birthday this weekend so I had a dozen pickup artistsfrom
the scene come celebrate with me, including Ross Jeffries and a bunch of
Loungers. RJ, J-dog, and I also spend some time chilling in some trendy
restaurants. I spend most of the week organizing Project Hollywood and calling
pickup-artists around the world for help. One of the nights, I ended up going
to the Sphearmint Rhino strip club, where I game up some super-hotties and
bridge a few of them with plans to party together for Project Hollywood. I
can’t wait until we get the house.

October (Week 4) – Hollywood and Kazakhstan Sex-Crazed Sluts

The most noteworthy party I’ve been to in Hollywood was the Napster 2.0 release
party, which I typed a field report/lay report about. The day after, Ross
Jeffries, Christophe, and I winged at some high-class restaurant/bar/lounge for
a long 1-2 hour set and a couple short sets. RJ accomplishment-introduces me to
his niece over the phone a few days later and she ends up making plans to come
party with Alphamale and I at the Highlands, but we haven’t gone out yet. I
spend most of the days in the Rodeo and Wilshire area of Beverly Hills going
clothing shopping and doing pickups of models and rich hotties. I also
celebrate Halloween with Alphamale at the Highlands, where they recreated the
Playboy Mansion parties in many ways and I got the phone number of a hottie 10.
I also randomly met some Kazakhstan hotties from my hotel, who I’ve written a
field report on.



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