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RP: “most spastic late ni...” (no replys) [1 of 3]

mASF post by TylerDurden

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RP: “most spastic late ni...” (no replys) [1 of 3]
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, March 3, 2003

[FORMHANDLE:] Since TylerDurden's original post never made it into the archives
(it was larger than 64K), I'm re-posting it in parts. Please DO NOT reply to
these re-posts, they're just for archival purposes.

subject: most spastic late night ramblings yet (+/- 50pgs)
author: TylerDurden
date: Feb 7, 2003

PART 1 of 3

It was with CPowles in mind that I sat up the other night, composing this text.
Composition time – four or five intense hours of frantic non-stop typing and
brainstorming. CPowles speaks often of “the next level”, and has sought it out
through exploration of ‘SP-Inner’ threads, and various other means.

It’s odd, given my strong philosophical background and training, that most of
my PU-notes are firmly rooted in very practical terms. What follows, however,
is more abstract, melodramatic, and generally incomprehensible, in comparison
to a typical post. I enjoy writing, as well as discussion PU theory, as a
hobby. I could easily edit it to a high level of readability, as with any of my
academic work (I generally write tired as fuck, and turn to the task of editing
when I wakeup). But given that I have no legit incentive to do so, and that I
prefer to see what headspace I was in when I review my notes later on down the
line, I’ve left it as is.

CPowles may very well disagree with what much of what I’ve written, which isn’t
particularly my concern here. Through my exhausted haze, this is what spewed
forth as what’s been the ‘next-level’ shit for ME in the past few months. An
organization of my thoughts on what’s been working, for my own benefit, and for
my later review. I’ve posted them here, for anyone interested in digging
through them. If you decide to undertake the task of reading this, I’d
recommend that you set aside an hour, and just let it soak in. Feel free to

The post takes for granted the reader’s familiarity with the following:
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Qualifying, push pull – Swingcat
Cocky/Funny Frames – Kooper
You will make a ‘nice new GF’ - Zan
Approach Invitations - Formhandle
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Anamolies - TD




A few months ago, in chat with TokyoPUA, the term “PU lab” was thrown around.
TPUA advised me that I should ANCHOUR the feeling that the WORLD is my pickup
EXPERIMENT LAB, and that THAT was the key to getting GOOD. It was funny,
because that was something that I’d done for a long time, but hadn’t really
been able to devise such a clean way of articulating it.

Of all the reactions that I get when meeting people from our internet chat
group, the most common is an utter shock at how unhesitant I am to try ANYTHING
that I think could be even moderately funny or useful. For me, trying something
absolutely outrageous is EXCITING, not SCARY.

They say “TD, you are fucking CRAZY”.


Because I live in, and project, my OWN REALITY. I am INTERNALLY centered, not
EXTERNALLY centered.

Look at the PUA Mystery. The guy has been on the internet for years, but has
barely absorbed one single damned thing that he didn’t invent himself. Of the
few odd things from others that he DID absorb, he’s literally 100% CONVINCED
that he made up HIMSELF. Certifiably DELUSIONAL. And YET, this guy is the
absolute pickup MASTER. Does he piss people off with that attitude?? YES. But
who gives a fuck??? While everyone else is moaning and groaning, he’s busy
busting his load on the face the latest covergirl(s) of Penthouse Magazine, or
whatever flavour of the week it is this time..

So what’s the KEY to seeing the pickup game CLEARLY??? Existing in YOUR
reality, and not the reality of OTHERS. Only then can you see things CLEARLY –
make adjustments, calibrate, innovate, experiment, etc etc etc…

Think back to when the name TylerDurden FIRST appeared onto this internet chat
board back in late August… People were all in a fuss, like “who the fuck IS
this guy???” Threads were popping up left and right, like “how did you get this
good???” FUNNY THING WAS, that I didn’t post ANYTHING that was ANY better than
what OTHER people were posting. My posts were AVERAGE at best. There was NO
indication or statements from me that I was good. But many people ASSUMED
success, because of my utter DISREGARD to the consequences of what was being
posted. Note this, as most people intuitively associate people who are

When we’re fucking around on the internet, my homeboy EDDY and I post DUMB
SHIT, like “WHITE DRAGON”, and “we are THE SHIT”, and ‘ARGHHHHH”, because we
think its FUNNY to see the dumb-ass REACTIONS of other people living in OUR
reality. It’s not something that we ARTICULATE, or CONSCIOUSLY even realize
that we’re doing. But rather, a CONSEQUENCE of the MENTALITY that we take with
us EVERYWHERE that we go. It is not intentional, but the consequence of an
overall ATTITUDE.

But why post my pickup notes onto the internet in such RAW form??? Why not
adjust them in a way that will garner praise, like respected posters (Juggler,
Formhandle, etc)??? It wouldn’t be hard. And everyone would approve. So why
not, then???

Because for me, its FUNNY to see the REACTIONS. If all I got was “this is
really great”, and none of the GOOD STUFF, then I would LOSE MOTIVATION. My
ATTITUDE is carried over into my internet postings, the same way that it’s
carried over into the REAL external world.

When people post funny shit like “this is just so outrageously out of line”,
and “I’m so disgusted”, and “I’m so outraged at your arrogance” onto the
INTERNET, we think its FUNNY SHIT, because you are EXTERNALLY CENTERED and
living in OUR REALITY, even through the INTERNET. While you are EMOTIONALLY
guy like Nerve1, for a recent example, that’s why he has to spend ALL DAY in
discussions with Paps (a real life friend) about finding me (an internet
text-projection on his computer monitor) and hurting me, and devoting his REAL
LIFE time, sending some guy on the internet LENGTHY implied threat emails..

It’s not because I’m legitimately worth his TIME. Nor is “saving ASF”. It’s
because UNTIL he does, he can NEVER get his fragile reality back. He is ENEMY
CENTERED, and his existence is MAGGOT RIDDEN SHIT until he gets that EXTERNAL
validation. And until he can let that go, and find himself internally, he is
forever my BITCH.

For that reason I DEDICATE this latest material - COCKY as ever so as to remain
true to expected form - to my BIGGEST FAN of all time, NERVE1, who I can only
HOPE will draw CONTROVERSY and ATTENTION to my posts with his grumblings, and
thus provide me with some brief diversionary entertainment.

Because to the PUA firmly planted in his own reality, the shit-talking cocky
posts will seem FUNNY.. “That guy sure talks alot of shit.. What a joker.. He
seems like a fucking CHARACTER.. I’d love to hookup with that guy and wing some
shit.. see what he’s really got”.. They see if for what it is truly worth –
JACKSHIT. Just some dudes clowning around…. While to the unsuccessful and
frustrated PUA, the posts will seem “atrocious” and “arrogant”. They will
become ANGERED and OUTRAGED at way that is REMINDS them of their own
shortcomings, and their INABILITY to assert their OWN REALITY. The successful
PUA has not the TIME nor ENERGY to do anything other than laugh and sift out
anything useful, while the unsuccessful PUA has all too much time, to DWELL,
and be REMINDED. The unsuccessful PUA is COMPULSIVELY COMPELLED to spend their
limited TIME and ENERGY fighting a battle that exists only in their own mind –
all over the internet. Such is also the case with Ray Gordon.

Such people are like the lobbyists who get pissed off at EMINEM. They are not
ABLE to see the HUMOUR in it, because their reality is so FRAGILE. And when
Eminem comes back with “I am whatever you say I am” – adapting through
escalating and enhancing the behaviour for which he’s criticized, the lobbyists
are POWERLESS to put a stop to it.

He is ULTIMATELY ATTRACTIVE to women as a result, because despite his very
average looks, he is INCORRIGIBLY internally centered.

And many of you will walk away having read this, INSPIRED, thinking that you
can ACQUIRE or INTERNALIZE this reality-asserting internally-centered mentality
into your essence.. However, this is both WRONG and IMPOSSIBLE.

You cannot INTERNALIZE this attitude, because it’s something that is ALREADY
WITHIN YOU. It’s something that is STIFLED and CONFINED by your PRIDE and your
PERSONA. In order to get IN TOUCH with that which is WITHIN YOU ALREADY, you
need to L-E-T == G-O of your ARTIFICIAL PERSONA that you have CREATED, and get
to the true ESSENCE of what you are.

You cannot ACQUIRE this way of thinking. You can only LET GO of that which

WHY the name TYLERDURDEN?? Is it because I want to think that I’m Brad Pitt???
NO. When I saw the movie “Fight Club”, I was INSPIRED. I finally UNDERSTOOD. I
“GOT IT”. I realized that you have to LET GO of those things that are CONFINING
you, in order to assert your OWN reality.

pop-culture flavour, and the cool shit that happens in the movie, and look at

PUA COMMANDER ZAP was asked “what do you do when a chick gives you a sarcastic
compliment?” He answered that you should STOP ANALYZING what it meant, and
EXPLOIT the opener that the chick has provided. I read that, and I SNAPPED
INSTANTLY. I UNDERSTOOD that I had to LET GO of my FALSE PRIDE, and finally
come to a mental place where I could OBJECTIVELY analyze and understand the
process of pickup. SO MANY TIMES I’d reacted to potentially sarcastic
compliments by snubbing the chick, because I felt that I had to RETAIN my
persona. What Commander Zap was suggesting, was to LET GO of that persona, and
become TRULY disassociated with the social-layer that I’d created for myself.
To IGNORE the possibility that the compliment was sarcastic, and to focus ONLY
on the OBJECTIVE GOAL. What he suggested, was to become a TRUE PUA.

To LET GO of that social-persona that MUDDIES your perception of what is GOING
ON during a pickup, is to come as close to OMNISCIENCE as you get in the

It is the only way to GET GOOD, because it is the only state in which you will
be FREE to focus critically on what is IMPORTANT during the pickup.

To STOP BELIEVING that the RESULT of the pickup experiment is a reflection of
YOU as a PERSON, and to REALIZE that it is simply the reflection of the
EXPERIMENT. To believe that there is NO CORRELATION between your
personal-worth, and your GAME.

It is only THEN, that you can TRULY UNDERSTAND what is going on. ONLY THEN, can
you actually SUCCUMB to the GENIUS that BURIED within you.

When you get to that point, when you don’t feel the SLIGHTEST nerves during a
pickup. Your brain REVELS in the PROCESS of EMPLOYING the massive WEALTH OF
KNOWLEDGE that you have acquired in your study of pickup. Your brain CYCLES the
possible solution to every obstacle that you are faced with NO REGARD to the
consequences that it will bear on your ARTIFICIAL PERSONA.

Your brain REVELS in the ELECTRICITY of the PROCESS. If arousal occurs, its
because its part of what you know WORKS, and that the projection of your sexual
state is OBJECTIVELY what you KNOW will work to attract. The sex becomes
nothing more than the VALIDATION of your excellence. A FRINGE BENEFIT, that is
a PATHETIC SHADOW of the fact that your very act is CONFIRMING the TRUE
CONNECTION that you have with your true CORE-SELF. And later, as you enjoy the
sex with this new person, you give into the ANIMALISTIC LUST that is a NATURAL
part of you as well.

THAT is the ADDICTION that is pickup. The SATURATION of your conscious self,
into your purest ESSENCE.

Not FEEDING the fake PERSONA that you’ve created as a self-defense from the
external world.

The connection that is established, between yourself and your surroundings. The
FEELING that you get, when you can undergo the process of pickup, and NOT CARE
about the outcome of the EXPERIMENT. It REMINDS you of how far you’ve come in
your personal development – and the feeling is LIBERATING, in a similar way to
SKYDIVING, or any other LIFE CONFIRMING activity.

The tactics and techniques are only there to help you FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE
IT. They MODEL and FAKE the sorts of things that the purely CHARISMATIC people
would say NATURALLY.

Because it is the ability to WALK AWAY from ANY chick, that is ULTIMATELY

Tactics such as NEGS are meant to MODEL the individual who is master of their
reality, because they CONVEY such characteristics. NEGS are “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU
MAKE IT” tactics.

This is why the PUA GUNWITCH becomes infuriated with the over-analysis that we
ASFers participate in. He cannot GRASP why people would focus on something that
is NOT natural. He makes the analogy of a vitamin pill not being a supplement
for a REAL fruit, because the NATURAL properties are not carried over into the
pill. He strives to get in touch with that NATURAL essence that we all have, by
TAPPING our NATURAL sexual state, and projecting it. He advocates WILLPOWER.

Get IN TOUCH with your natural essence, and those techniques that are necessary
for pickup will happen naturally, on their own.

Perhaps Gunwitch and I advocate the SAME. Perhaps we only differ in our
UNDERSTANDINGS and APPROACH to the SAME eventual goal. We advocate different
ROUTES to the same DESTINATION. He advocates WILLPOWER. I advocate learning to
fake success with techniques, and getting experience under your belt, until you
can NATURALLY do what needs to be done WITHOUT them.

This is the UNDERLYING MESSAGE that TokyoPUA endeavours to SUM UP so succinctly
when he tells us to ANCHOUR the idea that the world is our PICKUP LABORATORY.

CELEBRATE YOUR REALITY. MODEL those people who are EXAMPLES. Look at EDDY. Look

When EDDY posts “ARGHHHHH”, WHY is it FUNNY to him???

When MYSTERY peacocks himself to the point of SHEER OUTRAGEOUSNESS, WHAT is the
purpose??? WHAT does such EXTREME peacocking CONVEY???

When TWENTYSIX puts out a site called, WHAT is the humour in
it for him??? LOOK at the site. What is it about that site that is FUNNY???

These are the MANIFESTATIONS of people who ASSERT their OWN REALITY. is Twentysix’ CELEBRATION of his OWN REALITY. It is FUNNY,
because as you delve deeper into the site, you journey DEEPER and DEEPER into a
reality NOT YOUR OWN. For people whose reality is easily PLUCKED from them,
they will be APPALED by the site. They will condemn it as attention-getting
TRASH, and SNEER at it. But for people who are FIRMLY in their OWN reality,
they will REVEL in the JOURNEY that Twentysix’ pure unmediated INSANITY brings
them on. As you read more and more, and listen, and watch, you become SATURATED
in Twentysix’s BIZARRE REALITY. It isn’t the weird humour that is the draw of
the site. It’s the JOURNEY that it takes you on. The confrontation of the sheer
ABSURDITY. For those SECURE in their own reality, there is no FEAR that they
won’t be able to find their way back to their own place. They can APPRECIATE
the site. But for those people whose minds are so easily TAMPERED with, whose
realities are so easily OVERTAKEN, the site is condemned as TRASH.

Twentysix KNOWS that people will react a certain way. Eddy KNOWS that people
will wonder WTF he’s doing when he says ARGHHHH non-stop. Mystery KNOWS that
people will react in bizarre ways when he peacocks. These are CELEBRATIONS of
their REALITY. Their UTTER DISREGARD of the fucked up reactions, the
judgements, and the social consequences, is their CONSTANT REMINDER of their
own ASSERTION that they alone EXIST. They EMBRACE the ABSURDITY of social
constraints, and TRANSCEND them. Because every time that an external agent
reacts negatively to their actions, and they are reminded that they DO NOT
CARE, they experience the RUSH of the CONFIRMATION that they TRANSCEND all
social constraints. They are thus both FEARED and ADMIRED - CRITICIZED and

RESEARCH and DISCOVER great men like the late PIERRE TRUDEAU and WINSTON
CHURCHILL and John F Kennedy. See how they were universally FEARED and ADMIRED,
even by those who hold absolute disdain towards their actual policies and
ideas. How did women react to Pierre Trudeau??? Look at his pictures, and
imagine him as SHY and INTROVERTED. Would he still BE Pierre Trudeau??? Would
he still be one of the historically greatest PUAs that ever lived???

MORE IMPORTANTLY, would he FOCUS on pickup techniques, or focus on HIS OWN
REALITY, and have women as one of the FRINGE BENEFITS???

This is what is ULTIMATELY SEDUCTIVE to ALL people, and of particular interest
in this forum – to WOMEN.

This is WHY ASF has ceased focusing on developing SS-based approaches. Because
we strive to ATTRACT women with the INTENSITY of the JOURNEY that we give her,
into OUR reality.

And during that journey, she becomes so ATTRACTED, that she CRAVES to CONNECT
with the reality that you project upon her. She may begin by asking “what’s
your name?”, and does EVERYTHING in her power to FIND OUT if she can CONNECT.
But we don’t give it away so EASILY. We make her WORK. And it UNRAVELS in front
of her, as she is lead to believe that she has EARNED it. And that which she
has so strenuously EARNED, she does NOT FOREGO.

I watch, in amazement, as Mystery enters the room. The crowd’s attention
shifts. People are alarmed.. intrigued.. fascinated.. angered....

They can NOT snub him as he approaches, because they must FIND OUT -----> WHO –
IS – THIS – GUY - ???


OK, one of the most COMMON experiences that someone who is undertaking the goal
of becoming a PUA will face, is the harsh realization of just HOW FAR you are
of your actual GOAL.


-learning to give intense EC to a chick
-learning to initiate a chat
-learning to initiate a chat without pissing your pants
-learning to ask for a #
-realizing that those are flakes, and pinpointing why
-learning to correct that, through projecting value onto yourself
-learning to EXPLOIT the interest that you generate by structuring future
-learning to phase shift, and close during the first interaction, or during the
-learning to disarm LMR

You read ASF. You start giving chicks a bunch of eye-contact. You learn to chat
girls for 2 seconds. You learn to chat girls for 5-10 minutes. You learn to ask
them for their #. You get it. You’re ESTATIC. But then you realize that these
#s are FLAKES.

DAMN, that part SUCKS. I fucking HATED that shit. I remember the first girl I
got a # from, I got one-itis-for SO FUCKING BAD that my heart pounded through
my chest when I called her. I remember sitting in my backyard of my country
house, staring over the open field, thinking how I should just RELAX, and that
no matter what happened, I’d still be me, and I’d still have my whole life
ahead of me, etc etc etc..

She called me back a week later and told me that she had a boyfriend, but would
still go out with me.. WTF??? I just KNEW that this chick had probably chatted
ALL WEEK to her friends about how she should get out of this fishy
‘get-together’ that she’d agreed to. Here I thought that this chick was a
potential FUTURE WIFE, and all that she thought of me was like basically what I
thought of fat chicks who had tried to hover around me in the past. HOW could
she not FEEL the CONNECTION that we had????

The thing was, that I had CREATED this connection in my own MIND. Despite
having found ASF, I still had retained the BELIEF that there was a girl out
there for me, and that I wouldn’t need to become a full-blown PUA in order to
find her. AFTER ALL, I still was LIGHT YEARS ahead of most guys, just for
having FOUND and attained a rough UNDERSTANDING of ASF concepts. I wouldn’t
need to become an ASF fanatic just to find the right chick for me, and I could
settle and focus on other things.

So still, I continued getting #s which I convinced myself were SURELY the girls
that I could just SETTLE with, and therefore assumed MAJOR value on them. I
tried stuff like taking a shit while phoning, which is proven to naturally
relax you. I’d do shit like phoning while I was DRIVING, so I’d have to focus
on something else while I called.. damn, that shit was a fucking DRAMA FEST..

EVERY TIME that I’d get a #, I’d tell myself “OK, all I need is for this ONE
chick to go OK, and I can KEEP her and MARRY her.. then I never have to go
through this again..”.. My relationship management skills were always very
strong in the past, because I’d read “The Rules”, and “The Art of Seduction”..
So I knew that if I could just get a decent chick, that I COULD keep her, since
my past relationship had gone very well.

So I’d put SO MUCH VALUE on the outcome of a #, which always would turn out to

DAMN, that shit sucked.. All that I could think of was how here I had this HUGE
EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to whatever chick I’d #closed, and HOW could she not feel
it too??? How the FUCK could this chick not even care enough about me to ever
SEE me again??? What the fuck was wrong with ME??? I couldn’t even get a
quality #close from a chick WORSE looking than me!!

Then I came to the REALIZATION. I realized that I am UGLY. NOT good looking. It
all made perfect sense. See, in the past, I hadn’t DONE approaches. I could say
shit like “any time that I wanted a chick, I could get her.. I just don’t want
those slutty chicks that are always ‘hooking-up’…” So I could always
RATIONALIZE that if I did approaches, OBVIOUSLY they’d go just like in the
Hollywood movies, and I’d totally pick the chick up, since I’d only try to pick
up a chick that was “worth my time”. But NOW, I’d actually DONE approaches, and
they weren’t WORKING. Chicks who were UGLY didn’t want to go out with me, which
was clear indication that I must be even UGLIER than the ugly chicks.

To add insult to injury, I started realizing that my HAIR is falling out. You
can’t see it now whatsoever, unless you look really carefully under the right
lighting. But YEP, it IS happening. It will be a few more years yet, but I WILL
go bald. To THIS DAY, the FIRST thing that I do every morning when I wake up,
is take a mirror up to my head and look in morbid fascination to see if my hair
is falling out. It is a CONSTANT REMINDER that I am growing old, and that I
WILL DIE some day. It is BEYOND my control.

So that raised the question: If I can’t meet girls NOW, what the FUCK am I
going to do in a few years when my hair line is FALLEN OUT??????????? No,
actually wait.. sorry, scratch that.. When my hair has MIGRATED to my BACK.

It’s a TOUGH to acknowledge that you’re not good-looking. Before you’d ever
tried PU, you could rationalize it through your past GFs and shit like that.
But now, it’s so IN YOUR FACE that you’re not desirable to women. To be honest,
even after all the success I had in the past year, I’m STILL UTTERLY SHOCKED
that HB9s are interested I me now. When I’m getting with a new chick, I’m
thinking “WTF is this chick THINKING????? Is she RETARDED?????”

But the thing is, to just GO WITH IT. APPRECIATE that you’re a GUY, who is
judged by his ATTITUDE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and not a chick who can NEVER
escape her looks. I want to say ONCE and FOR ALL, that LOOKS DO NOT MATTER ONE
FUCKING BIT when it comes to pickup. I say this more to re-affirm it to myself,
than for others. But what I’m saying is the REAL SHIT. (we're assuming that
grooming/style is a given here, though, bros)

So WHY was this REALLY happening?? Because I was focusing on a NATURAL, LOW
RISK way of #closing. My main goal wasn’t to PROJECT VALUE onto myself, so that
she’d want to see me again.. Instead, it was to ask for the # in a way that

THIS is the FLAW with the David DeAngelo PICKUP methods from his CDs. Do NOT
get me wrong on this – the David DeAngelo CDs are SO FUCKING AWESOME for alot
of things. His stuff on certain non-needy / non-wuss attitudes were turning
points not only in my GAME, but in my SOCIAL SKILLS. But the PROBLEM with the
David DeAngelo CD actual pickup methods (I’m strictly address the PICKUP
METHODS - 2 minute email close, IM sarging, etc – and not the other content of
the CDs), is that they ASSUME that you don’t have the SKILLS to PROJECT VALUE
onto yourself, in any given interaction with a chick. So he comes up with ways
to CIRCUMVENT this deficiency, which I suppose are actually effective for

See, David D is basically trying to put out a product that will get guys LAID.
Not necessarily a product to turn them into pickup ARTISTSbut a product that
will yield the result of a SEX LIFE for loser guys. And it’s definitely an
EFFECTIVE product in those terms. It also could at least get you STARTED on the
road to becoming a PUA, since you’d get some experience under your belt.

But it’s DESIGNED for guys who can’t CONVEY value to a chick, during the course
of a PICKUP. His LOGIC is that MOST chicks will give away an EMAIL address to
most guys – so THERFORE, given that most guys can’t CALM THEIR NERVES and THINK
FAST ENOUGH to convey value in the FIRST interaction, that they can do it
STATEGICALLY, and under LESS PRESSURE, over a few email interactions. The chick
can SLOWLY get to know you over the COMPUTER, and feel more comfortable, since
you don’t have METHODS of doing that in the first interaction anyway. Since she
can’t see you SWEATING, and you have the TIME and CALMNESS to take the right
steps, you are able to win her over before you see her again.

The same basically goes for IM SARGING, which he recommends.

So the thing is, if you want to become not only a guy who can get laid, but
also a PICKUP ARTISTthen you need to find STRATEGIES of CONVEYING VALUE to a
chick during the PICKUP. If you want to be a PUA, there is usually NOTHING that
you can’t usually do during the INITIAL interaction, that you couldn’t do over
weeks of emails.

One GREAT way to do this was discussed in my “How to sarge, actually for real”
post – where I discuss projecting value right from the opener, through the
ball-busting, rapport, and kiss-close. See, when you project value in your
OPENER, you are OFF ON THE RIGHT PATH. Then, when you BUST HER BALLS with
PUSH/PULL (you’re my new GF... actually NO you aren’t.. wait, yes you are..
let’s get married.. no wait, we can’t), you project the value of being
confident/funny/exciting/daring/flirtatious.. So ONLY THEN will she want to get
to know you and start TRYING to get rapport with YOU.

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