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Re: and I laughed like a monkey.

mASF post by Formula

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Re: and I laughed like a monkey.
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mASF post by "Formula"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, December 12, 2001

They forgot the most identifying PUA mark! The leisure suit!


Tzeen wrote:

> I was in Barnes and Noble today, picking up a few books as Xmas presents. I
> was in the humor section and I spied a little handbook called "worst case
> scenerios: dating and sex." I picked it up and read the back, and one of its
> "scenerios" was "How to deal with a Pick Up Artist." Naturally I flipped
> through the book and found that section. The book advises ladies to identify
> pickup artistsby the following traits.
> *paraphrased*
> "He's constantly looking past you, and around the room while you're speaking
> to him"
> "Hes very quick with his cash to buy drinks for you"
> "He calls you demeaning names like 'baby, cutie, and sweetie'"
> The book actually DIAGRAMS a move that girls can use to "accidently" spill
> their drink on a "pickup artist" to make him go away.
> Lo to the motherfucking L
> I set the book down, and laughed and laughed and laughed. Could they be any
> more wrong? The book was co-written by a man and a woman.
> Tz

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