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Mystery's IMPORTANT NEW THOUGHTS ... long but packed with ideas!

mASF post by Mystery

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Mystery's IMPORTANT NEW THOUGHTS ... long but packed with ideas!
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mASF post by "Mystery"
posted on: USENet: newsgroup, October 10, 2001

Thoughts first on SEX MAGIC ...

Any routine that conveys a sense of mystery and power within an artform is
SEX MAGIC. This includes mind-reading, esp demonstrations, moving things,
spell-craft, runecasting, astrology readings, psychic readings
(cold-readings), graphology (handwriting analysis), tarot reading,
phrenology, palm-reading, mnemonics (photographic memory demonstrations) as
well as any conversational thread whose topic includes magic, the occult,
the unknown, witchcraft and new age ideas including spirituality and angels.
Im not talking about card and coin tricks here although I guess in the right
place, vanishing a coin could be sex magic ... I mean, if it ultimately
helps you to perform THE GREAT RITE (sex).

we need a BASIS ... a FRAMEWORK to work from when conveying our personality.
When you wlak up to a group and talk to them, like it or not, you are
perfoming SOMETHING. These THINGS are routines. You are talking about
SOMETHING. You are leading the groups imagination ... You certainly should
not be talking about the OBVIOUS like this: "Hi, I saw you and I noticed you
had nice tits. I was hoping to fuck you later tonight." So you need routines
that convey your personality ... as if the routines were VEHICLES to drive
your personality (demonstrate specific characteristics of yourself) to the


There are TWO conversational topics that women respond very well to: talk
about social dynamics ... and the unknown. If you are talking about the
unknown, like ESP ... you will fair much better if you could actually read
her mind ... in a practical demonstration. If you were talking about ghosts,
you would fair better if you had a photo of one on you.


My MM workshop in LA kicked ass. I've decided to teach several practical
ways to demonstrate mind-power by teaching runecasting, mind-reading and
other impressive sex magic demonstrations within my workshop ... My MM
workshop is now called a sex magic workshop. same thing, but add learning
some specific sex magic routines to boot (they have been requested by all
who ever meet me in person as they seriously put women under your spell).
afterall, some of you need SOMETHING with which to convey your charming
persona. If you are going in without an edge ... like some may say, "hi Im
an accountant", you will not capture your target's attention and lead her to
become curious of you. you do NOT have to be what you do for a living. you
can remain mysterious ... and convey that you know more about the world than
the average man ... and to do this I recommend you do it with sex magic.

Odious ... you agree with this? I mean, you come off mysterious. I know SIN
does. People who talk about NLP do too. Your conversational threads deal
with either social dynamics or the unknown (like mind powers, NLP, wicca,
etc) right? (what other threads do you find yourself yakking about that make
a woman respond to stay with you, cock her head and really listen to what
you have to say? for me? sex magic, social dynamics and adventure stories

Of course if you do NOT want to demonstrate sex magic, there are still MANY
conversational topics that revolve around the unknown ... like for instance
... the opener, "do you think spells work?" this is an awesome opener
because it gets the entire group involved in the debate. this alone is great
but ... imagine if after the debate, you then prove your authority on the
subject by casting an entertaining spell (and yes, even that boring
ACCOUNTANT can appear different and 'enlightened' by doing this), waiting
for a sign to see if the spell worked ... and SEEING the sign??!!! The
conversation ALONE falls under sex magic ... but add in a spell (of
charming) and it's definitive sign that the spell worked (like asking your
target to pick one of 5 bottle caps on the table and if she chooses the only
one marked on the underside with a star, then this is proof that the spell
worked) then you can pack a considerable punch to your sex magic

"I practice sex magic." - say THAT! see if THAT doesnt generate CURIOUSITY
in your next target. "Maybe I'll teach you a thing or two."

To think, maybe you know something she DOESN"T about sex. Hmmmm! :)


I've given this much thought lately. The TOP GUN metaphors that I've been
using online are metaphors that I ONLY use online. Words are tools and our
acronyms and jargon were helpful to use here ... like TARGET, WINGMAN and
EJECT. All words from the movie TOP GUN ... but they are limiting in ways
that cannot be denied.

SIDENOTE: I STRONGLY suggest you watch that movie (TOP GUN) again ... you
will see MANY instances of OUR TALK in it. You will laugh and laugh ... to
finally understand just how much that movie influenced our thinking ...
because I used words that came from that movie.

Words are tools. They help us because they are often CONCISE ... and online
TERSENESS is a virtue (especially if you peck the keyboard with 2 fingers).
However, words can also limit our way of thinking, sometimes DRAMATICALLY.

The metaphors we use sculpt our thinking. It's time for us to discard the
old TOP GUN metaphor (at least for me). I prefer the SEX MAGIC metaphor for
a # of reasons. WHY? for one, its MYSTERIOUS. The more we TALK this way, the
more we are likely to convey a sense of mystery. It's softer, less
offensive. No "OBSTACLES to DISARM" ... instead, we "BEFRIEND the
PEERGROUP." I don't actually THINK the way I come off in my posts. My posts
were directed towards PUAs ... so the benefit of TOP GUN metaphors were
this: they were fun, they were efficient (less wordy ... UG was used instead
of "nice girl whom Im not sexually compatible with") and they were
empowering ... "select your TARGET and ENGAGE in chat." I have been limited
by the top gun metaphor of late and wish to remedy this ... here are some
limitations: I dont actually talk this way (Im more sex magic oriented in
real life ... "I put women under my spell", I don't "pick em up."), it's
offensive to women, it isn't congruent with the person I project in
real-life (a man of mystery ... not a man of analytical manipulation, not a
war leader who sets OBJECTIVES to WIN), and quite frankly, Im bored with it.

What Im suggesting is this (oh and if you don't enjoy the challenge of
changing the metaphor, I'm doing it ANYWAYS so to continue understanding me,
you'll have to keep up) ... we completely change the METAPHOR, the CULTURE
of the NG ... from the old out of date TOP GUN thing (movies old now) to the
NEW AGE craziness of SEX MAGIC. We arent PUAs who PICK GIRLS UP (remember,
nobody wants to be known as a PUA, especially by girls) ... we are men of
mystery who practice sex magic. we put women under our spell. we have
extraordinary powers of seduction. ALL TRUE ... and all the same as
yesterday, and yet ... MYSTERIOUS. Something we can SAY to others. THIS is
where 'I' am personally coming from. Im not defined within the old TOP GUN
view. But ... I am well defined within my MYSTERY metaphor. Within that of

Want to know another reason why TOP GUN sucks? Maybe this has happened to
you: you were driving downtown with your wingman (see? we need to change
these words - if I called my buddy a wingman in front of a girl, I'd get
questioned in a not so good way) and you were talking about the PUA (Im not
a PUA ... Im a man of mystery!!!!) ... only because you used top gun
metaphor, by the time you got into the field (we need to change THAT word
too - to the CEREMONY ... nightclubs are ceremonies ... rituals of mating
and celebration), all that was on your mind is TOP GUN talk. You had nothing
else to talk about. you weere TALKATIVE yes, but about the wrong subject
matter. You meet girls and you cant come off MYSTERIOUS because you are
still in TOP GUN mode ... too analytical. There comes a time, right before
you walk through the doors to the club, that you have to shed all your
THOUGHTS and trust that your INTERNALIZED behaviors will work their magic
for you in there. You have to shed that TOP GUN TALK and put on the robe of

With this said, it's high time we changed the LOOK and FEEL of the PUA. We
need to make it MYSTERIOUS ... MAGICAL sounding. Like a PRIVATE COMMUNITY of
mysterious and powerful people.
no more DISARM ... BEFRIEND.
no more OBSTACLES ... PEERS.
no more talk of UGs ... they are FRIENDS.
no more EJECT ... we VANISH.

our acronyms are quite cryptic and thats good but ... some of them, when
spelled out, are quite offensive ... and while having jargon in our
community pulls us together (jargon builds bonding solidarity), it also
confuses NEWBIES. something we MAY want to work out ... either our
MYSTERIOUS talk is so cryptic that it needs a CYPHER (this is good as our
posts would be meaningless to those who don't understand our WAYS) or we
DEMYSTIFY our acronyms ... remove the
LOSER? no. RAY. :P

I imagine a day when a woman accidentally stumbles into this community and
either is MYSTIFIED (no cypher to understand the MEANING behind certain
ideas) or reads it without getting OFFENDED. We aren't PICKUP ARTISTSwe

You would never say nigger to a black man (unless you were black and he were
your good bud) ... why would you call women BITCHES. If we can clean up our
That's what group theory is all about for instance.

Any of the big boy's (Ross, Rick, Odious, etc) ALL use "sex magic" ...
artistic routines that convey personality while also conveying a sense of
mystery and power. Ross talks about powers of the mind, so does Odious and
so do I. Rick talks about senuality and social dynamics (his lesbian stuff
is killer!). Im sure they ALL use graphology, palm reading, NLP (the
scientific offshoot of spellcasting) and cold-reading (psychic) ploys. It's
the ol' "look into my eyes" stuff that works great! If you arent using tarot
or runecasting to build rapport with your target, you are probably NOT
getting laid regularly. (prove me wrong so I can modify my viewpoint).

TARGET? no. DESIRE or PM (potential mate)
WINGMAN? no. ???
CLOSE? no. DRAW. (I like this change!!! Think about it).
SARGING? no. old. and it is connected to SS ... to use PATTERNS on women. I
don't go SARGING ... I ... PRACTICE.

I prefer PRACTICE ... it conveys TWO central themes: 1) like the PRACTICE of
magic (mysterious) ... and to PRACTICE your art or your skills. I personally
think of going out and meeting women as PRACTICE. PRACTICE for a time when
the right one comes along. The 'field' is a HOLODECK to me and we play a
GAME where we PRACTICE our seduction skills. In fact, sometimes I would say
to people, "Im going to practice. See ya." What does that mean? It means Im
going out!!!

Im sure you guys are far more creative collectively than my one brain so
I'll leave it at that for now. We need MYSTERIOUS and MAGICAL terms for the
cheap TOP GUN ones I CREATED years back. Look though the archives and see
which terms I popularized ... then offer some alternatives ... ones that
EMPOWER us. Then ... the words that ARENT MINE ... change them too. It's

ok, one more: no more 3s RULE ... it's too close to the magician's RULE OF
THREE: "Thrice Spoken, Once Fulfilled." Also, people have completely taken
the 3s out of context repeatedly. It's actually an INSTANT approach. The
only reason I said 3s instead of 1s is because of DISTORTION FACTOR ... when
a 9 becomes a 6 because she was too far away to see clearly. seriously haa.

The 3S is changed to ... APPEAR. When you see a girl you DESIRE, APPEAR! See
how THAT concept changes your understanding of things!

these are not written in stone. they are open to REINTERPRETATION ... and
please, only those who have FIELD EXPERIENCE are invited to comment.

(Conducting a SEX MAGIC MM WORKSHOP in YOUR city!)

Unless otherwise noted, this article is Copyright©2001 by "Mystery" with implicit permission provided to for reproduction. Any other use is prohibited without the explicit permission of the original author.


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