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Think like a cool guy: de-PUA your thoughts

mASF post by TylerDurden

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Think like a cool guy: de-PUA your thoughts
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mASF post by "TylerDurden"
posted on: mASF forum: Advanced Discussion, January 1, 2005

Hey man,

What you're referring to here is reintegration and identity. Everything that
we learn in the game is cyclical.

So for example, when we first see a girl she's just a girl. Then we study the
game, and the girl becomes an amalgam of ASD, BT, blueprints, etc.. Then.....
she becomes just a girl again. It is a cycle.

The same goes for the our terminologies. They say that the first way to
understand a new subject is to study the terminology. The terminology serves
to help us to conceptualize things in new ways that we hadn't thought of.

However, once we have internalized them, then we return to a more normalized
way of thinking. Our awareness of the channels of communication has been
internalized, so there is no longer a need for conceptual terminology.

That doesn't call for an end to the terminology, because that would be
forgetting what got you to where you are. Rather, just a recognition of the
cycles of internalization.

It sounds to me like you're at that point, btw, which is a great thing.

Now just wait for the bad part to set in: The frame snapback effect. If
you're at the point where you're getting good, you're about a year away.
That's when you start thinking that you're good enough to go back to all your
old behaviour patterns and that it doesn't matter what girls think of you
anyway because you can get the girls that you want. Your game slowly starts
falling apart, but you do not care whatsoever because you're happy with
yourself and you don't need their validation.

But the problem is that your skillset goes down. Except, you don't care! So
it doesn't feel like a problem. It is though, because eventually you realize
that you can't get these girls anymore just by "being yourself" (your OLD self
that you've sunk back into because you are so internally validated that you
don't care) and you go into a cycle of backwards rationalizing your thought
patterns to justify what's going on. You start actually deluding yourself.

It happens to most PUAs who get good. You can see them by the posts where they
are happy with themselves but not putting numbers up on the scoreboard.
They're posting advice on how to be happy with yourself, and not on how to rack
up numbers. If you ask them why not, they'll say "Dude, life isn't all about
pickup!" And they're right. But although our goals might be intertwined, if
we want to stick to the straight goods here then we have to remember that this
is a PICKUP boardThe choice of how to live life is up to the individual.

In the past year, I have gone through several frame snapbacks myself. They are
nasty, and almost impossible to get through even when you know they're
happening. You literally lose the ability to game properly. You can chat
girls and they'll think you're cool, but you can't fuck them because you're not
willing to do the things that establish higher value to the point where they'll
actually be willing to have sex with you. In order to pass through them, you
just have to realize that they're happening and keep going out. They pass with
time, but you've got to keep your eye on the goal.


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