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is there any chance ?

mASF post by Commander Zap

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is there any chance ?
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mASF post by "Commander Zap"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, April 4, 2003

On 4/2/03 1:39:00 AM, abc wrote:
>managed to isolate her after
>getting a few iois and then we
>talked for a while alone with
>some kino. i number closed and
>got a hug or two. set up a
>meet later on in the week for
>coffee, talked a while, but
>heres where i ballsed it up.
>didnt do anything interesting
>but talk, and also about the
>wrong subjects, i talked about
>uni and school family etc
>(shes been having some
>problems at home) typical
>'friends' talk.

Well, you're right that that's really horrible, I hope you truly grasp that.
Have you read Maniac's No-Nonsense Guide for Beginners on the Pickup Guidelink
from this site?

anyway, i
>suggested we meet up again the
>next weekend, then she gave me
>the "im not ready for a
>relaitonship" story. i said ok
>whatever (kinda afc i sohuld
>have turned it around or
>something) anyway,

Yes, in theory you should have. But you had fucked it up so badly by then it
may not have been feasible.

im always
>striving to find more girls
>etc but i still want her.

Try to really enjoy the girls you are getting. You *are* getting some, right?
That needs to be your main focus.

>anyone posted anything about
>getting the girls who have
>already ljbf'ed you ?

I think you can try, but it must not be your focus. Right now it sounds like
it is, and that's fucked. Tell her about a new activity you're doing maybe,
something about you has changed, anyway, you're so excited about the way things
have been going lately, blah-blah. Or, just instruct her to go out with you.
Be clear and pleasant and confident and tell her to do it, just blow off
resistance, C&F too. Cube her by phone perhaps. Chances of success? Not
perfect, that's for sure. If she has decided there's no spark, it's uphill,
and it is *always* easier to fuck a new chick than to fix a fucked up sarge,
whereas yours is well-and-truly fucked. But I don't agree with others that
it's impossible, you need to control your inner state, and if you can't do
that, yeah, it's impossible.

That can be a side project for you. Main project is GFTOW and *enjoy* them.
Learn about them, share things with them, develop deep rapport and more with
them, appreciate them. This one chick is only that, one chick. How damn great
could she be? Really. Ask yourself logically.


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