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College Pickup LONG (Opinions please)

mASF post by Commander Zap

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College Pickup LONG (Opinions please)
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mASF post by "Commander Zap"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, February 2, 2003

On 2/14/03 1:05:00 PM, Tru One wrote:

>to our librbary at about
>I get there and I look around
>and notice that there aren't
>that many people there. To the
>right are a few tabes, to the
>left I see 3 tables with a
>person at each one. At the
>closest one was a HB7 sitting
>by herself studying. So
>decided that she would be my
>So I check her out before I go
>over there. While I'm walking
>over there I notice her
>checking me out, but I don't
>look at her as I go and take a
>seat. So I finally sit down
>and take out my book. While
>I"m sitting there I start with
>a Opener Generator I read
>about on here
>1. Why do I want to talk to
>**She looks good, and she's in
>the library studying late at
>night, so obvioulsy she at
>least CARES about school work
>so she is smart, not a dumb
So I
>noticed that she was studying
>her biology book,

** I guess your post could have begun with that.

but she
>would do little things to
>distract her self, like
>playing with her shirt or
>looking around. Obviously she
>was WAITING for someone to
>save her :)

** Good recon work, good info you gleaned.

>So I asked for her
>pen, she gave it to me and I
>started I write some BS notes
>to look believeable, 5 min
>later I pull out my own pen
>and give her back hers and
>Me: "Here you go, I just found
>my own pen" *hand pen back*
>" look like yer about
>to pass out in that book"
>Her: (smile) "Yea, I've been
>here studyin' for this for a
>long time."

** Nice work.

>Me: "So yer a Bio major (DUH)"
>Her: "Yea"
>blahzah blahzah
>So I ASKING about her major
>and stuff

** Anything *could* work, but this is weak. You are making her think about
drudgery. And of *all* the uncreative lines! Her *major*? LOL!

>We did alot of fluff talkin',
>everytime I tried to lead the
>conversation away from school
>and her major, she seemed to
>always refer back to it.

** HHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnn.... Was she some boring super conventional type?

But I
>did manage to get her to laugh
>and a few jokes, and I kept
>personal info to minimum.In
>fact she didn't even learn my
>name until I got walked her
>back to her dorm.

** All good.

So we talk
>for about an hour about pretty
>much basic stuff, like what
>she thinks of her college

** Maniac High's somewhat sloppy lates pickup guidehas ten thousand thinks to
ask her; I don't think that what you talked about is on his list. I don't
guess you covered what kind of lingerie she owns? You need to proactively
deliver better material.

>towards the end I was able to
>find out what she did for fun.
>(CLubbing and stuff, she
>really isn't into school
>activites that much)
>So we're getting up to leave
>and she starts to

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