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Need an evaluation and advice

mASF post by Commander Zap

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Need an evaluation and advice
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mASF post by "Commander Zap"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, January 1, 2003

You just didn't do anything affirmative to pick up this chick. You waited for
shit to happen. It doens't work that way. This chick wanted to fuck you, you
know that? You know why she didn't? Because you couldn't handle the
situation. Now you've come to a place where you can learn how to handle such a
situation, and create them on your own.

What do you need to do? Learn how to deal with women. It's all on this site,
but we can't learn it for you.

Many questions as to how to approach are in the Pickup Guideon this site
(logoff and scroll till you find it). Review the fornication materials.


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