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What do guy like best re: dress, make up

mASF post by Commander Zap

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What do guy like best re: dress, make up
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mASF post by "Commander Zap"
posted on: mASF forum: Playettes Discussion, January 1, 2003

On 1/16/03 2:49:00 AM, Legs wrote:
>Do you like a slutty look vs.
>coy? As an example, cleavage
>pushed up to the chin vs.
>buttons unbuttoned on a shirt
>so you can just get a peak.
>And make up, how important is

Mania High discusses this prominently on his site, logoff and look at "Pickup
" and you'll find his words of wisdom, definitely worth reading. It isn't
rocket science, though. And look, you'll always find contrarians who want to
say how intriguing a plain Jane is to them, I truly urge you to ignore such
balderdash. Men like short short hemlines, a "peak" like you say, make-up, and
high-heels. *DON'T* listen to your GFs talk about what neat-o clunky shoes
they saw at the mall, if you want to appeal to men, give us some heel (if your
feet can handle it). Think of what a stripper's shoes like, she sure didn't
get those at the Gap, but they sure do appeal to men.

To me, your question indicates you are skittish about make-up. Get over it!
Seriously! My primary is an 8 or 9 w/makeup on and otherwise dolled up, I
don't even want to think about what she is without it. It makes a huge
difference, figure out what you need to do to learn about it. And *DON'T* take
the just-something-light approach to make-up unless a professional really
advises it, you're only fooling yourself if you do. Dive into it. You'll feel
great about you and you'll get the results you want.


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