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Field Report: meet-closed HBsoccer

mASF post by Commander Zap

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Field Report: meet-closed HBsoccer
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mASF post by "Commander Zap"
posted on: mASF forum: Field Reports Discussion, December 12, 2002

Nice work.

Is it Sat. or Sun. you are supposed to meet? Call her already, don't wait,
there is no up-side to waiting. The mind games thing is no good, you will
appeal to her feelings if you call, and it is all about feelings. Re-attract
her on the phone. Either a funny/self-serving incident or maybe another round
in questions game but don't finish it and make that clear at the start.

I worry that there is confusion on here as between cocky-funny and
cocky-creepy, I do *not* think it is helpful to deliver any material about how
isn't it so funny that you are somehow the best and you know that she already
suspects as much, hardy-har-har. It seems insecure to me, pleading for
recognition in an indirect way. I'd delete from the repertoire entirely. BUT
*GOOD JOB* that you noticed it wasn't working and you re-framed. A PUA IS
AGILE! Good.

Among your objectives for the first meeting should be to portray yourself as a
sexual, confident person (in a more *gentle* and even perhaps slightly
self-depracating than seems to be your nature), build on the attraction, get
deep rapport, kino her lightly at first but keep going. If you get her really
going, sex talk is in order but without cocky-creepy bragging. Kissing itself
is not an objective unless it feels fairly natural, but you should be able to
get it feeling natural. Did you read Maniac's no-nonsense guide for beginners
("Pickup Guide" on the site)? That will help with a lot of things including
decision about the bar. About that kiss and more, Maniac says to kiss her when
you *meet*, try for the lips and take the cheek if you have to. Sets the
frame,reminds her what the two of you are doing together. It's very important.
Don't decide in advance that she won't fuck you this time, don't make that the
objective either but be prepared to, she wanted to meet you (do I have that
right?) so she wants your thing in her. Just take her through the process so
she can reach her desired destination. Don't be frustrated and do be easily
confident but not arrogant at the end of the meeting: if the meeting ends
without a lay but with really good stuff going on (really going on, not just
you wish it were going on), next step may be dinner and a video at your place
or some similar isolation deal.

Move on this and report back!


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