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Sticking Point-Inner: TShandy

mASF post by martinr

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Sticking Point-Inner: TShandy
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mASF post by "martinr"
posted on: mASF forum: General Discussion newsgroup, November 11, 2002

Here's my $.02...

On 11/24/02 4:02:00 PM, TShandy wrote:
>Hey Style, thank you for this.
>frustrated, and angry at

I don't this is an uncommon feeling, especially if you have receintly broken
up/divorced, and/or not been getting the positive responses you'de like when
your out sarging.

To me, this sounds like a state of mind thing for you. If you decided your a
frustrated, angry man when you go out, women will SEE this in you, regardless
of what you say.

You MUST change your state of MIND when you go out. Period. If you don't have
the right state of mind, go golfing, hang with the buds and don't think about

>WAS the prize. I'd absorbed
>the popular myth that
>women have it hard, guys have
>it easy. Plus
>now--unlike before my marriage
>20 years ago--I was
>the shit in a profession with
>definite glamor (at least my
>way of doing it has glamor),

You STILL are the prize. Have you noticed that not only the young women look
good, but the older ones are looking pretty too? This seems to happen with age
for us, and THEM. This means, to those women at (or just below/above) your age
group see you as if you were still that vigorous 25yr old sex-machine.
Capatalize on that. Besides, also consider women your age aren't looking for
kids-- so why are they there? A good hard FUCK comes to mind. Be the man.
You have tools (now) which they haven't ever experienced (NLP wasn't as popular
when you were in your youth). You have such an edge on the guys in your age
group-- its unbelievable!

>I'm vigorous, in good
>shape, and ready to rock and
>roll. I run a
>free-newspaper personals ad
>and get lots of
>responses. But I'm a total

You AFC because you choose to be. Read the materials here (home page, Art of
Seduction and Pickup-guide). Read it... read it again. Memorize as much as you
can, and make it fit your personality and the environment around you. Lastly,
FUCKING USE IT. If you don't practice, you'll remain an AFC.

>of place. I figure hey I'll
>learn salsa, then I'll be
>good; but it doesn't help. I
>into every wbAFC trap in the
>book. I get NOWHERE. I
>start getting sadder and
>sadder, especially after
>had such a nice gf. And I'm
>getting pickier and

Great!! Dancing is wonderful to meet women as long as your decent at it! A
TOTALLLY Average guy I know (45ish) sarges like there's no freaking tomorrow
(and he's AFC, not ASF) with women because he country dances so well. You
should see the pussy he pulls. Just another tool in your asenel.

>pickier--I'm just not into the
>40-somethings my own
>age. At one point I NEARLY
>hook a 22-y.o. HB9.999 but
>don't act boldly enough on her
>strong IOIs and...poof!

Hey, you tried! Thats EXPEREIENCE, thats a SUCCESS. Failure would have been
that you didn't act at ALL. You say you didn't act boldly... Fine. But look
back-- what did you LEARN from it? You said you didn't act boldly enough,
okay, thats the first thing. What else? Did you run any patterns, or did you
go AFC? Regardless, you TRIED. Its a NUMBERS GAME. Get your ass back out

>the age of 14! YET, I can't
>quite seem to put ASF into
>practice. Meanwhile, three
>very interesting things

You can't seem to put ASF into practice? What kind of horse shit is that?
Fuck it! Go practice on some UG's or HB5 and 6's that you aren't interested in
fucking and analyze what went right and wrong about the situation.
Who's the prize here if your better in ALL aspects here? YOU Buddy.

>(1) I become more and more shy
>about going to the
>local salsa club where I'd
>hung out pretty happily (if
>fucklessly) as an AFC; or any
>night spot for that matter.

Sounds like somebody needs a tampon. Your feeling sorry for yourself. Period.
Furthermore, it doesn't sound like clubs are your 'thing' to get your ASF
action flowing for you. There's an entire list of places to sarge... not just
clubs. It also sounds like you went INTO the Salsa club with a few things
1) WRONG state of mind.
2) EXPECTING to score and blamed it on being an AFC.
3) Not TRYING while you were there. Not trying = No Fucking.
4) See #1, #2, and #3.

You might do better with a 'Wing'... See if you can get a friend into ASF and
both go Sarging, and have each other analyze what your doing right/wrong.
Laugh about it... Enjoy it. Its a GAME. The winner gets laid.

>(2) I get over my old GF (but
>keep her as a friend);

So have her introduce you to her friends and/or use her as a pivot at bars.

>But with time, some anxiety
>returns. I'm just not making
>progress. In the field, I am
>just not APPROACHING, or,
>when APPROACHING, I'm just not
>moving it along. So I

I think this is typical... you are letting the fear of rejection overcome you.
Just laugh it off.
1) You'll never see the bitch(s) again anyway.
2) Who the fuck cares?
3) At least you TRIED.
4) Enough approaches and you WILL score.

>say clubs are too tough, let's
>try coffee places; but I can't
>approach, and when I do I
>have nothing really to say. I

Okay, sounds like you need to read up on approaches, games, and fluff talk
here. You need to do some homework, simple as that. Improve your game. ASF
is like steroids... take them and work out, you'll get strong. Don't work out
and you'll just get fat.

>effortlessly. Because when I
>sarge, I
>feel like hiding behind my own
>face as if it were a mask;

Well... its not a mask. But it is a game. Play ball!

>I feel physically rejectable
>(though I'm not exceptional in
>any way, plus or minus,
>except somewhat delicately
>built), and mentally dull.
>Above all I feel
>DISCONNECTED, unable to read
>people, distrustful of
>positive reactions and fearful
>of negative ones. At times
>I worried that it was fear of
>sarging people associated
>with my workplace (a serious
>tabu in my line), who in

First, I wouldn't Sarge at work... no shitting where you eat. Second, your
fear of rejection is becoming very apparent here.

>* Like who am *I* to be
>approaching? I feel that my
>whole AURA is somehow
>instantly unappealing to

Mental state problem for you. You need to get your mind in the right state:
You are the prize. You are a sex god. You satisty women. Women want and NEED
you more than you need them. You have more to offer than the AFCs surrounding

>* Like I'm a fake or fraud,
>especially if I run anything
>"canned" (openers, games);

Here's something you might not know: When I started ASF techniques, I had a
buddy listen to me Sarge a woman. She was an HB9Asian. I was very concious of
what I was saying, remembering it all. I sounded like a fag (to me). But SHE
was eating this shit up. 20minutes later, infront of him, she asks me to take
her "home".

I saw him the next day and he was still in shock. He was like, "Holy shit...
you sound so fucking stupid..but she ate it up!? I don't believe it!".

You see, only YOU know this is bullshit. These women thing you are sincere.
And when YOU read it to yourself, you almost have to say, "No fucking was, this
is shit... nobodys going to buy this". Wrong!

>* Like I can't take the lead
>or lay down SOI's (it's fair
>say that my seductions in the
>past have been very
>significantly chick-initiated
>or chick-sustained;
>interestingly, I've been
>taking improv and find
>certain leading situations and
>"alpha" situations
>difficult there too);

Okay-- consider this: You JUST said that your seductions in the past have been
female initiated. What does this say for your self confidence? Your
ATTRACTIVE. More attractive than YOU think. Some how, mentally, physically,
emotionally, you attracted those women to WANT to seduce you. You already have
what it takes now you need to apply yourself.

>* Like I am AFRAID--afraid of
>being humiliated, of being
>put down,

Yup. Who isn't? At first! Get out there and produce the numbers pal. You'll
get over it. Who fucking cares if you get rejected? Next the bitch, eject,
and move the fuck on to the next one.

... Just my $.02,
-- M

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